Nationalists of Russia - who are they?

From television news, in newspapers and just in conversations, the words nationalism, a national idea, Nazism, a party of nationalists, a rally of nationalists are often heard. All of them merge into a single picture, far from reality. Many add racism and fascism to a bunch, such a picture will scare anyone away. How many nationalists in Russia, in fact, no one knows. Let's try to figure out who the nationalists are and how to distinguish them.

Nationalist program

At the moment, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of organizations in our country that proudly include themselves in the nationalists of Russia. But at the same time, they have different development programs, different goals and ways of implementing them; they may even contradict each other. Young and hot people can buy into the loud slogans and charisma of leaders and, without understanding, become an instrument in the wrong hands.

nationalists of Russia

Real nationalists stand out by several points in their programs, they can be retold in different ways, but this does not change the essence:

  1. The constitution should be amended to recognize the rights of Russia for the Russian people, and Russian - state-forming people.
  2. Citizenship of Russia is a privilege for which there should be no obstacles for Russians.
  3. Now in Russia there are laws adopted for the entire state, but also each subject has its own, regional ones. The budget for the subjects is distributed unevenly, depending on the goals of the state and the need. Nationalists advocate the elimination of legal and budgetary differences between the regions and regions of the state on the one hand and national republics on the other.
  4. The most painful place for a nationalist is the migration of the population of the nearest countries to Russia. The clashes between Russians and “people of Caucasian nationality” do not surprise anyone. Therefore, almost every party of Russian nationalists advocates the introduction of a visa regime between Russia and the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus.

Flag of nationalists of Russia

Nationalists use the black-yellow-white flag, or the so-called imperial, as “their own”. The combination is vivid and memorable, especially when the words “For Faith, Tsar and Fatherland!” Are added to the flowers. However, the story of his appearance is such that the question arises as to why the nationalists of Russia chose him specifically?

nationalist flag of russia

During the Romanov dynasty, these colors were imperial. The standard of the ruling dynasty was a black eagle on a yellow background. These colors were legalized by Alexander II as the stamp. But the official colors and the national flag are not the same thing. This order lasted only 25 years and was canceled by Alexander III. The well-known red-blue-white tricolor began to be used as any decorative purpose. And the "imperial flag" began to be associated only with the Romanov dynasty.

Nationalist parties and organizations

On the territory of Russia in each subject there is an organization, a party, a section that relates itself to a nationalist one. T-shirts, caps, scarves with the inscription "I am Russian" are known to everyone. The full list of Russian nationalists is huge, but among them the main ones can be distinguished.

party of nationalists of Russia

Moderate organizations. Their goals include, as a rule, the legal protection of Russians, the information component, the protection of Orthodoxy and the Russian Orthodox Church, political education and religious. Some call for resistance to government policies aimed at taking into account the interests of the country's multinational population without violence. The ideology of such organizations lacks racism and calls for aggression. The most famous of them are the People’s Union, the Russian Social Movement (RHO), the National Patriots of Russia, and the Movement Against Illegal Migration.

nationalists of Russia photo

Radical organizations. Such people express their opinions more sharply, their methods and programs will hardly leave anyone indifferent, even Russian people react to them both positively and negatively. They strive to establish authoritarian governance, strict discipline and foster loyalty to the leader, their ideology is very similar to the fascist, some call themselves that. Some of them organize younger skinheads who are focused on pre-revolutionary Russia (the Black Hundred organization, who knows history, will shudder). Many of them are characterized by separatism and extremism. The most famous of them are NPF Pamyat, People’s National Party, Movement and Guard of Alexander Barshakov, True Russian National Unity, National Union.


Not all Russian nationalists use peaceful methods to achieve their goals. It is worth mentioning such organizations that due to their actions have been banned. There are not so many of them, this is the National Socialist Society , the National Bolshevik Party, the Slavic Union. They differ in ideological diversity - from German National Socialism to Marxism. Many activists were imprisoned.

Most of the above organizations are involved in the union of National Socialist organizations - the Russian March.

Nationalism and Nazism

These two concepts are most often put together and used as synonyms even by some nationalists of Russia. The photo where the patriot of his country and the soldiers of the Third Reich will be standing nearby will not bring clarity. It seems that there is a difference, but this border is unsteady.

Nationalism basically adheres to such values ​​as loyalty to its nation, its political and economic independence, cultural and spiritual development for the benefit of the people. This concept is akin to patriotism, it unites people, regardless of class. Nationalists of Russia are people who strive for the good of the whole people of our state.

Nazism is an abbreviated form of National Socialism. The main goal of this ideology is to establish the power of one race on a particular territory, while the interests of other nationalities are sacrificed in favor of the dominant one. A vivid example in history is the activity of the Third Reich.

Biggest nationalist

How many nationalists in Russia

In one of his speeches, Vladimir Putin called himself the main nationalist of Russia. For many, this caused a smile, but the president’s subsequent words clearly indicated his position. Vladimir Putin called the right nationalism the desire for the good of the entire people of Russia, denying intolerance towards other nationalities. It turns out that the real flag of Russian nationalists flutters in each city over the administration building.


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