Spectacular manicure in black and white gel polish: options for drawing

Combinations in manicure with gel polish in black and white are considered classics. An incredible number of image-making options. This color scheme can be supplemented with sparkles or pebbles, use matte or shiny varnishes. Often the background color is applied to all the nail plates, and then with a different shade the brush draws patterns, ornament, geometric shapes or simple lines, stripes or a wide variety of shapes. For youth, you can come up with a separate pattern for each nail. Women in age will also suit such a classic combination of colors, but the design should be more modest. It will be enough to focus on only one finger, for example, the ring finger.

In the article, we will consider several original varieties of manicure with black and white gel polish. We will give a detailed description of applying to the surface of nails, useful tips will help you create your own image at home. The photos posted in the article will give a more complete picture of the result of the masterโ€™s work.

Funny notes

Such a design of black and white nails with gel polish can be offered to girls who have dedicated their lives to music. However, if you are not a musician, but just like to have fun, listen to music and dance, then you can safely put the image of notes and treble clef on your nails. The background color is selected in white. After drying the first layer with a brush, paint various notes.

funny notes

If you donโ€™t know how such symbols look, look at their image in any music textbook. Women can be asked to draw only one picture on their chosen nail, and the rest should be left in the same color. This manicure with black and white gel polish with a negative image will look beautiful. So, the background can be decorated in black colors, and notes can be made white.


First of all, after preliminary hygienic treatment of the nail plates, apply a background white color. Dots are used for dots. This is a special pen with metal tips on both sides. Each end is made in the form of balls of various diameters. To apply such points as in a photo of a manicure with black and white gel polish, you will need to purchase a whole set of dots, because each row of points has its own diameter.

manicure dots

Pour a little black varnish onto a piece of cling film and, dipping a dots ball in a thick liquid, touch the selected spot on the nail with a stick. When the drawing is laid out, dry the varnish under the UV lamp and cover with a layer of fixative.

Stripes at the base

The following design looks elegant. You can make semicircular lines with black and white gel polish both on the outer edge of the nail plate, like a French manicure, and leave them below, at the base of the nail.

manicure black and white

The first coat of varnish will be white. Then, after drying the nails under the lamp, cover the arcs near the base with strips of tape or masking tape, paint the rest of the surface with black gel polish. Before hands are lowered into the lamp hole, be sure to remove the tape. This must be done carefully so that smudges do not turn out.

Geometry style manicure.

The design of black and white gel varnishes in the style of geometry looks interesting. The drawing consists of thin lines that make up the original pattern. First, the nails are covered in the background color, they make three black and two white nails. Then the varnish is dried, using a thin brush, a pattern is drawn, and it is different on each of the nails.

geometry manicure

If you do not dare to paint with a brush yourself, being afraid to make the lines uneven, we can advise you to leave only one white nail, and assemble the grate from a thin black adhesive tape. To do this, it is enough to cut a small piece from the roll and stick it in the right place. First, align the strip with your fingers, especially near the tubercles around the nail, and then cut off the excess tape with scissors. All that remains is to apply the fixative and dry the pattern under the lamp. If desired, you can attach small rhinestones at all intersections.

Marble pattern

The next version of manicure with gel varnishes in black and white (photo below) at first glance looks incredibly difficult to manufacture. However, making marble nails is not so difficult, if you understand the process. The most convenient and fastest way to make marble is with cling film. A few drops of white and black are applied to a piece of polyethylene. Then the film is folded in half, and the colors are mixed.

marble manicure

Mixing can be done manually using dots. To apply a picture to the nail, simply lower it onto the film and press down with your hand. A clear imprint will remain on the surface of the plate. After covering with a pattern of all nails, remove residues on the skin around with a wash or napkin. Many craftsmen use PVA glue. In advance, apply a brush around the nail with a brush, and after drying, a thin film is simply removed and the skin surrounding the nail remains clean.

Long Nails Manicure

You can combine the two primary colors on the nails in different ways. For a smooth transition from one color to another, use a dense sponge. The rest of the drawings are done manually with a thin brush.

how to make black and white manicure

First, the background of the selected color is applied, and then draw strips or wavy lines with a brush. This design of nails looks impressive, but for its manufacture you need experience and the ability to apply clear and even lines. You can train on plastic nails, which can be purchased at nail aesthetics stores. It is more convenient if such a manicure will be done by a master or girlfriend. It would be problematic for myself to draw image data.

Choose your favorite option and try your hand at creating beautiful drawings, because even with just two primary colors you can make a beautiful manicure.

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