Italian coffee beans: types, brands, variety selection, degree of roasting and richness of taste

True coffee connoisseurs live in Italy, which is why the largest number of the most popular coffee brands has gathered in the country. But are there any differences between national Italian drinks and other drinks? They say that only in Italy you can try real espresso. Is it so? Itโ€™s worth sorting out.

A bit of history

Despite the fact that Italian coffee beans are considered the best, shrubs in the country do not grow due to adverse conditions. But the fact remains that the love for this drink throughout Europe began with Italy. More precisely, from Venice.

The first coffee grains in Milan came from Africa exclusively for scientific purposes, it happened in 1500. But large-scale purchases began only after 125 years.

Italian coffee beans, in fact, were bought from the Turks, and the Venetian rich already resold the goods to Europeans. Venice is the birthplace of the first coffee houses. Here, for the first time, establishments began to appear that offered their visitors only an invigorating drink and pastries.

For several decades in Venice alone, there were about 200 coffee houses. Such establishments attracted visitors not only with their aromatic drink, but also with the opportunity to chat with other visitors.

They began to equate the entrance to the coffeehouse with a social event. In such places, the intellectual elite gathered, which included famous artists, writers, politicians. The oldest coffee shop in Venice is called Florian.

Coffee beans

Merits of Italians

Despite the fact that it is difficult to grow coffee in the country, its residents are famous for having developed popular technologies for roasting beans.

The Italians have learned to organically blend coffee bean varieties, correctly select raw materials, and their ability to feel the most sophisticated subtleties of taste and aroma can only be envied.

That is why Italy is famous not only for its coffee production, but also for the ability to make this drink as it should. Mostly companies produce grain and ground coffee. Soluble is the least popular.

Making Italian Coffee

Types of Italian Coffee

The first thing that comes to mind when mentioning a drink is a small cup of strong, but very fragrant espresso.

Not surprising! Indeed, it is this type of coffee preparation that takes first place in the ranking of national Italian drinks. Locals are not limited to tiny portions. They usually buy double or triple espresso.

If you go further and start counting the types of coffee drinks that are considered national, you will have to try pretty hard, because there are more than 30 of them. The most popular of them are the following:

  • Espresso Romano - true Roman coffee with a twist in the form of lemon peel;
  • Macchiato - again, a classic Italian drink, but with the addition of warm whipped milk.
  • Ristretto - coffee for true gourmets, is considered the strongest, and is usually served in 25 ml cups.
  • Frappuccino - a chilled drink with milk, whipped cream and caramel syrup. Incredibly tasty and very high in calories.
  • Bicherin - espresso with cream and chocolate.
  • Moreta Fanez is one of the main favorites of Italians. Here, alcohol is added to coffee - aniseed liquor, rum or brandy.
  • Glasse - espresso with natural creamy ice cream.

Some Italian coffee drinks combine the most unthinkable ingredients. But it always turns out tasty and fragrant.

Also, local residents have unspoken rules regarding when and what kind of coffee you can drink. For example, it is customary to start the morning with a classic espresso or latte, and the barista will immediately recognize foreigners by request to add some kind of syrup to the drink. Locals usually drink it without additives.

Most popular coffee makers

Italy is famous for a record number of enterprises involved in roasting and coffee packaging.

Most brands are world famous - these are Lavazza, Kimbo, Trombetta and others. Which Italian coffee beans are better? Rating is the answer.

Italian coffee beans for a coffee machine


To list the brands of Italian coffee beans should start with this brand. It belongs to the premium category and offers the best blends from the highest quality Arabica from around the world.

"Illi" has already managed to gain great popularity in Europe, while Russia and the CIS countries are only getting acquainted with the brand.

The wide geography of supplies enables manufacturers to experiment with various tastes and aromas with might and main, presenting the world all new variations of coffee.

For example, grains from Africa have a soft and fairly delicate taste. A little piquancy and bitterness will add Indian grains. And arabica from Guatemala is notes of milk chocolate.

The taste also depends on the degree of roasting. Medium and strong will provide an invigorating strength to the drink and a rich taste. This allows, without a doubt, to attribute the brand to premium products.

Illi offers its customers ground, grain and portioned coffee. And the company is famous, first of all, for developing the first coffee machine. So the company is undoubted No. 1 in the rating of Italian coffee beans in premium class.

The most popular coffee


It should be noted that this brand is also speaking about Italian coffee beans. Without a doubt, this is the largest and incredibly popular Italian brand. He has long been firmly in the leading position.

โ€œLavazzaโ€ is a century-old history, real coffee โ€œfor Italy and Italiansโ€. Manufacturers with different grades of grains work, the deliveries of which are organized from the most remote corners of the world. These are Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam, Indonesia. And this is by no means a complete list.

It is the Lavazzo that Italians recommend using for making classic espresso. The taste of the drink will be soft and pleasant, with moderate strength. The brand offers ground and grain coffee, also the product is sold in capsules and pads. Rumor has it that if four Italians are asked what coffee they like best, three of them will answer that the best and the real one is Lavazza.

Kimbo (Kimbo)

This is a classic Neapolitan coffee. The company is famous for using only elite varieties of grains. Connoisseurs consider Kimbo a premium product.

This coffee is sold in 60 countries. The brand uses a special technology of roasting with hot air, thanks to which the aroma of grains is preserved almost one hundred percent.

The prepared coffee is famous for its bright taste, rich aroma and soft aftertaste. An advantage is also the lack of acidity and bitterness, despite the high strength of Italian coffee beans.

Best Italian Coffee Beans: Ranking


This brand is worth mentioning in the list of the best, if only because the brand offers consumers really high-quality Italian coffee beans for coffee machines.

Real espresso can be made with just the click of a button. Squisito combines grain from plantations in Ethiopia, Brazil, Kenya and Asia.

Coffee boutiques appeared on the territory of Russia in 2008, and the brand gained great popularity thanks to budget coffee machines that do an excellent job of preparing an aromatic Italian drink.

arabica beans


Company founder Alfredo Danezi and his followers have been experimenting with tastes and aromas for over a hundred years. Their task is to create coffee that will be recognized from the first sip.

Danezi is a time-tested quality of green arabica beans, delicate roasting, a unique composition that manufacturers keep secretly sacred.

The thick, full-bodied taste of coffee with a fortress that is within the golden mean is the main feature of the drink.

Coffee and whipped milk


Italian coffee, which has received worldwide recognition, and all thanks to the deep, original taste, as well as the unusual composition. The drink goes well with sweets and pastries, as well as salty snacks.

Still coffee "sounds good" with alcoholic drinks and is often used precisely for these purposes. โ€œKovimโ€ is especially popular among coffee lovers who brew a drink at home or in the office. You can often find this brand in high-end coffee houses.

In conclusion, I would like to say that since ancient times, Italians have been considered the world leader in the consumption of coffee. And they still do not give up their positions.

This devotion is justified, because no one is so suitable for the roasting process and the compilation of new tastes and aromas as Italians. In this country, coffee is a real cult, which is why the most popular coffee brands are located in Italy.


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