How fashionable to paint nails for the summer?

The main trend of fashionable manicure is naturalness, which means that the variegation and excessiveness of the decor will not decorate the nails (summer 2013). A photo of claws of shocking length and shape with breathtaking applications is a demonstration of artistic expression, which in real life will become a manifestation of bad taste.

Manicure: luxury in simplicity

The trend of the season is short nails covered with transparent varnish, which may also have healing properties. And this means that in this case, beauty not only "does not require sacrifice", but also "on guard of health."

nails for the summer
Such a manicure is able to afford any woman and with minimal financial costs. Varnishes of delicate shades, close to the natural color of the nail plate - at the peak of popularity. Nails for the summer, decorated in this way, will not attract attention with excessive decor and will become a subtle touch of sophistication of the image. But this does not mean that grooming should be neutral. And there is hardly a woman who would not want to focus on the impeccability of manicure precisely by the brightness of color. Red nail polish of minimal or medium length is no less relevant. It is important to remember that there is an unthinkable number of shades of red, and his choice should be based, first of all, on the organic combination with the skin. Metallic coatings of silver or gold gamut will be an ideal option for girls who want to not only show originality, but also to prove their knowledge in the field of inexhaustible science called β€œfashion”.

Pedicure: the nobility of dark colors

In order for the pedicure to please not only with color, but also with relevance, nails for the summer of 2013 should be varnished with dark tones. It can be shades of red wine or a ripe bunch of blue grapes. Moreover, their proximity to almost black should be maximum. Health lacquer coating that does not have a pronounced color is no less relevant. When choosing the colors of the pedicure, experts recommend focusing on the color of the shoes. The winning option is to play in contrast. As for the correct color combination of manicure and pedicure, it is preferable to paint nails for the summer on both feet and hands with varnish of related shades.

nails summer 2013 photo

Nail Design - Strength in Style

But not so boring is the fashionable nail design summer 2013. The photo of fashionable novelties is not limited to plain versions. The multi-color design as part of the color spectrum is quite relevant. Trendy, the so-called "caviar" manicure allows decoration with small beads of one nail or all at once - to choose from. The technique remains popular when the nails for the summer are varnished in the same color, but in different shades. For example, middle and ring fingers are distinguished by azure against the background of the cornflower-blue color of the remaining β€œmanicured” specimens. The β€œcell” trend can be traced even in the Nails design, but such a design of the nails should be chosen very carefully.

nail design summer 2013 photo

Impeccable manicure is the calling card of a real woman, but even natural beauty is emphasized with the help of artificial means. And this is no longer a secret, but a rule without exceptions.


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