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What can you tell about the writer Weller? Firstly, he is one of the most fashionable contemporary authors, and secondly, a famous participant in television debates. But few people know that the current master of the pen once worked as an educator, concrete worker, carpenter, cattle farmer and guide! We suggest you familiarize yourself with interesting facts from the biography of the writer Weller, a list of his novels and novels!

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Mikhail Weller was born in 1948 in Ukraine. All his childhood passed in the military garrisons of Transbaikalia and Siberia, because his father was an officer. Mikhail graduated from school in 1966 in Mogilev, by the way, with a gold medal. In the same year he entered the Department of Russian Philology at Leningrad State University. Four years later, Weller took a sabbatical and left for Central Asia. To do this, he even had to pretend to be a mental illness. Until the end of summer he wandered, and in the fall he moved to Kaliningrad. In this city, he externally passed the course of a sailor and went on a long voyage on a fishing trawler.

In 1971, the future writer Weller still decides to recover at the university, and in 1972 he defends his diploma.

After that, Mikhail changed about thirty professions! He was a guide in the museum, a hunter in the Arctic, a pioneer leader, a forest feller, a roofer, a concrete worker, a supplyman, a silk-screen printer, a journalist, a digger ... And that’s all in four years.

In 1976, Weller plunged into literary activity. However, his first work was rejected by all editions. Writer Weller began to publish only in 1978. And in 1983, he released his first storybook, entitled "I Want to Be a Janitor." From this moment began a dizzying take-off of the writing career of Mikhail Iosifovich. Since 1983, the writer Weller has published more than 40 novels, short stories, and storybooks.

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A family

There is a biography of the writer Mikhail Weller and information about his personal life. In 1986, he married Anna Agriomati, a graduate of the Faculty of Journalism. A year later, the daughter of Valentine was born. Now the writer Weller lives with his family in Moscow.


According to the writer himself, after the release of the first successful collection in his life there was nothing interesting. He led the life of a man who just sits at a table and writes books. At the same time, by the way, even managing to live on the funds received from the sale of these books. True, in his interviews, Mikhail repeatedly said that until forty years old literature did not bring him money.

Today, Mikhail Iosifovich Weller is the most published Russian non-profit writer. In 2000 alone, about 400 thousand copies of his books were published!

"Rendezvous with a celebrity"

For the first time, this book by the writer Weller was published in 1990 by the periodical Tallinn. This is a unique collection of autobiographical stories, which in shocking form tells the story of the fate of a unique writer, his work and work. Moreover, the author does this somewhat ironically, diluting the story with philosophical thoughts. From his own biography, Weller turns to questions of the fate of an entire generation. This is a story about the bitter path to the stars through impassable thorns, the story of the "failed" generation, forced to remain in the shadow of their great fathers.

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Mikhail Weller talks about the wrong side of the literary world, completely losing sight of her too beautiful face.

"The Adventures of Major Zvyagin"

In 1991, 100,000 copies of this exceptional book were published. True, this is not quite an adventure. Yes, and Zvyagin himself is actually not a major. He is a retired major. And the doctor. And also this person is a “cross between” the ancient sage and Robin Hood. Zvyagin always knows what to do. And makes other people do what is needed. For their own good. "The Adventures of Major Zvyagin" - this is a real textbook of luck. The good magician Zvyagin changes the fate and life of people, and does it without magic. Of course, a fairy tale is a lie, but a hint can be traced here: if a person wants to, then he can! What is needed for this? Mikhail Iosifovich knows the answer to this question: it is important to believe in yourself. And you also need to know what to do and how.

“Seryozha Dovlatov’s knife”

Want to know why the writer Weller does not like the writer Dovlatov? The answer to this question can be found in the book “Seryozha Dovlatov’s knife”. This publication will tell about how Sergei Dovlatov, without suspecting it, played a very important role in the life of Mikhail Iosifovich.

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This story is a mystery to readers. But with the help of ordinary logic it can not be solved. To the last page, Weller keeps readers in suspense. Guesses and conjectures are not combined into a big picture, only at the end of the work everything falls into place.


One of the most scandalous books by Mikhail Weller, entitled "Samovar" was published in 1996. This novel is not like any work of the author. It raises a number of extremely complex issues. How is life arranged and why is it bad? Why do we even live? Why did we come to what we came to? And, of course, a much more important question: is there happiness in life? A philosophical and shocking book addresses all these dilemmas. The heroes of “Samovar” are, at first glance, completely helpless patients in a secret hospital. In fact, they are the real masters of the world! They are, according to Mikhail Iosifovich, who control human destinies and history.

There are no limits or prohibitions in this book. The writer M. Weller talks about everything: about the destiny of a person, love, duty ... Seven disabled people conduct monstrous experiments in an attempt to answer the main questions of humanity.

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The Messenger of Pisa

This work is a 1999 surrealistic prediction novel. What is amazing about him is that these predictions continue to come true! In his custom style, Weller continues to fantasize on the topic “How to make the world a better place?” And if in the "Adventures of Major Zvyagin" the author helps readers to arrange their personal lives, then in "Messenger" he gives advice on the structure of the state.

The book talks about what many just dream to do today. Yes, that's just the spirit is missing, and there are too many obstacles in the way. But the heroes of Weller are capable of much. The plot is both simple and complex, quite realistic and at the same time incredible. This novel is designed for those readers who would not mind a good shake of life.


This collection of M. Weller, published in 2003, is more like a collection of movie novels than a book. All stories are distinguished by the dynamism and brightness inherent in the cinema. The heroes of the collection are strong-willed and strong people. These adventurers not only know how to overcome obstacles, but also love to do it. Critics say: the collection “Cruel” is almost ready-made scripts in which you can (and even need) to make a good movie!

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"My business"

What can be said about the novel “My business”? This is a description of all the ordeals of Mikhail Weller - from childhood. Adolescence, youth of the writer Mikhail Weller, his university years. Surprisingly, the change of time and place does not affect the character of the hero at all. It is rather theatrical scenery. And the hero is always talented, always good at everything. The work is unprecedentedly honest. It is dedicated to the formation of personality and overcoming difficult life circumstances. Is it worth saying that in the final of the story the main character managed to defeat all rivals, to dishonor envious ones? And his first collection still saw the light!

The book begins with the author’s too bold statement: “I will teach you to love life!” The entire publication is imbued with the constant optimism and humor that are inherent in Weller.

“Not a knife, not Seryozha, not Dovlatov”

In 2006, a new collection was released. Under the cover is a peculiar explanation of the assumptions and comparisons that the writer Mikhail Weller used in the book “Seryozha Dovlatov’s Knife”. The appearance of this novel caused an unprecedented literary scandal, the echoes of which have not subsided to this day. The thing is that in this book incredibly reliable and deep descriptions are given. Mikhail Iosifovich talks about the fate of Soviet writers forced to emigrate. He does this in his unique style - the Weller range includes both romanticism and sarcasm.

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This book is rightfully recognized as the most action-packed work of Mikhail Weller. Of course, it is not worth studying the history of the Civil War from this work (however, like from any other fiction), but you can get an idea of ​​a large-scale armed confrontation.

In his book, Weller draws on some sensational documents and talks about the acts of one of the most controversial and mysterious figures of the time - Nestor Makhno. In this book, the writer very skillfully creates the effect of immersion - the reader does not have any doubts that he is at the epicenter of events.

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