How to wash the hood from fat at home?

If your house has an extractor hood, then it’s worth considering the last time you looked under its dome or checked the filter for cleanliness. If you did this a few months ago or are just going to do it, you should be prepared for the fact that the view will be intimidating. The filter in the hood performs the role of collecting fat, fumes and odors, therefore, properly performing its work, it will become dirty in the shortest time of intensive operation of the equipment.

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how to wash the hood from grease

On the surface of the filter you can see a rather thick layer of dirt. Over time, the filter may become soiled to such an extent that it is ineffective in operation. To avoid this, it must be cleaned periodically. You can cope with the work at home. If you were wondering how to wash the hood from grease, you should know that such work should be carried out at least once a quarter. And if you cook often, then they can be repeated once a month.

Features of preparation

how to wash the hood in the kitchen from grease

Cleaning the hood begins with the preparatory work. To do this, the device is turned off and disassembled. First you need to read the instructions for the equipment. Before you start cleaning, you must remove the cover, which is located above the stove. To do this, the latches are disconnected, only then you can remove the element from the grooves.

Next, remove the filter and remove the pipe that connects the vent to the hood. It also has to be washed from fat. Then you can also remove the air filter. The equipment enclosure should be checked for contamination.

If you are thinking about how to wash the hood from grease, you should know that the filters can be washed in the bath by soaking them in a dishwashing detergent solution. As for the air filter, it does not always need to be cleaned. You can always find information about this in the instructions.

The surface of the hood must be thoroughly cleaned. For this, standard detergents and a sponge are usually used. The composition must be diluted in water, using a proportion of 1 to 4. The sponge in the product must be moistened and wiped with it on the surface of the device. After cleaning, the base is wiped dry so that there are no stains. When it comes to the filter, you can experiment with cleaning it, because there are a lot of ways to do this.

Method selection

how to wash the hood from fat at home

Before washing the hood from the fat, it is necessary to select a technology that will include the use of an appropriate agent. The most popular solution will be fat-dissolving agents that are used for washing dishes. The filter is soaked in the composition, and after it can be wiped with a brush or sponge, doused with boiling water at the final stage. The effect can be achieved only if the pollution is quite fresh.

The filter can be cleaned with a soda solution. This approach is the simplest, safest and at the same time as effective as possible. Quite often, housewives ask themselves how to wash the hood from fat. To do this, take a large pan, fill it with water and put on fire.

As soon as the water boils, you should pour soda into it in a volume of 1 cup. When all the soda is at the bottom, stir it well and place the filter grate in the pan. The element should be boiled for half an hour until the impurities are removed. If the capacity is large enough, then the procedure can be repeated by turning the filter over. At the final stage, you will need to wash the pan.

Alternative solutions

how to wash a cooker hood from grease

You can clean the filter from grease with soap. For this, a 72 percent composition is perfect. For the work you will need 0.5 pieces, hot water and a grater. The bar of soap is rubbed so that it can be dissolved in hot water. The sponge is wetted in the product. She should wipe the hood surfaces and the filter. A metal scraper will get rid of obsolete pollution.

Use at home can be a tool prepared on the basis of vinegar. It is important to be careful when doing this, as the product cannot be called safe. For protection it is necessary to use rubber gloves. For cleaning, rags wetted in acid should be used. All contaminated areas must be thoroughly wiped, wetting the surface.

Vinegar is left on the base for up to 7 minutes, if the dirt is quite impressive, then you can extend this time to 12 minutes. Undiluted acetic acid can be used for long-term pollution. If spots have appeared recently, then a solution with water should be used, which should be prepared in a ratio of 1 to 2.

Use of citric acid and pipe cleaner

how to wash the hood of the hood from grease

If you also wondered about how to wash the hood in the kitchen from fat, then you can use lemon juice. To do this, prepare two fruits that are peeled and cut in half. The surface of the hood should be cleaned with pulp. The base is left for 10 minutes, after which you can remove dirt with a soft damp cloth.

If the fat formed on the hood with a rather impressive layer, the procedure can be repeated several times until a positive result can be achieved. If you still do not know how to wash the hood in the kitchen from grease, then you can use the radical method, which involves the use of means for cleaning the pipeline. However, experts do not recommend using such technology too often. Over the entire life of the hood, this method can only be resorted to a couple of times.

However, if the filter has not been cleaned for a long time, and the fat is clogged in its cells thoroughly, then this method will help you out. In addition to means for cleaning drainpipes, you will need a stainless steel tank. Well, if the kitchen sink is stainless steel.

The tool should be prepared according to the instructions. It is poured into a closed sink, and then the filter is placed in the composition, not forgetting to wear gloves. You will see a reaction, after that the net will need to be washed only several times under running water. This method uses alkali, which is able to quite aggressively affect metal elements.

How often do you need to clean the hood

how to wash a kitchen hood filter from grease

Some housewives wonder how often it is necessary to subject the hood and its elements to cleaning. It all depends on how often you cook. If the stove works every day, then the hood should be cleaned once every three months. Otherwise, once every six months will be enough. However, more frequent cleaning procedures will make it easier to deal with layers of fat, because old spots are firmly eaten, this is especially true for metal mesh.

If you wondered how to wash the hood of the hood from grease, you can put it in the dishwasher, the temperature should be minimal. Use gentle cleaning agent. If you decide to manually clean the net, then it will be enough to use traditional cleaning products that are previously dissolved in warm water.

Additional recommendations

how to quickly wash the hood from grease

As an alternative solution for cleaning the hood elements, a solution of soap and soda in water can be used. After boiling the lattice, it will be easier to clean it of fat. This process usually takes 5 to 10 minutes. Turning the grill over to the other side, repeat the procedure. But this does not end there. After boiling is complete, the grate is soaked in the solution that remains after the procedure.

Instead of a pan, you can use a large basin. The grate is left for several hours, only in this way it will be possible to remove obsolete contaminants. A tool for this can be a brush or rags, however, it is important to try not to damage the part itself. Sometimes prolonged soaking and boiling is not enough, in this case you can use ammonia, which is a reliable and proven tool.

If you had a question about how to wash the hood from fat at home, then half a glass of alcohol should be diluted in 3.5 liters of water, after wearing a mask or respirator. In the room where you plan to carry out these works, you must open the windows. A filter is placed in a hot solution and left for several hours. As soon as the dirt begins to move away, it can be removed with a stiff brush, but the intensity of the exposure should not be such that could lead to damage to the part. The filter at the final stage is wiped with a dry cloth.

Use bleach

If you, too, are among the owners who are thinking about how to wash the hood from fat, improvised tools will do you a good service. Another way is bleach, it helps to get rid of impurities not only in the filter area, but also in the body area. First, the contaminated area must be moistened with water, and after applying whiteness, it is most convenient to use a toothbrush for this. After 10 minutes, the product and residues of scale are removed with a sponge, and the elements can be washed under running water.

How to avoid fat deposits

Of course, it is important to know how to wash the kitchen hood filter from grease. But such pollution can be avoided if you follow the rules for the care of household appliances. Each time after cooking, splashes of fat can be removed with a soft cloth from the surface of the device. To carry out such work, it is necessary to choose the right detergent, with which the care of the hood will not be too difficult.

When there is no cookware on the stove, the gas must not remain on, in addition, the hood must be cleaned only after it is turned off from the mains. The installation of the hood should be entrusted to a professional, because otherwise the device may be located too close, which will provoke the appearance of a fat layer much earlier than would be expected.

Using a steam cleaner

If you are faced with the task of how to wash a cooker hood from grease, then you can take advantage of the effects of steam. To do this, you need a steam cleaner, in which water is pre-filled. At the next stage, the device is connected to the network, and then you only have to drive it by hand. There are such models of steam cleaners, with which special wipes and nozzles are supplied. They will help when cleaning the hood.


Among the most common questions that arise in the head of housewives who monitor cleanliness, one can distinguish one: how to wash the hood from fat with soda. To do this, the powder can not be dissolved in water, but simply wipe it with a contaminated surface. However, it is first important to ensure that the abrasive particles do not damage the substrate.

Once the surface has been rubbed with soda, you can wash it with water using a sponge or soft cloth. Now you know how to quickly wash the hood from the fat. In order to achieve a positive result, you can use several tools in combination or decide which technology suits you the most.


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