How to make a gate with your own hands?

If you are thinking about how to make a gate in your country house, then first of all you should decide on the type of future product. It is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that the selected model as best as possible fits the overall style of the site and is made of the same material as the fence itself.

how to make a gate

You should also decide in advance what requirements you put forward for using the gate, except for its direct purpose, and think about how much you are willing to spend on its construction. For example, wrought iron metal gates look very impressive and elegant and can decorate any fence, but their cost is quite high, so not everyone can afford such a model.

metal gates

The most optimal solution is an ordinary wooden gate. Such products are quite durable and reliably hide your territory from the prying eyes of passers-by. Let's look at how to make a wicket from a tree on your own and at little cost.

It is best to use hardwood for the manufacture of such elements. As supports for attaching the gate, you need to make columns of aerated concrete - such products are easy to find in construction stores and they are inexpensive. First, two sidewalls should be made on which the wicket frame will be mounted (photo of step-by-step master classes of similar works can be seen on construction portals). These parts are made of boards. After the sidewalls are cut and processed, their dimensions must be carefully verified and adjusted if necessary. Now they can be mounted on supporting posts using self-tapping screws.

Before you make a gate, you need to assemble a frame for it. It is made of four pre-painted boards. The corners of the frame are additionally reinforced with metal strips, which are fastened with self-tapping screws. If you want your design to be more rigid, you can use special brass toothed plates when assembling. Then, loops for the future product are installed on the previously prepared support plate.

After you are convinced that the frame structure easily enters the opening, you need to make a special brace, which will give the product additional strength. The strut should be fixed to the base of the frame using metal plates.

Then you should install the finished frame on the hinges and begin the process of sheathing the product. Each board used to finish the gate should be firmly fixed to at least two bolts. It should be noted that corner boards require even greater mounting reliability. Last of all, you need to install a handle and a valve. In order for your gate to become more attractive, you can figuredly trim the top of the boards. This is done using a jigsaw.

wickets photo

We looked at the easiest way to make a gate out of wood. With certain skills and fantasies, on its basis you can make absolutely stunning wooden products that will become a real decoration of your summer cottage.


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