How to replace salt for a dishwasher: available options and reviews

If you want to replace expensive salt granules for a dishwasher with an alternative that has a more attractive cost, you should weigh the pros and cons. After all, initially the whole chain of chemical reactions that allow you to effectively fight the scum formed as a result of heat treatment of fatty residues works according to a certain principle. In other words, if you choose the wrong way to replace the salt for the dishwasher, it will not only minimize the effect, but also produce negative consequences. Details about the choice of salt for the dishwasher - below.


Knowing the principle of action offered by the manufacturer of the granules, you can find a similar composition in the ingredients at a lower cost. For this, it is important to understand that the equipment of the dishwasher includes an ion exchanger, which serves to soften the tap water. This tank is coated with a special resin abundant in sodium ions. It has the ability to attract calcium ions, as well as magnesium, preventing the formation of scale on the heating elements.

dishwasher salt than replace reviews

But the resource of the active resin is limited, and this salt produces a reverse reaction, allowing the resin to return to its original potential. A special container is intended for the supply of salt, which is located within the lower hopper, access to it is carried out by simple opening. For water with low hardness, one charge may be enough for several months of operation. If tap water is notable for its rigidity, then the stock can be updated up to two times a week, depending on the frequency of use of the device.

salt for dishwasher than replace reviews

Thus, the lack of salt will lead to failure of the ion exchanger, which will have to be purchased again. In fact, this element needs the constant presence of sodium chlorine, which is found in excess in sodium chloride. How to replace salt for a dishwasher? Variants suitable for use in the dishwasher may be available in tablet form. Also, a high content of NaCl is in the pharmacy sea salt. In addition, it contains three-in-one capsules. Thus, different types are presented than replacing the salt for the dishwasher.

Edible salt

This product, found on the shelves of grocery stores, has a different origin, as evidenced by its appearance. If you look closely, the salt differs in visual characteristics. On the one hand, the fraction can vary significantly, on the other hand, its color is also not always the same. Here's how to replace dishwasher salt. Photos of the filling process are in our article.

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One salt can be pure white, the other has an excess of gray inclusions. This is due to the presence of various impurities. Nevertheless, at 96 percent, and in some places at 98 percent, this substance consists of sodium chlorine. However, in such a composition there is definitely the presence of various trace elements. They can be magnesium, potassium, iron and calcium. In addition, the content of food additives (such as potassium ferrocyanide) is not excluded in store salt. Therefore, it is necessary to understand in order to understand how to replace the salt for the dishwasher.

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Optimal choice

Despite the low percentage of impurities, their diverse composition can cause undesirable reactions in the ion exchanger, which significantly reduces its performance. This ultimately leads to premature failure of the element. How to replace salt for a dishwasher? If you use this option, it is recommended to use fine salt "Extra". It passes the maximum cleaning mode and is characterized by pure white color.

salt for dishwasher than replace


How to replace salt for a dishwasher? User reviews give examples. Practical people prefer to use the Extra salt, claiming that it provides nominal performance of the ion exchanger and its flow rate at the same time meets the basic parameters. But people with more conservative views believe that the packaging recommended by the manufacturer of granular salt is enough for a long period of use. And since the price of this component is not so high, there is no reason to experiment with expensive equipment.

About sea salt

It is believed that sea salt has the same composition as any other. For this reason, it is able to provide the ion exchanger with all the necessary elements. In this case, it should be understood that after crystallization, such a salt is no longer subjected to various types of processing. Having received its form, it is packaged and goes on sale. The chemical composition of impurities in this situation receives the highest percentage. This quality is likely to adversely affect the operation of the ion exchanger. For this reason, this type of salt is not recommended. Reviews say that he will not be able to assist in the matter of how to replace the salt in the dishwasher.

Use of pills

This salt has an unusual appearance. It differs in shape from the usual granules, it is released in tablets. For reference: this method of salt release is also applicable for ordinary food purposes. It is found under the name "Mozyr" - universal salt. Such tablets are produced from a certain variety of Extra. Polesie ”, it differs in the absence of the content of food additive E563. The price for a package weighing 25 kilograms is about four hundred rubles.

dishwasher salt than replace reviews

At a moderate consumption, its contents may last for up to two years. And this is one of the best options for replacing salt in a dishwasher.

Three in One Capsules

This component is not a substitute, it is intended for use in dishwashers along with the usual granules. The composition of this tool contains an optimal list of components designed to optimize the process. The granule has a multilayer structure. Here, each subsequent layer enters the process in a given period of time.

So, first the first, and after it the second layer dissolves as a result of heating the water with a heating element. The next layer has neutralizing effects. It comes into operation while rinsing. The last layer is necessary during the final rinse of the dishes.

Such capsules act as a universal tool designed to replace not only saline, but also a concomitant detergent. However, the use of such capsules is recommended exclusively for prolonged dishwashing modes. Otherwise, they do not dissolve in a timely manner, having a negative impact on the quality of sterilization of dishes.


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