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Relaxation is a special method aimed at relieving nervous and muscle tension using a specific technique. For the first time this term was introduced abroad relatively recently. It happened in the thirties and forties of the last century.

Definition of the term

The word "relaxation" comes from the Latin "relaxatio", which means "relaxation". This condition is involuntary or arbitrary rest. Associate it with partial or complete muscle relaxation.

relaxation is
Relaxation is observed after physical efforts and strong experiences and is the result of stress relief. Relaxation is involuntary. This condition we observe before going to bed. Arbitrary relaxation is also possible. She usually occurs when taking a relaxed posture. Arbitrary relaxation is a phenomenon that is caused by the release of tension from the muscles involved in various types of activity.

Appearance story

Relaxation techniques are techniques used in body-oriented therapy. They are based on the spiritual and religious practices of the East. For many years, their own techniques of psychoregulation have been developed. Gradually, these techniques penetrated into European culture. Moreover, they underwent certain processing.

relaxation for sleep
The first foreign experts to apply relaxation methods in their activities were the German neuropathologist I. Schulz and E. Jacobson, an American psychologist. As a result of their research, a relationship was found between the emotional state of a person and his muscle tension. This phenomenon is called neuromuscular hypertension. It has been proven that relaxation can eliminate the state of overexcitation of the nervous system, helping to restore balance and relax. That is why it is very useful to train a person in muscle relaxation skills in order to relieve mental stress and eliminate the symptoms of diseases such as hypertension, gastritis, heart and headache. In addition to this, relaxation improves sleep, provides emotional relaxation and improves performance.

Varieties of relaxation

To relax and relieve stress, a great many methods, techniques and techniques have been developed at present.

relaxation techniques
Distinguish relaxation by exposure time to the body. Relaxation is lasting. It comes during sleep, when exposed to drugs, and also with hypnosis. Relaxation is possible and short-term. After a short time, it is replaced by tension.

According to the execution method, relaxation is imaginative (mental) and muscle. By origin, it is primary (natural, resulting from physical exertion), as well as secondary (created and called in artificial conditions).

Distinguish between superficial and deep relaxation. The first type of relaxation can be equated with a short rest. The duration of deep relaxation is at least twenty minutes. Moreover, its achievement becomes possible only with the help of specially developed techniques. It is worth saying that it is relaxation of a deep type that has healing properties in connection with a powerful effect on the body.

Muscle relaxation is also distinguished by the speed of its occurrence. Emergency methods are used in cases of urgent need, and systematic ones are used for treatment purposes. Relaxation is also classified by the scale of its impact. At the same time, they distinguish between general (total) and differentiated (local) relaxation.

Currently known psychotherapeutic relaxation methods often combine several varieties of techniques. This technique allows you to achieve maximum effect.


Relaxation is a very common phenomenon. But each person understands it in his own way. That is why the benefit for everyone is different. This process can be passive when relaxation-meditation is combined, soothing music is applied and the person just relaxes. However, with a certain level of training and knowledge, you can even get rid of serious diseases.

relaxation meditation
Relaxation is a special method that has endless possibilities, which are currently studied and proven. However, in practice, it is usually used:

- as a means of relieving muscle cramps, accompanied by pain symptoms, limitation of movements and local fatigue;
- as one of the ways to restore the energy balance in the body;
- in the form of a tool that allows you to establish mental and emotional balance;
- as a method used for healing.

Relaxation for quality sleep

Night rest is extremely important for the normal functioning of the body. Not a single living creature can do without it. The state of a person during wakefulness depends on the quality of sleep. Only a normal rest allows you to make the mind clear and energized for the whole day.

Unfortunately, many people have certain sleep problems. Someone falls asleep badly, someone simply does not get enough sleep. The impact of these issues on quality of life is enormous. Over time, health will certainly worsen, irritability and fatigue appear, and the energy level is significantly reduced. And here relaxation will come to the rescue. For sleep, it is especially effective. Applying one of the relaxation methods before a night's rest, you can perfectly calm down. This will avoid insomnia.

Relaxation for sleeping is recommended the easiest. For example, deep breathing, filling the entire lungs with air. Muscle relaxation can also be used to eliminate insomnia. This technique consists in alternating tension and relaxation of all muscles, from the legs to the face. A calm sleep will provide visualization of a pleasant place or situation for a person.

The influence of nature

Relaxation is an immersion in subtle energies. That is why, to accelerate this process, certain sounds are needed that have a relaxing hypnotic effect.

relaxation nature

They can be heard by nature. The voices of dolphins, the cry of gulls, the murmur of a stream, the whisper of foliage contribute to the creation of a relaxing effect, that is, relaxation. Nature is the most unique and brilliant composer in the whole world. Its sounds contribute to a sound and healthy sleep, relieve nervousness and fatigue.


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