Bocharova Elena will help to solve even big problems

Trainings help to master various skills and make life brighter and better. A full-fledged existence makes a person happy, easily conquering any peaks. Bocharova Elena is a leading trainer who helps people in self-improvement and development of spiritual values. Thanks to his competence and skills, this person will be able to help direct the flow of energy in the right direction and believe in himself.

Bocharova Elena

Who benefit from workshops

Bocharova Elena most often holds training seminars on the topics of improving a person, the correct perception of the world and environment. Therefore, trainings will be useful for:

  • People who have lost confidence.
  • Those who cannot succeed without obvious reasons.
  • Citizens who think negatively.
  • People who are deprived of the possibility of self-development.
  • For those who put barriers above goals.
  • Persons who want to become literate and develop fully.
  • Those who never stand still and always want to achieve more.

From this it is clear that the training will help almost anyone who wants it.

Seminar topics from a professional speaker

Bocharova Elena coach

Bocharova Elena first of all tries to help people get to the core of the problem, because of which something in their life is going wrong, to find the reason for the development block. She tries to help students in the fight against complexes. It directs to the correct thinking, thanks to which a person will be able to move to a new stage of life. The specialist helps to exclude negative thoughts from life, in the right way presenting the training participants with information about why this is necessary.

If a lot of bad events happen in life without a break and good reasons, Elena Bocharova will also help. The trainer will tell you how to identify the root of the problem, as well as how to deal with it. A talented speaker will give an impetus to personal development and help get rid of self-doubt. It gives people knowledge that helps both in their personal lives and at work.

All trainings are conducted using Theta Healing technology. This technique involves an easy, understandable and without abstruse phrases process of delivering information. That is why this training is easily perceived by people with any level of development.

Coach Bocharova Elena. Biography and the beginning of activity in this niche

Bocharova Elena biography

This specialist has a certificate for the right to conduct training and lectures. Therefore, attending such trainings is more than productive, because they are led by a real professional. Elena Bocharova for over twenty years provides assistance to people in self-improvement and achievement of goals. She gives lectures in group meetings, as well as individually. Elena began her career with a medical institution, where she worked for more than fifteen years.

But fate decreed that she had to delve into new niches of knowledge. Elena had a mother in her arms with a sore heart, which highly qualified and competent doctors did not want to take, no longer hoping to help. But Elena was not going to give up and decided for herself that she would certainly help the closest person. Since medicine was powerless, Bocharova went into the study of the Theta Healing style. She used new knowledge in the treatment of her mother. This method of psychological influence on consciousness turned out to be truly wonderful. Despite the predictions of doctors who said that Mom had no more than two months left to live, Elena did not panic and acted confidently. As a result, my mother lived with a complicated diagnosis without surgery for more than three years.

After this situation, many friends and acquaintances turned to Elena for help. It was then that she realized that this was her calling, that she wanted to help people deal with problems, both physical and psychological. This event in life opened up new horizons for the well-known coach today.

How do trainings affect people?

After attending the seminars of a famous speaker, each person realizes how much quality and useful time has passed in company with Elena Bocharova. At the end of the seminar, even the most complex problems and troubles are perceived by people as something mundane, not very important, something that can be easily dealt with. Each participant in the training will necessarily and in future life will use the techniques that Elena Bocharova taught. Photos of events and visitor reviews can be seen on various resources.

What is useful to learn at trainings

Bocharova Elena photo

In the trainings organized by Elena Bocharova, everyone will find the necessary information for themselves. Here you can learn the necessary knowledge in group training and individually receive answers to questions of interest. The cost of individual discussions is approximately 5000 rubles. Participation in group events to acquire important knowledge reaches 20,000 rubles. But if you understand the depth and importance of the information received, you can understand that the costs are worth it.


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