How to make money on a video card, or What is cryptocurrency mining?

Probably, many have heard of people using computer power to earn cryptocurrencies, the most popular of which are bitcoins (BTC). They can be mined in different ways, but the most successful are those who know how to make money using a video card. This method is incredibly effective, but requires some investment.

How to earn bitcoins with a video card

how to make money on a video card

If you can boast a computer with a good graphics card, then you can start mining bitcoins. However, in order to increase profits and do it professionally, experts recommend purchasing several video cards. Due to this, you can increase the performance level of a personal computer, which will count much faster.

BTC mining people have called this process mining. It does not require special attention from a person. It is enough to run a program that will use the resources of your machine.

During processing and solving problems, virtual coins are created, which are bitcoins. Subsequently, they can be exchanged for any currency, as well as transferred to virtual wallets, such as Yandex.Money or WebMoney. Bitcoins can be used to purchase goods in online stores. It is worth noting that this cryptocurrency is constantly growing in price, since it is becoming more and more difficult to mine, and more and more people wanting to acquire it.

In order to buy 1 BTC today, you have to pay $ 2.727. However, this course is constantly changing. It can both rise and fall sharply. This makes it possible to earn money both on a video card and on trading exchanges. Many people buy BitCoin at a time when the rate is at its lowest level, later selling them at a better price.

How much can you earn on one video card

how to make money on a video card

Having some idea of ​​how to make money on a video card, you should know which video adapters are best suited for mining. A great option would be AMD Radeon fifth series and above. Since the final amount of your earnings will depend on the performance of this device, it is recommended to acquire flagships such as the Radeon 7990 HD. Professional miners claim that when using video cards manufactured by AMD, the calculation speed is much higher than that of analogues under the nVidia brand. Accordingly, the more calculations per second, the more significant your earnings.

It is important to remember that if you decide to mine using one, even the most top-end video card, its performance will not be enough. You will spend a lot of time before you get 1 BTC. For example, if you use the GPU Radeon HD 7970, your result will be about 555 MH / s, and daily production at 0.0031 BTC, or 80 cents. It should be borne in mind that during mining, electricity consumption increases. Therefore, this method of mining cryptocurrency is considered inappropriate.

How do professional miners earn bitcoins with a video card?

In order not to work on paying for electricity alone, advanced cryptocurrency collectors use several video cards that require less power at once. They make the so-called "farms", consisting of a home-made housing, processor, individual cooling system, power supplies and video cards, the number of which can reach 30 pieces.

how to earn bitcoins with a video card

One such farm can bring a substantial income, which is $ 24-30 per day. However, it is worth considering the fact that the cost of electricity will also increase. In some online stores, computers designed specifically for mining have long been on sale, but a self-assembled farm is much cheaper. If you doubt your own abilities and are not sure that you can build a mining farm, you can ask for help from those who have long understood how to make money on a video card and who are successfully engaged in cryptocurrency mining.

Which video adapter to buy

how to make money using a video card

Knowing how to make money on a video card, the future miner is faced with a difficult choice between a particular video adapter, which must be purchased for a home-made farm. We have selected the best options, taking into account the ratio of cost and profit. For ease of perception, information will be presented in a table.


video cards



Hashrate ETC / ETC




ZCash (Sol / w)


Ethash (MHS / W)

GTX 1080 Ti

620 Sol

35 MH / s

250 watts



GTX 1080

475 Sol

28 MH / s

180 watts



Rx 580

280 Sol

26 MH / s

185 watts



Rx 570

260 Sol

25 MH / s

150 watts



GTX 1070

435 Sol

27 MH / s




GTX 1060

282 Sol

20 MH / s

120 watts



RX 480

300 Sol

29 MH / s

150 watts



Rx 470

250 Sol

24 MH / s

120 watts



Rx 460

110 Sol

11 MH / s

75 watts



Rx 560

120 Sol

12 MH / s

90 watts



Rx 550

70 Sol

10 MH / s

65 watts



R7 370

150 Sol


190 watts



R7 360

155 Sol


100 watts



GTX 1050 Ti

155 Sol

13 MH / s

75 watts



GTX 1050

135 Sol


60 watts



The models listed in the table pay off much faster than their counterparts and, judging by the reviews of experts, are the best choice for mining in 2017. For example, GTX 1070/1060 and RX 480/470 will pay off in 5-6 months. Also, do not forget that it is becoming more and more difficult to mine cryptocurrency every day, but its cost is constantly growing, which allows you to maintain the necessary balance, attracting new people to mining.

Pros and cons of mining

how to make money using a video card

Disputes about how to make money using a video card will not be over soon. However, craftsmen who create one farm after another do not stop appearing, which means that there are certain advantages in this business:

  • Automated process.
  • It is enough to have minimal knowledge on how to make money on a video card, which programs to use.
  • A fairly simple farm setup.
  • Stably high cryptocurrency rate.

Having figured out how to make money using a video card, we can distinguish the following disadvantages:

  • Overpriced equipment.
  • Constant noise caused by the operation of turbines and fans.
  • Strong heat dissipation.
  • The likelihood that the cryptocurrency will be under state control and will be taxed.
  • Dependence on constant high-speed Internet and uninterrupted power supply.

Earnings on lease

Due to the fact that the demand for video cards has increased sharply, their cost has increased. Not everyone has the opportunity to find a large amount of money to buy top-end devices. Do not despair, as making money with a video card possible even if you actually do not have it. There are many services that provide the opportunity to engage in cloud mining. You just rent part of the productivity of high-tech farms, making a profit in the form of cryptocurrencies, but using other people's video cards.

Withdraw funds

how to make money with a video card

People who decide to figure out how to make money on a video card have many questions about exchanging bitcoins for real money. In fact, there is nothing complicated. Cryptocurrency is cashed in the same way as other banknotes. There are many online exchangers willing to buy from you BitCoin at the best rate.

In addition, the sale of cryptocurrency is absolutely safe, as well as a completely anonymous transaction on the Internet. This fact attracts the attention of serious investors who are already starting to invest huge amounts in virtual currency.

Having a powerful PC, and also knowing how to make money on a video card, you can earn passive income by collecting and selling BitCoin. Good luck


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