Repost and repost - what is it?

Previously, only on the forum of bloggers could one come across such concepts as "post", "repost", "repost". Now, even in the conversation of ordinary people, phrases can slip: “reposted”, “retweeted”, “made a repost”. What is it - repost and repost, we will consider in more detail in the article.

Blog posting. What is this

Each blogger writes articles or posts to his website. This is copyright information that has no analogues on the Internet. If someone wants to post this article on their blog, they must indicate the source.

Repost is the placement of information you like in its original form, indicating authorship and an open link to the original. If you do not specify authorship or a link to an article, then these actions are called regular copy-paste, or theft.

repost what is it
A repost or repost is almost the same concept. Just at a repost, you can add your opinion. For example, the forums usually write the answer to the question, and then paste the copied text with a link to the source.

Copying with attribution can be done throughout the article or some part of it. It is believed that such actions bring TIC and PR to the blog, but not all of these “stars” go to it. Young sites can repost from "fat" resources to the "sandbox", as the search engines for the original will consider the information that will be indexed first. That is why each blogger on his resource under each article places the buttons of social networks that perform the function of repost.

Repost and Repost buttons: what is it?

In communities, magazines, repost and repost are often understood as a certain type of action. For example, in the LiveJournal there is always under the article the icon “Repost” or “Drag to your journal”, which have some differences.

repost or repost

When reposting, you cannot change the original, add your thoughts to the text itself. In addition, if the author decided to delete his article, then your added text will also disappear. In addition, comments on the repost are sent to the author’s page of the original text. But the repost button allows you to automatically see the number of people who have added the original to their page.

When reposting, you can add your text or change the original. In this case, when the author deletes the original, the copied text remains unchanged. By the way, comments to the post do not go to the content author’s page, but you won’t be able to see how many people transferred this information to your journal without certain settings.

The advantage of these buttons is that the author of the post can limit the transfer of information to another journal or community using HTML code.

what does repost mean
Regular repost: what is it ?

On social networks, users also repost by clicking on the “Like” and “Tell friends” buttons. At the same time, you can transfer information (photos, music, videos, content) from the page and community to your page.

There is a special button on Twitter that allows you to copy an entry with a link to the author. Usually there is an arrow icon above the repost record, clicking on which you can see the author of the original. Thanks to these buttons, you can automatically share interesting or informative information with your friends. By the way, on VKontakte, with the help of a repost, they search for missing people or inform about criminals.

Now you know what repost means, and you can distinguish repost from ordinary theft.


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