"Mikhail Tanich" - motor ship for cruises

Mikhail Tanich is a motor ship built at the Slovenian Lodeynitsy shipyards in the Czech town of Komarno in 1962. Until 2009, it was called "Nikolai Schors."


The length of the vessel is ninety-six, the width is fifteen, and the draft is two and a half meters. The speed it develops is twenty-six kilometers per hour. "Mikhail Tanich" - a ship on board which has two hundred twenty-seven seats.

Mikhail Tanich ship
In 2010, he underwent a complete modernization. And today it is equipped with open airborne verandas, a medical center, an ironing room. There are two restaurants on the ship - lower and upper, a bar, a billiard room, and a lounge.

The three-deck beautiful ship “Mikhail Tanich”, the photo of which immediately disposes to travel, is equipped with the most modern navigation equipment. In addition, it has all the required safety features, such as lifebuoys and inflatable rafts, motorbots and boats. Each cabin has vests and instructions not only for their use, but also for evacuation. Exit signs are hung around the ship. Trained personnel explain in advance how to use safety equipment.

Since the ship is used for cruises along the Volga and its canals, it is equipped with cabins for passengers.

With all conviniences

Motor ship Mikhail Tanich reviews

Suites are two-room cabins with two separate berths, bedside tables, air conditioning, video player with a set of cassettes, a paid minibar for beer and soft drinks, a linen closet, a sofa. In the cabin there are four viewing windows, a combined bathroom, an outlet for an electric razor. It is possible to accommodate a third passenger in a chair-bed. All three luxury cabins are located on the boat deck.

Junior suites (in the amount of twelve) are one room with two separate or one double bed, bedside tables, armchairs and a coffee table. As in luxury cabins, there is a wardrobe, as well as a refrigerator and an outlet. The possibility of accommodating a third passenger is not provided. In junior suites located on the upper and middle decks, two viewing windows, a combined bathroom.

Economy class

Motor ship Mikhail Taniya photo
In addition, the “Mikhail Tanich” ship offers thirty-two single-tier rooms with a sanitary unit, in which there are two lower berths, a table with a chair, a wardrobe and one observation porthole.

Single cabins with a washbasin are located on the boat deck. They have one berth, wardrobe, table with chair. The number of viewing windows - one

Cabin with a washbasin, designed to accommodate two or four people, are located on the middle and main decks. They respectively have one or two lower and upper places, a wardrobe, chairs and a table, one window.

For passengers traveling in the most economical option, two-story cabins without a washbasin on the lower deck are suitable. They include a wardrobe, a table with a chair and an opening porthole.


“Mikhail Tanich” is a motor ship that has been pleasing tourists for many years with its beautiful routes along the Golden Ring. Recently, much attention has been paid to the category of travelers who break out into swimming only on weekends. They have a two-day cruise on the ship "Mikhail Tanich" on the following routes: Moscow - Uglich - Moscow or Moscow - Tver - Moscow.

There are also original tours along the Volga to Saratov or with a stop in Russian Atlantis - in Kalyazino.

A cruise through the cities of the Golden Ring provides a sightseeing walking tour of the Old Town district in Kalyazino, walks at the Transfiguration Monastery in Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Mytishchi, visiting museums. In Uglich, tourists can see the local Kremlin.

Cruise on the ship Mikhail Tanich

In swimming, tourists are offered three meals a day - breakfast, lunch and dinner, except for the day of departure and arrival, and depending on the time of embarkation or disembarkation.


“Mikhail Tanich” is a motor ship that everyone can afford to travel on. It has fairly affordable prices.

For example, the cost of a three-day cruise along the route to Uglich and back with accommodation in a single cabin will cost nine and a half thousand rubles.


Those who don’t want to overpay too much, but do not want to lose in quality, will use the Mikhail Tanich motor ship. Reviews about swimming on it are mostly positive.

Already during landing, a festive atmosphere is felt: music plays, the team gives children balloons. The restaurant has a lot of delicious dishes - soups, salads, casseroles, cheesecakes. Lots of baking. So that tourists do not get bored, on board animation is offered with contests and dance evenings.

At the end of each trip, holidays with sweets, ice cream and balloons are arranged for the children.

Travelers leave especially many positive reviews about excursions. In each city, highly professional guides work with tourists, telling in detail about the features of their region.

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