Vladimir Abashkin - husband of Ekaterina Guseva

Ekaterina Guseva (famous Russian actress) and Vladimir Abashkin (big businessman) have been married for 18 years. Katya, speaking of her husband, admits that she reached such heights in the cinema thanks to her husband, who was always support and support for her, as she herself puts it, with a shield and a sword.

Vladimir Abashkin

Vladimir Abashkin: biography and personal life

Volodya was born in 1966 in Moscow. From childhood, he was a calm and balanced boy. Mom raised such important qualities in him as respect for the female gender and family values. After leaving school, Vladimir Abashkin received first specialized secondary, and then higher education. With the collapse of the USSR and the beginning of a new economic era, he decided to create his own business. Since the young man gravitated to such forms of art as theater and cinema, he founded a small company for the production of scenery. By the time he once met the young and still unknown actress Katya Guseva in the Ostankino corridor, his company was already flourishing, and he was known in theater and television circles as businessman Vladimir Abashkin, the owner of the art-production company Base-Beauty "

Relationship start

businessman Vladimir Abashkin

As Katya admits, their meeting with Volodya was a gift of fate for both of them. They fell in love with each other at first sight, a spark broke out between them, an incredible attraction arose. Of course, Catherine didn’t even show that she was interested in a young businessman. She generally had a rule never to consent to the first invitation of men. She always liked when they wanted her. In a word, she, using her magnetism and influence on members of the opposite sex, loved to torment them. Despite love and sympathy, she did the same with Volodya. But they often met: Katya worked in the program "Russian Lotto", and Abashkin's company was engaged in the creation of the scenery for this television project. So lovers constantly faced in the studio. By the time of the meeting with Catherine, Vladimir was married, but this did not prevent him from courting the beautiful actress. He bombarded her with expensive gifts, fell asleep with an incredible amount of flowers, and invited him to expensive restaurants. But the man did not want to limit himself to this. His intentions were the most serious. He divorced his former wife and made an offer to Ekaterina Guseva, a rising star in Russian cinema and television. And if he had not married her, then he would have remained unknown to the broad masses of a businessman named Vladimir Abashkin. His biography would not be made public. However, he became the spouse of one of the most beautiful and sought-after Russian actresses, who played the role of Olga Belova in the legendary "Brigade". Thanks to this, his name flashes from time to time in the press.


Of course, Vladimir Abashkin is known in the world of show business as the head of an art production company specializing in the production of original, creative and highly professional decorations for organizing programs, presenting prizes, and various public events. Naturally, by the nature of his activity, he communicates with the creative elite of the country and is in friendly and partner relations with many of them. The hearts of his client-friends, for example, Alla Pugacheva and all members of her family.

Vladimir Abashkin. Biography

Family life

After Vladimir Abashkin married the beauty Katya, who was ten years younger than him, he tried to turn her life into a real holiday. Volodya was loyal to the fact that his wife was a public person, that she could not devote much time to the house and him. For her sake, he even entered the directing department. Vladimir tried to support his spouse in everything. Teachers from Katya from GITIS said that if it weren’t for Vladimir Abashkin (the photo of the couple is in the article), then Gusev as an actress would not have reached such heights. He believed that his wife was the best, that she would soon become a famous actress in Russia. In a word, such a diamond as Katya Guseva found a decent frame in the person of Volodya Abashkin.

After marriage, the actress was never worried about daily bread. And even when her son Alyosha was born with Volodya, Katya returned to work a month after giving birth, turning over the care of raising her son to her father and grandmothers.

Ekaterina Guseva's husband Vladimir Abashkin

Family disorder

Can a man calmly watch how millions of men go crazy over his woman? So the husband of Catherine Guseva Vladimir Abashkin three years after marriage began to experience burning jealousy. He tried to suppress this feeling in himself, but to no avail, and quarrels arose between the young. Even the birth of a son did not bring peace, scandals arose because of trifles. It seemed to many that their marriage was in danger, and ill-wishers were whispering behind their backs that if a man had already left his first wife once, then nothing would stop him the second time.

The situation worsened also because rumor attributed Katya an affair with her partner on the Stars on Ice program, Roman Kostomarov. However, the love of the spouses was able to survive all these misunderstandings. Evil tongues did not even suspect to what extent Volodya was attached to his wife, and many were surprised when the sweet couple not only did not divorce, but also entered a new stage in their relationship.

Vladimir Abashkin, photo

Family replenishment

So, contrary to all the talk and forecasts about the imminent collapse of the union of Guseva and Abashkin, their family remained indestructible. In addition, she replenished: Katya gave birth to Volodya a daughter, whom the couple decided to call Anna. The girl is like two drops of water like a mother. The father does not mind her . 20 days after giving birth, Katya already played on the stage and acted in films, giving a new reason for gossip to her detractors. However, neither she nor her husband pay any attention to this. For them, unbreakable love and two beautiful babies, which are the meaning of life, are more important.

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