The use of the horizontal bar: which muscles swing when pulling up

Pull-ups on the crossbar is one of the most effective exercises that does not require any sports equipment or special physical training.

which muscles swing when pulling up
Many young people are very fond of spending their free time on horizontal bars, but not everyone knows which muscles are pumped in this case. So which muscles swing when pulling up? This approach to training highly promotes the development of muscles of the back, arms and shoulders. And which ones, you can find out by reading the article to the end.

Hand load

One of the most important features of training on the horizontal bar is their multidirectionality. That is, using the horizontal bar using various techniques, you can accentuate the load on various muscle groups. To begin, consider what muscles swing when pulling up, if you focus on the hands? In this case, they will receive their share of the load:

  • Biceps For the most effective pumping, it is recommended to use a reverse grip with an average distance between the hands. In this case, almost the entire load will go to this muscle group.
  • The muscles of the forearms. As a rule, they “clog” with biceps when performing the exercise with a back grip.
  • Triceps. A narrow grip in this case is an excellent tool for "clogging" this biceps muscle.
    which bars swing muscles

In addition, the shoulders are actively involved in the process, which also receive their share of the load. The shoulders in this case have a complementary function.

Back and only back

What muscles swing when pulling up? One of the main ones pumped during pull-ups is the back muscles:

  • The broadest muscles. To quickly and efficiently pump your back with the horizontal bar and pull-ups, you need to take it with a wide grip, using the wide muscles of the back to the maximum .
  • Rhomboid muscle. In almost any technique, the middle part of the back is pumped, turning the shoulder blades down.
  • Large rounded muscles. Upper back. This muscle is located directly under the armpits. Its task is to help the latissimus muscle in moving the shoulders back and pulling the body to the elbows.
    what muscles swing on the horizontal bar

Pectoral muscles

What muscles swing when pulling, in addition to the back and arms? Of course, nursing. In the process of lifting the torso to the crossbar, the pectoralis major muscles are included . An excellent substitute for a horizontal bar for breast training are the bars. What muscles swing on this projectile, in addition to the pectoral muscles? With this exercise, triceps and the middle of the back are perfectly "clogged". Thus, we can say that pull-ups carry multidirectional utility for many muscle groups, the load on which to one degree or another depends on the technique of the exercise. It is important to adhere to certain rules: do not swing the body, observe the correct range of motion and do not jerk. In this case, the most correct load on the muscles of the hands, back and chest is ensured. The above information gives a complete answer to the question of which muscles swing on the horizontal bar. Do not forget about it, remember the correct technique, try, and you will succeed!


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