How to drink espresso with water: coffee quality, roasting, brewing recipes, choice of water and subtleties of coffee etiquette

What is coffee and how to drink espresso with water? This is a small portion of concentrated coffee, which is actually the most popular coffee drink. And the drink appeared approximately 110 years ago and became a breakthrough, which led to a real coffee industry.

How did espresso come about?

The peak of the popularity of coffee began in the 19th century. Even then, the coffee business became the most profitable. These were the days when preparing a small cup of the most ordinary coffee took as long as five minutes. Every businessman of the 19th century thought about how to start brewing coffee faster in order to earn even more money. Everyone wanted this.

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First steps and development

The first espresso machine was called La Pavoni and was invented in 1903, and already in 1905 its improved version was actively sold on the market. The most important difference between the espresso of that time from the modern one was not so much in taste and density as in the speed of preparation.

Launched in 1905, La Pavoni was already making coffee many times faster. There was a real boom in the so-called coffee revolution. The industry was actively developing, there were even more people who loved the drink, and a huge number of people who wanted to make money on it. Now coffee houses have become the most profitable business, and the market has been actively developing. Then coffee etiquette began to develop, and the question of how to drink espresso with water became very relevant.

A new word in the coffee industry

The real breakthrough came in 1938 when Achille Gaggia introduced the world to an espresso machine that worked by steam rather than pressure. The inventor began to actively use it in his coffee shop, and already ten years later, in 1948, founded the company Gaggia, which already mass-produced machines that made espresso for 30 seconds. 1948 Espresso is the drink we know. He changed the idea of ​​coffee, now it was a dense, concentrated drink with foam.

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How is espresso made?

You can make a drink if the water temperature reaches 90-95 degrees and passes under pressure through tightly pressed coffee. You don’t have to understand the technique, because it is not possible to brew an espresso at home. There is not enough coffee and hot water from the kettle, because the thing is pressure.

The process of brewing any coffee is based on leaching water from the surface of the grains of solids. It turns out that when coffee comes in contact with water, some of the substances are in our cup. And only part is dissolved because many of the substances that make up coffee simply do not dissolve in water. To make the taste as clear as possible, you should learn how to drink espresso with cold water.

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How does a coffee machine make coffee?

Coffee beans are ground and tamped into a tablet, which is inserted into an espresso machine. When we press the desired button, the coffee machine delivers water, the temperature of which is exactly 90-95 degrees, the pressure in the machines is usually 9 bar. The drink takes about 20 seconds. During this time, boiling water dissolves solids in ground coffee. Liquid of a dark, almost black color immediately pours from the machine, which gradually begins to lighten. The color does not become so dark due to the fact that solids from coffee are washed out already in smaller quantities. When the drink becomes completely light, the water supply is turned off - and you can try a real espresso. To understand the quality of coffee you drink or not, you need to learn to understand a few simple rules:

  • If the taste of the drink is sharp and sour to such an extent that there is discomfort and tingling in the tongue. This means that it was not possible to wash all solids from the coffee. The same reason can cause salty taste sensations.
  • However, modern coffee houses sin the opposite error - on the contrary, it is too much leaching of these solids, which makes the coffee bitter and unpleasant in taste.

But do not scold the barista from a nearby coffee shop, most often the fact is that in many institutions they brew a drink from overcooked and low-quality grains. Here, even the ability to drink espresso with water correctly will not help.

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Why drink water with coffee?

Hot debate about the need for a glass of water is ongoing to this day. The question was investigated on the example of Italy. And this is not surprising, because it is this country that is recognized as the greatest lover and producer of coffee. In some regions, it is customary to drink water immediately after espresso, because a concentrated drink increases thirst and provokes dehydration, while in other areas it is customary to drink water before coffee. But somewhere they don’t drink water at all and don’t even know about such a rule. However, in order not to be in an awkward situation in the company of true coffee connoisseurs, you need to learn the following rules, because coffee must be not only properly prepared, but also served correctly:

  • While coffee is brewing, a saucer should be placed on the utility table near the machine, and a spoon on it on the left side and right side of the client. When the coffee is cooked, it should also be placed on a saucer, having first leaned the cup against the sponge for a second so that no excess liquid remains. The handle of the cup should look to the left. Ready coffee is put in front of the client, raising the saucer, in no case should you move it around the table.
  • Coffee etiquette suggests that water is supplied with espresso, usually half a glass. Water is supplied in good institutions without fail. This is because coffee causes thirst, which provokes dehydration. According to the rules, coffee must be drunk before an espresso and not otherwise, so that all the aroma and taste of coffee remains in the mouth.

Why do we need water?

First of all, water enhances the taste of coffee, so it seems tastier and fully reveals a bouquet of tastes. Water washes taste buds, and also reduces the production of hydrochloric acid in the body - this is a real salvation for those who suffer from heartburn. Dentists, who claim that coffee lovers have a plaque on their teeth, did not stand aside, which is why a sip of water after coffee will also not be superfluous.

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How to drink coffee with water?

True coffee lovers even thought out a plan on how to drink espresso with water. The algorithm is as follows:

  • Start with water, refresh your taste buds to enjoy every sip.
  • Drink coffee slowly, in small sips, alternating water and coffee.
  • Do not swallow water immediately, hold it for a few seconds in your mouth.
  • Do not rush, savor espresso and be sure to take breaks to feel the real taste of the drink.
  • How to drink water with espresso, you now know. Should this be done? Here is an exclusively individual choice, water washes away the aftertaste, but at the same time it refreshes.

In fact, the use of coffee is a real art, the number of varieties of the drink alone is amazing. The main thing is to choose the option you like.


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