How to choose a banquet hall for a wedding in Moscow

How to hold a wedding celebration so that it becomes a bright and unique event, which for a long time will be remembered not only by the newlyweds, but also by the guests of the event? For such a solemn occasion, you need a banquet room for the wedding, with its indispensable attributes: a beautiful interior, exquisite cuisine, lighting and musical special effects, professional service that allows you to completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the holiday.

Looking for yourself?

It is not easy to find a suitable banquet room for a wedding on your own and the fact of having a large number of restaurants does not solve the problem. It is necessary not only to invest in the budget, but also to provide a number of necessary conditions: convenient location for all establishments, ensuring comfortable seating for guests, stylistically correct design of the celebration concept, organization of special effects, the presence of a parking lot and a children's room. You need to prepare in advance, taking into account all factors and solving many problems. As a result, the event itself will be remembered as getting rid of a painful months-long nightmare.

The best decision!

Trust professionals. The company "Banquet365" will provide you the perfect service, allowing you to choose banquet room for a wedding in Moscow, with a minimum of effort, eventually getting a great mood and pleasant memories. We will not only take your wishes into account and select the best option, but also offer a range of additional services: welcome zone, wi-fi, karaoke, DJ, disco, live music, stage, dance floor, selection of audio and video equipment, children's room, parking .

Why us

Continuous development, empowerment and professionalism - make us the most optimal market operator for celebrations. Our advantages:

- A huge database of all the banquet rooms available for weddings in Moscow, with its constant expansion;

- ease of navigation and selection of the necessary criteria, with the satisfaction of the most unusual wishes;

- honesty and thorough verification of compliance of sites with declared indicators, transparency and access to all “hidden conditions” of institutions;

- providing an ever-growing list of additional services;

- Free consultations and customer support in the search process.

Convenient navigation on the Banquet365 website allows you to search both by map and by filter (cost per person, site capacity, institution name, nearest metro station). You can see the rating of the institution and read reviews, find out the size of the average bill, working hours, types of cuisine, a list of additional services, address and telephone number. The following issues are effectively resolved with us:

- the possibility of parking and access to the main entrance of the wedding procession, the availability of space for photographing and wedding fireworks, meeting the expectations of the exterior of the building and the interior of the premises, taking into account possible restrictions and prohibitions;

- the correct ratio of the area of ​​the room and the number of guests, taking into account technical capabilities: lighting, air conditioning, wardrobe, toilet, smoking room, equipment capabilities;

- the size and interval of serving portions, the frequency of changing dishes and appliances, the number of visitors served by one waiter.


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