Titanium Ore - Locating and Farm

Many MMORPGs have special artifacts that gamers need to collect, completing quests, killing evil monsters, or simply sending your hero to explore any territory. They are needed to improve weapons, in order to quickly defeat the enemy and for many more purposes - in general, for playing and leveling your hero.

But not only artifacts are needed, but also those materials from which they can be created using magic or any profession. Some strategies have to extract the minerals necessary to create some things, including rare ones. There are materials so valuable that they can be put up for sale not only for the virtual, β€œlocal” currency accepted in the game, but also for very real money in their electronic version. In a number of games, there are types of minerals that are very useful, and it is not easy to get them. For example, titanium ore in WWII. This fossil is worth looking for, since its price in local game stores is not at all small and amounts to 300 gold per unit. By the way, not only in WoW titanium ore is so expensive, but also in a number of similar strategies. It is vital for those players who decide to upgrade certain professions - for example, a jeweler, a blacksmith, and others.

Many gamers who decide to master the mining or blacksmithing profession in WWII, the question arises, where is the titanium ore? I must say, this excites even many experienced players. After all, this material is very valuable and quite rare. Sometimes even in those places where it would seem to definitely be, they cannot be found or are found with great difficulty.

Titanium ore is a special type of mineral that is necessary in order to produce artifacts of epic quality or a special type of metal - titanium steel. In addition, various crystallized elements can be made from his veins, including precious stones, the drop chance of which is high. However, titanium itself is a mining much more valuable than the β€œtrinkets” listed below, because its virtual cost is very high, since it is much more expensive than any mineral, titanium ore. Alchemists or blacksmiths create special steel from it, and not more often than once in twenty hours. To make this metal, you will need three ingots of titanium, as well as a piece of such materials as the Eternal Fire, Darkness and Earth. The cost of such steel is also very high.

Where is titanium ore located? Often it is worth looking for it where there are large deposits of saronite ore - so if you find them somewhere, feel free to look for titanium in these places. This pattern has long been discovered by gamers, comparing the deposits of various minerals, and many WoW lovers are aware of it.

Also, some game zones are known for deposits of such ore - this is the Lake of Ice Shackles, the Storm Peaks, the Sholazar Basin, Northrend and the Ice Crown, as well as in some others. You should not think that in some virtual spaces of the WWII you can very easily find this material, but in others you will not find it. It is almost everywhere, but not scattered in equal quantities. And not the fact that once you find him in any place, the next time you find him there.

It is also worth considering one simple secret - at night and early in the morning, few people (at least in your time zone) are engaged in the search for minerals. If you urgently need titanium ore, you can search at this time. And if you are going to buy it, then take into account the fact that on the day the new patch is released, prices for it are significantly reduced.

It is worth looking for maps of localities with directions to the paths leading to such deposits - on forums dedicated to this topic and other sites. Above such territories as OLO, the Ice Crown and the Storm Peaks, titanium ore can be found by simple flight.

I would like to wish all the VoB players good luck in developing deposits, farming and in general in the game.

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