Reviews: "Clothing-Master". Dimensions, quality and service of the online store

"Clothes-Master" is an online store that appeared relatively recently on the Russian market, but has already gained great popularity. Let's understand in detail what this supplier of clothes and accessories is like in the following plan:

  • site structure and design;
  • women's clothing: quality, sizes;
  • work with clients;
  • delivery;
  • work with marriage;
  • men's clothing: quality, sizes;
  • children's clothes: quality, sizes;
  • accessories;
  • general conclusions.

reviews clothing master

Next, you will find out what they write on the network about the Wholesale Clothing-Master store. These are the opinions of ordinary consumers (most often involved in the so-called joint purchases), the organizers of these purchases (JVs) and entrepreneurs who really buy wholesale clothing for further sale in their stores.


In fact, the site is nothing special - this is a plus. Everything here is simple and clear. Here there is a catalog of products by sections (a very wide range). There are pages: "Contacts", "Price lists", "Sizes" (only for some reason for children), "Terms of cooperation", "Basket".

The entire range is presented in photographs (models, mannequins), but only the front. You will not be able to see the goods you like from the side or from the back. Users note that the description of the models is very affected - it indicates the maximum fabric composition or bag size, for example. But with such an abundance of images, the site loads pretty quickly, it does not slow down.

Clothing-master, Internet-magazin

The main directory includes pages for:

  • sales;
  • children's shoes;
  • women's shoes;
  • men's shoes;
  • women's clothing;
  • women's clothing of large sizes;
  • underwear;
  • men's clothing;
  • goods for hunting and fishing;
  • work clothes;
  • children's clothes;
  • clothes for the little ones;
  • children's books and toys;
  • home textiles;
  • sock;
  • accessories;
  • cosmetics and perfumes;
  • household goods;
  • goods for sports and recreation.

There are filters. Items can be sorted by price, model, date added, name.

Women's clothing: quality

Most of all, of course, customers, and these are more often middle-aged women, discuss the quality of the delivered goods. Yes, Clothes-Master (online store) is only a supplier of goods from different manufacturers (China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, etc.).

Unable to touch, examine from all sides, measure things, buyers are very worried about what they get on hand.

On products from "Clothes-Master" customer reviews are very contradictory. The ratio is approximately 50% to 50%.

Some say that things of good quality have come: both the fabric and the assembly of the product. Others were unlucky in this sense ... An open marriage also happens.

There are diametrically opposed reviews about the same product - this is a human factor.

Women's clothing: sizes

clothes master customer reviews

Very often there are reviews about the sizes on the forums in the themes "Clothes-Master". Clients say that it would be ideal if there were tables on manufacturers on the page with sizes, and in the description for the model he (manufacturer) was indicated. But, apparently, employees have no time to deal with such organizational issues, which, incidentally, affects buyers and their own rating. Clothes-Master supplies things from different countries, so the dimensional nets do not match. Experienced purchasers take it themselves and advise newcomers to order at least a size larger, and in 70% of cases, advice comes in handy.

Customer service

The organizers of the joint venture note that managers are reluctant to communicate. Information is rarely and sparingly issued. Again, apparently, due to the large turnover and lack of time, which is still not an excuse.


The scheme of work is as follows:

  • choose a product (at least five thousand rubles);
  • send the order;
  • it is treated for 2-3 days (in fact, it happens for 2-3 weeks);
  • You will be sent an invoice for what is currently in stock;
  • pay (SB of Russia);
  • Waiting for the parcel;
  • pay for delivery in the mail upon receipt of the goods.

Delivery is carried out at your choice "First Forwarding Company", "Zheldorekspeditsiya", "Auto Trading", "Business Lines". These goods will be delivered to these companies in Moscow for free.

Customers who have been using the service for a long time note that when it was just starting to work, the scheme was implemented quite clearly and quickly. Even as a member of the joint venture, you could get your few blouses in a couple of weeks.

online store clothing master reviews

The assortment is replenished every week, and prices are kept at the same (very low) level, in addition to this, note the seasonal supply of products. Therefore, with the development of the site, the system began to slow down very seriously: orders were processed for a long time, invoices were made and goods were shipped. This is said by the organizers and participants of the joint venture.

Work with marriage

With such an abundance of different groups and categories of goods, with such a wide range of suppliers, it is difficult to keep track of product quality. An open marriage also happens: things are torn, dirty, out of shape, broken, as evidenced by the small reviews. "Clothes-Master" does not take the marriage back, does not return money for it, only gives a discount on the next purchase (order) approximately in the amount of the cost of a low-quality item.

And for this discount you still have to compete (a little). So, for a claim to cleanliness you will be offered to wash the thing first, and only after that talk about marriage. And all you will have to confirm with a photo report.

Men's clothing: quality, sizes

The assortment of men's clothing is not so wide, but you can still choose a classic shirt, sports shorts, and a winter jacket.

About the quality of goods for men that the Clothing-Master online store will provide you with, customer reviews say the same thing about the female line. Pants from one manufacturer can look great, sit and wear for a couple of seasons, or they can crawl at the seams after two or three socks.

Customers praise jerseys, underwear, socks.

clothing master reviews boasting

Dimensions also "float". Moreover, since the store is focused on the weak half of humanity, there is not even a general, approximate dimensional grid for men anywhere on the site. And consultant managers do not give any information on male models.

Children's clothing: quality, sizes

About children's clothing in the store "Clothing-Master" reviews, "boasts" are mostly good. Moms on the forums say that there are not many clothes, they offer at least knitwear, and he is adequately presented on this site in all age groups. “There are socks, and jackets, and other clothes. But at the same time, the goods (t-shirts, shorts, suits, etc.) are not divided into clothes for boys and girls, which makes it somewhat difficult to find the right thing, ”said the clients. The design of the presented products is modern. Models are decorated with images of favorite children's heroes, which makes the purchase pleasant not only for parents. On the page with sizes there are just indicators for children from 0 to 2 years old and from one to seven years old - this plus is described by many customers.

clothing master size reviews


This is just a women's paradise! In general, customers leave positive feedback about this section. "Clothes-Master" offers a huge number of handbags, jewelry, umbrellas, belts, watches and glasses that will not leave indifferent any fashionista.

But again the description of the goods is lame, therefore unpleasant moments happen, such as the diameter of the watch’s dial mismatching with the desired (supposed) one, as evidenced by numerous reviews.

You can also order various goods for sports and recreation, even bicycles will be sold to you in the Clothing-Master store in bulk! Reviews about these product categories are few in number, apparently they are not very popular ...

General conclusions

To summarize the above, I want to summarize the positive and negative opinions of customers about this online store.

Positive feedback: "Clothing-Master"

  • A wide range of products.
  • Very low prices.
  • The quality of the fabric, tailoring and workmanship is most often from “not bad” to “excellent”.

Negative reviews: "Clothing-Master"

  • The terms of order processing and shipment of goods have recently increased significantly.
  • Almost a third of the items ordered are usually out of stock.
  • There is marriage and re-sorting.
  • Confusion with dimensions.
  • Few product descriptions on the site and photos.
    clothing master wholesale reviews

Despite the fact that there are more points in negative reviews than in positive reviews, the general opinion about this resource on the network is still good. New purchases open regularly. Their organizers work in different cities of Russia. Entrepreneurs, for further implementation in the markets and in stores, make wholesale purchases of goods at the Clothes-Master. Reviews of their customers about product quality and quick turnover due to low prices give good opportunities for business development.


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