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In the modern world, almost every second working person has come across a control system in order to get to the workplace. At enterprises, admission to which is strictly by permission, the organization of a pass is necessary. For these purposes, special devices are installed, which are called turnstiles. They first appeared in the United States in 1916, but today they are widely used around the world. Let's see how the installation of the turnstile is carried out, as well as what types of it exist.

general information

turnstile installation
In our country, about ten companies are involved in the production, installation and maintenance of turnstiles. Previously, they were purchased exclusively abroad, but as their popularity grew, they began to be produced with us. At the same time, foreign equipment continues to be sold on the market, but it costs much more. Today, the range of these access limiters is quite wide. There are many varieties of turnstiles with various functions. Next, we will consider the most common types of this equipment.


This variety is one of the most common. Depending on how the turnstile is mounted, they are divided into mounted and stationary. The former are mounted on the wall and have smaller dimensions, and the latter are installed directly at the entrance and look more respectably.

By their design features, these delimiters are very primitive. It has three rotating strips, one of which blocks the passage. Their advantage is that the "tripods" have high wear resistance, so they are often used in facilities with high traffic.


installation of turnstiles
As it is not difficult to guess from the name, this kind of turnstile is similar to the usual gate, which are used in cottages. The passage for people is blocked by a bar, which is easily pushed back by hand, and then independently returns to its original position.

On sale you can find both automatic and mechanical turnstiles. The former move apart independently when a person approaches it, and in the latter, the barrier plate is manually pushed back.

Semi-profile rotary access limiters

These turnstiles in their appearance resemble a “turntable”. They have a height of one meter and a very impressive size, so their installation requires sufficient free space. The design of this type of access limiter is made in the form of continuous flaps or parallel bars.

Semi-profile rotary access limiters have a high degree of protection and allow you to organize strict control over the passage of people. Among the main disadvantages, it is possible to note difficulties in operation and low throughput. In one minute the turnstile is able to miss only 10 people.

High speed turnstiles

checkpoint turnstiles with a card
Speed ​​limiters can be found at Moscow metro stations. Passage in them is blocked by two sliding sashes, which provide reliable protection against unauthorized passage. Only a person who has a special card or badge can get through. Thanks to this, a high level of protection is achieved.

Electronic Access Limiters

These are the most expensive turnstiles for a checkpoint with a card, since they allow you to organize a fixed registration of passes at any object. For their functioning, you need a connection to the mains and the Internet. On the rack on which the barrier bar is located, a sensor is installed that reads the barcode from the pass card. It is worth noting that some electronic turnstiles are equipped with a video identification system, thanks to which you can arrange access to an object from a photograph located on the map. Thus, the guard compares the photo and face of the person who wants to go through.

Setting Access Limiters

The installation of turnstiles is mandatory for any kind of this equipment. It is important to understand here that, depending on the type of access limiter, this process may require different physical costs and take a different amount of time. Therefore, when choosing equipment, think about the installation in advance. How turnstiles are installed will be discussed later.

What will be required during the installation process?

full-height turnstiles for a checkpoint
If you purchased an autonomous turnstile, then for its installation you will not need any additional equipment. The access limiter is simply installed and connected to the security panel. But in this case, the duty officer must always be present at the post in order to open the passage if necessary. This access arrangement is inefficient and not secure. In addition, if the passage is very wide, then an additional turnstile fence will be required.

Equipping an access limiter with an identifier reading system and an autonomous controller can significantly increase the level of security and organize more productive access control. The best solution would be a network controller, because it provides more features and allows you to fully automate the process of skipping, as well as to monitor the time of arrival and departure of employees.

Most often, access limiters are installed in places with high traffic of people, where turnstiles for a checkpoint with a card would be an ideal option. Only a person who has a specially designed pass can go through them. Such equipment requires connection to a power supply system, and special software must be installed on it.

Choosing a place to install

When choosing a place for installation, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the turnstiles, as well as the fire safety requirements. If the room has only one aisle, then the equipment must be equipped with an anti-panic system, which allows emergency evacuation of people in case of fire. If the room has a fire exit, then you can do without this system.

The distance between the rotating strips should be no more than 50 centimeters, the length of the shaper should be at least one centimeter. If a large number of people work at the enterprise and several entry barriers are installed at the entrance, then a shaper should be installed between them. In this case, it is better to give preference to a two-way turnstile, since it has a smaller size and is cheaper.

Preparatory stage

turnstile fence
If the pass control was not previously carried out at the facility and new turnstiles were installed, then before starting the installation, it is necessary to make markings, make holes for the mounting bolts, install pipes and run the cables if the equipment cannot fully function without electricity. In order for all the work to be performed efficiently, it is recommended that you first study the technical documentation for the turnstile.

If the entry limiter is mounted on the floor, then it is fixed using threaded bolts, which are then welded. This is necessary in order to provide better stability of the turnstile. It is important to consider that these plates must be deepened into the floor by at least 15 centimeters, and then concreted. These requirements must be met if full-height turnstiles for the entrance are used to organize the pass, since these structures have a very large weight.

The place where the equipment will be installed must be level. The screed is made of concrete made of cement of grade no lower than 400. If the passage is too wide, then it must be covered with half- or full-height barriers, before which installation work is also carried out.

It is recommended that electrical cables be mounted in the gates to protect them from damage. It is better to do this in advance, so that during the installation of equipment not to be distracted by extraneous matters.

After completion of the preparatory work, you can proceed with the installation of the entry limiter. How it happens will be described in detail below.

Turnstile installation

turnstile service
Installation of the turnstile must be carried out in strict compliance with all the requirements specified in the technical documentation for the equipment. Factory equipment may include a huge number of elements that are assembled in a single design in a certain sequence at the installation site. Some types of turnstiles are delivered pre-assembled, so they just need to be installed in place and bolted.

First of all, the racks are fixed, after which the cables are brought to them and all electrical connections are made. Then, a power source is installed and connected to the turnstile at the designated place. If the equipment is supplied with a controller, it is installed in the room where the guard will be located and connected to the equipment. Then, reading elements are connected to the access limiter. When all work is completed, the correctness of all switching is checked.

It is worth noting that the installation of the turnstile largely depends on the type of equipment. The work execution process discussed above may not be applicable to all types of equipment. For example, the installation of passage cabins or swing-out stoppers requires significantly greater time and labor costs, since they include a huge number of components.

Equipment service

During the operation of any equipment, its physical wear and tear occurs. Access limiters were no exception, so that they continue to function normally, timely turnstile service is necessary. This is especially true for automatic equipment equipped with sophisticated electronic systems.

Preventive measures will significantly increase the service life of entry barriers. But here it is important to understand that maintenance should be carried out not only in hardware but also in software, since even a minor error can lead to a malfunction of the equipment.

mechanical turnstile
As for prevention, it is necessary to periodically clean and lubricate all moving elements and check and adjust the operation of automation. It is also recommended that you check the condition of all parts and, in case of severe wear, perform timely replacement.

At the same time, it is important to understand that qualified specialists should deal with all this, because despite the simplicity of all the procedures described, maintenance requires knowledge of the turnstile device and some experience. In addition, real professionals know what to look for when examining an access limiter, and will be able to determine in advance which parts are on the verge of breaking.

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