Petersburg company "Windows Panorama": customer reviews

Today, there are a lot of proposals for installing plastic windows in every city. But despite this, consumers complain that the quality of the services provided leaves much to be desired. That is what prompted us today to find the best company in this area. Helped in solving the problem reviews. Windows "Panorama", according to most customers, are the best. This is a company that is not afraid to entrust the solution of both ordinary and non-standard tasks.


Each person can have their own idea of ​​quality and make their own requirements. But there are categories that are absolute for everyone. Let's try to evaluate with their help the company "Windows Panorama", located in St. Petersburg. Feedback from former and regular customers will be of great help in this.

First of all, you need to pay attention to market experience. The motto of the company is "Quality and Comfort". Not surprisingly, it has been on the market for more than 20 years. With this attitude to work, any company is doomed to success. During this time, more than 1,500,000 square meters of products were installed. This is a period that not all companies involved in the installation of plastic structures can boast of.

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Main advantages

Comparing different firms with each other, it is possible to identify certain criteria, without which it is impossible to correctly evaluate their activities:

  • The highest quality. Russia is a northern country. Therefore, windows should be not only a source of light, but also protection from the cold. The company "Panorama Windows" was closely engaged in this. Reviews emphasize that the products perfectly keep heat and perfectly show themselves even in the coldest winters. This is easily explained by the features of production. Two automatic assembly and assembly lines with high-tech German equipment of recent years are located in the workshops.
  • Careful attention to detail. This is also often noted by reviews. "Panorama Windows" does everything to simplify the complex task of the client. Attention to detail does not mean the lack of control of the whole process.
  • The optimum ratio of price and quality. This is the main value for the client, which is well understood here. If you want to get a product of the highest quality, but do not overpay the triple cost, then it makes sense to pay attention to this company. Moreover, here you are ready to offer a detailed breakdown of the cost of work, to declare full compliance with GOST not only products, but also installation. As a result, customers receive a full warranty service.
  • Great service. You can call with one click on the site, and get a full presentation right at home.

As you can see, there are many reasons to contact this company.

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Choose products

The window market is so wide that you can get confused in the existing options. Here you are offered only the best. Reviews about the company "Windows Panorama" emphasize that each client must practice an individual approach. This applies to a variety of configurations and colors.

  • You will find a huge selection of windows. Plastic and wooden, for country houses, attic, ready-made and custom-made. And of course, a huge assortment of frames, which are represented by slopes and window sills.
  • Loggias and balconies. The company performs glazing of finished structures, lining and decoration of loggias and balconies. Balcony roofs are another popular service.
  • Doors Any, to your taste. It can be balcony and entrance doors, interior designs. The company also installs entrance, metal doors.

If you are doing repairs, you don’t have to run around the city looking for one or another product. A significant part of the work is ready to take over the company “Windows Panorama”. Customer reviews emphasize that they would contact here again if they had the opportunity to move into a new apartment again.

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Additional products

In addition to all of the above, you can even think about how to decorate them when applying for windows. To do this, you can choose:

  • blinds and roller blinds;
  • shutters;
  • stretch ceiling;
  • plastic partitions.

A few minutes on the site, detailed work with the designer who came to the call - and the room is almost ready to move in. In addition, you can order mosquito nets, including those with protection against falling out of children. If you have recently appeared kids, then such products as baby locks and guards will be very relevant. Often, customers also order:

  • decorative overlays for a window sill;
  • thermometers
  • door closers;
  • "Anti-dust" for plastic windows;
  • window latch.
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Production cost

This is another point that is often covered in reviews. The Panorama company manufactures plastic windows taking into account the needs and capabilities of the majority. Thanks to such a policy, it is possible to achieve the highest quality at affordable prices. Each of you can easily verify this information. To do this, just go to the site and carefully study the information. This is a company that has been proven over the years and is well known to all residents of St. Petersburg:

  • Plastic windows - cost from 1000 r.
  • Wooden windows - from 19000 r.
  • Glazing of loggias - from 8000 r.
  • Finishing and lining of loggias - from 30000 p.
  • Plastic doors - from 11000 r.
  • Blinds and roller blinds - from 400 r.
  • Stretch ceilings - from 700 r.
  • Plastic partitions - from 15000 r.
  • Windowsills - from 390 p.

Services provided

And what do staff reviews say? “Windows Panorama” is not only a company that provides quality services to thousands of customers, but also a place of work for dozens of people. Remarkably, there are almost never recruitment announcements. Here, almost the entire staff has been working for years. In their reviews, employees emphasize a flexible work schedule and the care of the management.

People value stability, which translates into staff loyalty and the desire to perform their work as efficiently as possible. This is later noted by customers, emphasizing the professionalism of each employee, starting from the manager receiving the call and ending with the installation team.

windows panorama customer reviews

Along with the production of metal-plastic structures, the company is ready to offer a wide range of services. This is window repair, installation and dismantling. For the convenience of customers, the Mobile Office service operates. Judging by the reviews of employees, the company "Windows Panorama" creates all conditions in order to serve customers quickly and efficiently. This applies to technical equipment and staffing. Customers will never hear that there are no cars, they are on calls and they will have to wait several days. This is very important for the formation of the company's image in the market.


Today the company has already reached such a stage of development when it has the opportunity to invest solid money and energy in marketing. This is not only advertising, but also numerous promotions, programs and discounts. To find out the latest information, you can call the company office. Reviews often emphasize that the first impression of the company is formed at the very moment when they are answered by the pleasant voice of a girl who is well-versed in all information and is ready to take the necessary time to answer all questions. The following promotions are valid for today:

  • 2% discount when ordering and paying directly at home, after the end of the work of the designer.
  • A 3% discount program applies for a repeat purchase.
  • New settlers and newlyweds, pensioners also receive a 3% discount.
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Certificates and programs

In fact, there are a lot of them. Often, pleasant bonuses are also noted by reviews. “Panorama” puts plastic windows already at not the highest prices, but also makes good gifts:

  • When ordering various products, you receive a certificate for the purchase of other goods or services.
  • After installing the windows, the client receives a 30% discount on prevention.
  • One year warranty as a gift.
  • The most generous action is held on New Year's Eve. You can order wooden windows at the price of plastic.
  • When ordering a loggia decoration, get warming as a gift.
  • Now there is a super discount on roller shutters. Hurry to take advantage.
  • You can get a lifetime warranty. The only thing that needs to be done is to carefully invite the masters every year to carry out maintenance work. By the way, their cost is not too high. But you will definitely be spared from possible problems.
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Instead of a conclusion

From the foregoing, it can be noted that the company "Windows Panorama" is a leader in its segment. A huge number of products, services, interesting price offers - all this for more than 20 years allows the company to remain among the first. If you plan to repair, we recommend that you pay attention to the services of this company. Reviews very convincingly talk about good service and high quality products, quick repair work.


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