Living in Canada: Immigration, Money, Living

For some Russians, emigration to a foreign country is almost an obsession. You can understand them, because the standard of living in the native state is not satisfied with all. Well, the proverb “Fish is looking for where it is deeper, and people - where it is better” has not been canceled yet. A huge part of our compatriots are looking for a better share in a country like Canada. Moreover, experts note that the degree of influence of Russian culture in this state, bordering the United States, is increasing every year. But is it easy to assimilate a compatriot in a “maple” country? Do Russians feel comfortable in Canada? How do they live there? What does it take to immigrate to this state? We will consider these issues in more detail, and most importantly, we will find out why Canada is so attractive for our compatriots.


For more than a year or even more than one decade, the above country has been considered prosperous and prosperous. Russians in Canada can witness first-hand the high productivity of labor, a measured way of life and the social protection of citizens living in a “maple” state.

Life in Canada

In addition, the kingdom has one of the lowest crime rates, and a huge selection of street cafes and restaurants creates all the prerequisites for a comfortable stay. But is life in Canada easy for our compatriots? At first glance, yes. The thing is that this country occupies one of the leading places in the world in terms of quality of life: citizens use a variety of social programs, free medical care, authorities maintain high environmental standards, ensure safety, take real steps to fight unemployment, and help migrants social adaptation.

But, on the other hand, life in Canada for a visitor is not so cloudless and rosy. Why? It's simple: someone who has emigrated to Canada in search of a better life for himself may be in search of a job suitable for himself for a long time. And if it is not, then there is no income.

As a result, visitors are forced to agree to unskilled labor. And yet it is generally accepted that the kingdom has the highest salaries.

In general, the standard of living in Canada has attracted, attracts and will attract visitors from other countries.


This criterion also determines the degree of well-being of citizens of the “maple” kingdom. Prices in Canada vary by region. For example, the cost of goods in Vancouver is two orders of magnitude higher than in Toronto. If you go to the supermarket, you will be offered a choice of two types of food: natural-based and grown using "chemistry". Naturally, organic food is more expensive than, for example, chicken, which was fed with artificial additives.

Prices in Canada

As for household appliances and electronics, the prices for it are lower than in the EU zone, but higher than in the USA. But the cost of cars corresponds to the American level.

It should be noted that the price tags in stores are usually fixed without taxes (in order to lure the buyer), so the client needs to be prepared for having to fork out a larger amount (15-20%) than indicated in the price list.


For Russians, life in Canada without knowledge of a foreign language is very, very difficult. And it would be better if the visitor speaks several languages: English and French.

The first is most often used in technical and scientific fields, and the second - in everyday life. Thus, every migrant must know the language in Canada. Please note that in Quebec you can not do without French, and in Montreal without French and English.

It must be emphasized that in Quebec, for those who came to the kingdom for the purpose of employment, state-sponsored French courses are provided free of charge.

Want to work in Canada?

As you know, the kingdom adjacent to the United States has long established itself as a stable employer. This is explained not only by the development of the economy and the availability of social guarantees. The authorities are aware of the high need for foreign labor, and therefore encourage those companies that hire migrants.

So, what needs to be done in order for work in Canada to become not a myth, but a reality? This can be achieved in several ways. Their selection should be carried out individually, depending on the specific situation. It will not be easy for a simple layman to understand them. The thing is that in a number of provinces the requirements for hiring migrants are somewhat different from those prescribed in federal laws. And, despite this, immigration to Canada is an ongoing process. And if difficulties arise, it will not be out of place to resort to the services of specialists who will help you collect the necessary package of documents and make contact with representatives of the consulate.

Job in Canada

And remember: if you are counting on a highly paid job in the kingdom, then you must have a specialized education and experience. A diploma issued in Russia will need to be confirmed.

Professional or entrepreneur

Citizens of Russia can obtain a visa to Canada (to work) through a federal program to attract labor migrants. Here you need to highlight several categories. Let us dwell on each in more detail.

Skilled workers

The kingdom has long provided a list of specialists who are invited to the country in the first place. We are talking about those who have diplomas of technical, medical, and pedagogical universities. Moreover, preference is given to specialists who already have experience. How to get a visa in this category? A win-win option is to first find a vacancy, communicate with the employer and receive an invitation from him, and then collect documents for applying for a pass. Then you can consider that work in Canada is almost “in your pocket”. In addition to the original invitation (indicating the position and size of the salary), it will be necessary to submit two questionnaires (one for a work permit, and the other will reflect information on the marital status, education, work experience of the candidate).

Immigration to Canada

Business representatives

Immigrating to Canada is a good business opportunity. But!

If a Russian businessman intends to open a business in the kingdom, he will also need to obtain a visa. In this case, the entrepreneur must provide the consuls with evidence that his individual activity is legal. Moreover, doing business in Canada, the merchant agrees to pay taxes and create jobs for the indigenous people of the kingdom in a timely manner. Also, a Russian entrepreneur must be fluent in English.

To obtain a coveted visa, a labor migrant also needs to go through a medical commission at a specialized institution. Also, a candidate for work in Canada must prove his connection with his homeland. The thing is that the authorities of the kingdom should not have any suspicions that the newcomer intends to stay in their country longer than indicated in the employment contract.

cons of life in canada

Do you want to live in the kingdom?

Many of our compatriots dream of obtaining permanent residence in Canada.

However, it must be borne in mind that the immigration system of this country includes both federal and regional programs. Moreover, the latter are intended to carry out a preliminary selection of future citizens of the kingdom. Federal programs are focused on making individual decisions in each particular case (for example, to issue or not to issue a visa to one or another person).

So, what steps must be taken to have the right to reside permanently in the kingdom? First you need to decide on the program. Then you should collect documents for the consulate. The list of papers and references depends on which program you have chosen. Note also that some of the programs provide for passing tests for knowledge of foreign languages, and they have a limited duration. After you have prepared a package of documents for the consulate, you just have to send them and wait for the result. And he can come both in six months, and in two years, again, it all depends on the chosen program.

If the outcome is positive, the applicant for permanent residence receives a referral to undergo a medical examination or is given a provincial selection certificate (immigration under the regional program). In some cases, the candidate is required to undergo an interview at the Canadian embassy. If the results of the conversation satisfied the consuls, the applicant passes a medical examination. After that, you can get a visa and proceed with the completion of unfinished business in Russia: dispose of property, draw up documents that may be required in the future, etc.

Russians in Canada

Simplified the procedure for obtaining permanent residence for young people who are studying at universities in Canada.

The fact is that diplomas issued in the kingdom enable graduates to stay in it forever. Here again, it all depends on the selected program.


If after three years you will enjoy life in Canada, you can turn to the authorities with a request to apply for citizenship in that country. If you receive it, you can leave the kingdom for any period of time and return here whenever you want.


Studying at a Canadian school is free of charge. As for getting education at colleges and universities, parents have to fork out for these purposes (in some cases, the state takes part of the costs). However, in the kingdom there are universities with free tuition, but private educational institutions are considered more prestigious.

Language in Canada


Of course, it should be noted that along with the pros, there are also disadvantages to living in Canada.

Firstly, the kingdom is located many thousands of kilometers from Europe and Russia, so it will be unprofitable to travel home too often.

Secondly, a rather harsh climate prevails in the “maple” state, therefore, Russians who lived earlier, for example, in the south of the country or in the middle lane, will not feel completely comfortable.

Naturally, potential migrants who intend to work and live in the kingdom do not like the fact that obtaining a visa can be delayed for a long time, and without any guarantees. The conditions for obtaining a residence permit and representatives of small business from Russia are not encouraging. To obtain permits, they need to confirm that an impressive amount of money has been accumulated on their bank deposits.

Life in canada reviews

Not all visitors are satisfied with the state of the labor market: only some manage to find work in their profile. The rest are forced to engage in "unskilled" activities. Of course, those who have diplomas and work as governesses, waitresses, movers, gardeners, can not help but complain about life in Canada. Reviews of migrants from our country indicate that the salary of those involved in the field of unskilled labor leaves much to be desired.

Not so simple, according to visitors, and in the medical field. Yes, seriously ill people (for example, those who are diagnosed with oncology) are successfully treated in Canada with the help of modern equipment. But doctors may not attach much importance to ordinary sore throats: you will be prescribed antibiotics and that’s all, you don’t always have to count on a more detailed analysis of the patient’s condition.


For some, life in the kingdom will seem very expensive and at the same time boring. Someone will admire the level of comfort and the degree of social protection offered by a country neighboring the United States. Whether or not to go to Canada in search of a better life, everyone must decide for himself. How many people, so many opinions.


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