Tips for beginners: how to install Navitel cards

If you are going to visit an unfamiliar city or just going on a trip, then you just need to purchase a navigator. Of course, it just won’t work like that, so you should think about buying specialized software in advance.

If this is your first time intending to use such a program, you will need to learn how to install Navitel maps. Since most car navigators are running Windows CE sixth version, installation problems should not arise. The main thing here is to know the hardware characteristics of the device, since the latest versions of the program cannot be installed on a weak navigator.

how to install navitel cards

So, after buying the device, you, of course, will still be offered a service in the store called “installing Navitel on the navigator”, but take your time - you can install everything yourself and not spend money on it.

Then the choice arises - to purchase licensed software or to acquire counterfeit goods. Of course, the first option is much more reliable, because you are guaranteed to get what you need, the second can turn out to be a waste of traffic and time. In any case, after you have a copy of the program, the question will be: "How to install Navitel cards?". And this procedure is quite simple.

First you need to install the program itself on the navigator. To do this, you need to connect the device directly to the computer using a usb cable and run the "autorun" file, which, as a rule, is always included with any application. The application itself will find the required equipment and perform the procedure of unpacking and installing the required components.

installation of navitel on the navigator

At the end of this procedure, the installation of maps on the navigator automatically starts. As a rule, a software manufacturer of this kind provides a wide selection of maps of various territories. For example, you need maps of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, while maps of the Far East and Siberia are not needed. To do this, you will need to select the "federal districts" section on the website and tick off the necessary items.

If you have licensed software, then the installation will end there, and you will be able to use all the advantages of the equipment. But if you downloaded the program from another source, then you have to tinker a bit with it additionally. The first step is to copy the folder with all the files of the navigation program to the root of the navigator’s hard disk.

installing maps on the navigator
"And how to install Navitel maps?" - then you ask. Installing maps in this case also involves copying them to a specific folder in the directory of the navigation program, which will already be on the device’s hard drive.

That, in fact, is all that can be said about the installation of navigation charts and diagrams on the corresponding devices. Remember that there is absolutely nothing complicated in putting the right software on your navigator. Always read useful tips and instructions from advanced users, and then you will never have a question from the series “How to install Navitel maps?”.


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