Difficult choice: how to get a divorce if there is a child

Divorce. For spouses, this is the termination of relations with each other. And for the child? This is a tragedy that he perceives more sharply than the parents themselves.

how to get a divorce if there is a child
When talking about divorcing a child, you need to be extremely careful. Needless to say, one of the parents is bad, no. It is necessary for your baby to show the positive side in this situation: to say that he will visit the pool with his mother, and with the father, go to the sea, for example. That is, not to pass the blame on each other, but to let him know that everyone still loves him, and every parent also needs him. Parting scares the couple a little when they are faced with the question of how to divorce if there is a child. Of course, if there were no children in the marriage, the entire divorce procedure is minimized. That is, the couple comes to the registry office and writes a statement there. They are given a divorce form in their hands. But if there are children in the family, the divorce proceeds through the courts.

how to file for divorce from her husband if there is a minor child
How to file for divorce if there is a minor child?

When writing an application, you must indicate that you have been married since such a time, and you have a joint child. If you and your husband decide that your son or daughter will stay with you or with him, this will also need to be noted in this document. In this case, the court will take into account the wishes of the child. He will be asked about who he wants to stay with if he is ten years old. If one of the spouses is against breaking up, the judge will give time to consider the situation. And if, after the proposed time has passed, the decision has not changed, the couple will be divorced. In the interests of the minor, the question of the material maintenance of the child will be raised. You can negotiate cash payments peacefully or apply for child support.

how to divorce your husband if you have children
How to divorce your husband if you have children

When there are several children in the family, the divorce procedure remains the same. Perhaps the couple decided to separate the sisters and brothers. Then this paragraph must also be written in the statement. The court will also take into account the views of children. Weigh the pros and cons of such a decision. Can't the couple share the kids? This function will be taken over by the court. His decision will already be final.

How to divorce if there is a child, and the father is not entered in the birth certificate

The registry office will also help you with this question, of course, if you have no desire to divide the property. But if the spouse is against divorce, then it will be necessary for him to establish the fact of paternity and receive the corresponding certificate. And also fight to ensure that the child remains with him. Of course, before going to court, the spouses should discuss everything without tantrums and also ask their baby about this so that at the meeting they wouldn’t “take out the dirty linen in public”.

How to get a divorce if there is a child, and the father or mother are in prison or recognized as missing?

This can be done both through the registry office, and through the court. It is enough to submit an application and state the essence of the matter. This divorce proceedings will not take much time. By the way, alimony can also be filed if the defendant is in prison.

How to get a divorce if there is an adopted child

The divorce procedure will be exactly the same as if the child was a family. When adoption takes place, the judge emphasizes that the parents will be fully responsible for this minor, as a biological mother and father. Those. son or daughter will be the receivers of their property, have the right to development and education by both parents.

Dear parents, take care of your children! We ourselves are preparing the ground for how they grow and how they relate to us.

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