How to make a pillar with your own hands

Every year, more and more people seek to join the patriotic action called "Immortal Regiment". Its essence is that on May 9, on Victory Day, go through the streets of the city with a photograph of his relative. Most often, for convenience, the photo card is placed in a small frame with a holder called a pillar.

do-it-yourself pillar

Where can I get such a design and is it possible to make a pillar for the “Immortal Regiment” with my own hands? We will tell you what you need for work and what else the pillar might look like.

What it is?

The word "pillar" means an easy and inexpensive advertising design designed to draw a person’s attention to a particular subject. Quite often, we meet them on the doorsteps of shops or inside retail premises. The simplest option looks like a small picture on a stick. More complex designs can be a framework with emphasis or small advertising "houses".

Making any pillar with your own hands is very simple. No special knowledge is required for this. If you even know how to hold a hammer, a screwdriver or a glue gun in your hands, then there should be no problems.

Of course, if there is no desire to mess around, the design can be ordered at any advertising agency. They will do it quickly, but, of course, not for free. Depending on the size, materials and level of difficulty, they may ask for from 500 to 5,000 rubles for work.

The easiest way to build a do-it-yourself pillar is “Immortal Regiment”. This is the simplest design, so you do not need a lot of effort and money.

do-it-yourself pillar of the immortal regiment


To make a pillar for the “Immortal Regiment” with your own hands, you need to prepare:

  • a piece of plastic, thin plywood and fiberboard, measuring approximately 30 x 45 cm;
  • a wooden rail about a meter long or a piece of metal-plastic pipe of a similar size;
  • 2-3 factory fasteners for plastic pipes (can be purchased for a penny in a hardware store or plumbing department);
  • waterproof glue.

Manufacturing process

And now let's talk about how to quickly and easily make a pillar with your own hands.

  • Prepare a solid base. Using a hacksaw, you need to cut a rectangle about 300 * 450 mm in size. In principle, you can dwell on a different size, but if you decide to make a pillar specifically for the Immortal Regiment campaign, then this option is preferable.
  • The photo of the relative should be scanned, if necessary, eliminate the flaws in Adobe Photoshop or another graphics editor. You also need to frame the photo in a stylized frame, it can be downloaded on the action website.
  • Now the image must be printed in A3 format. This is best done in a photo salon on self-adhesive glossy paper. If you don’t want to overpay, you can print the photo on a regular printer. But if you plan that the pillar will serve you for more than one year - laminate the picture.
  • The finished image should be glued to the base. It is best to use waterproof glue for this. Although, if the thickness of the base allows, the picture can be nailed with small cloves or pinned with a stapler.
  • Now let's handle it. If you decide to use an ordinary wooden rail for this purpose, then everything is very simple. We turn the base over with the photo down and with the help of small screws or carnations we attach the rail vertically strictly in the center.
  • If for a holder you decided to use a metal-plastic pipe, then first you need to attach the clips.
  • Take the factory-made plastic latches and use good glue to fasten them on the base vertically in the center. Make sure that the clips are placed strictly one under the other at a distance of 1-20 cm, otherwise you will not be able to fix the tube in them.
  • When the glue dries, just snap the piece of plastic pipe into the grooves. You will get a pretty solid, but collapsible design.

By the way, if you don’t feel like bothering with laminating and making the base, you can purchase a finished frame in the store and simply attach the holder to it.

What else are the pillars

Quite often, on the doorsteps of stores, we see mobile designs advertising one or another product. And how to make a pillar of this kind with your own hands?

do-it-yourself pillar of the immortal regiment

First you need to understand what exactly we want to get in the end. Such designs are most often of three types:

  • Direct - there is one plane in it, on which information can be located both on one or both sides.
  • House - there are already two planes located one to the other according to the principle of a hut.
  • Book - can consist of any number of planes, set by "accordion".


The easiest way to make a do-it-yourself pillar in the form of a house or a book. To do this, it is enough to make the frame of the desired size of wooden or metal battens.

A plane made of PVC, thin sheet metal or plywood is attached to it with rivets or screws. It is here that the image will subsequently be glued.

To build a pillar house with your own hands, two frame frames are enough. They are interconnected in the upper part with the help of several loops. So that the structure does not move apart, it is necessary to connect the vertical parts at the same level with a cable, chain or short bar.

how to make a pillar do it yourself

The pavement book is mounted in the same way. The only difference is that the hinges are not installed on the top, but on the side of the structure. Thus, you can connect the desired number of frame frames to each other. You get an advertising design on the principle of a children's accordion book. Information on it can be placed both on one or both sides.


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