An interesting topic for speaking to the audience

Not every person can speak beautifully. However, the audience can be interested not only in their knowledge of the art of rhetoric, but also in interesting subjects. That is why in this article I want to consider interesting topics for speaking to the public.

interesting topic for presentation

Performance Rules

But still you need to remember that it is best to follow certain rules of speech that will help refine the report and make it easy to read. In this case, you must adhere to the following simple rules:

  1. Divergence of words and speech. If a person greets you, you need to raise your voice a little. It is also necessary to talk more loudly about important points. There should be no tremor in the voice. After all, the audience will immediately feel the excitement and will certainly take advantage of this not to the benefit of the speaker.
  2. Apologies and excuses. The man himself is fully responsible for everything said in the report. Unverified information, false data - all this can be extremely negatively perceived by listeners. Especially if they know the truth.
  3. The choice of words. When preparing a report, it is important to remember that it should not be dry. For the beauty of speech, you can use turns, winged phrases and beautiful expressions. However, they should not be used too often, because the report should be as informative as possible. You also need to remember that you can not use a particle of "not." For example, instead of “don’t be ill” you need to say “be healthy” and so on.
  4. Report building. Initially, you need to interest the public. Therefore, the most interesting facts should be put in the first paragraphs of the report. But the last is remembered better. Therefore, the most important information should be placed at the end of the presentation.
  5. Humor is the best helper. This is important to remember. However, you can’t turn your speech into a solid joke. Indeed, no one will take a speaker so seriously.
    interesting topics for presentation

Well, it’s worth remembering that you can’t be pompous. Simplicity, lack of monotony and the presence of pauses - this is the key to an interesting performance. And of course, correctly selected interesting topics.

Topic and audience

Initially, it is worth noting that there can be any interesting topic for a speech. And it will depend on the audience in front of which the speaker speaks. If these are schoolchildren, you can talk about the latest achievements of science, if applicants - about the most popular professions, etc.

Nature and ecology

What is an interesting topic for a speech? Why not touch on global issues and talk about the state of modern ecology? As scientists evaluate everything that happens on earth, what cataclysms and problems this or that human action causes.

interesting topic for a speech on a free topic

Here you can come up with many different interesting topics:

  • The problem of uncontrolled deforestation.
  • Environmental pollution by vehicle exhaust .
  • The most ecological mode of transport.
  • Learning energy from environmentally friendly sources.
  • Water pollution.
  • Reduced global freshwater supply.

Economics and finance

An interesting topic for presentation may also concern the economic side. In this case, you can talk about many problems:

  • World Bank and its problems.
  • The distribution of wealth.
  • The banking system in the home state.
  • The state of the economy of the country.
  • The problem of lending.

Social sphere

But nevertheless, it will be most interesting for people to listen to what is closest to them. Therefore, it is often easiest to find an interesting topic for a speech in this block. In this case, you can tell:

  • On the main categories of people requiring social protection.
  • About social orphanhood.
  • On the most important problems of modern society. Here we can talk about drug addiction, alcoholism, smoking.
  • Deviant behavior.
  • The problem of organizing cultural activities.

Work and employment

What other interesting topics are there for speaking? So, in school groups you can talk about employment problems. In this case, you can select the following topics for the report:

  1. Choosing a profession: what should it be based on?
  2. Problems of youth during employment.
  3. The most requested professions.
  4. The highest and lowest paid professions.
  5. Rules for compiling a competent resume.
  6. How to successfully pass an interview and what do you need to know?

interesting topics for speaking to the audience


What could be interesting topics for public speaking in the Politics section? Here you just need to look at the situation in the country at the moment. If elections are coming, you can do a short review of all parties. You can analyze the work of the government and draw certain conclusions. Or do prediction and talk about your guesses to the audience. However, this requires a special mindset and the presence of a certain amount of useful information. And for a student it’s hard. In this case, it’s best to just talk about the latest political news.

Free choice

If you need an interesting topic to speak on a free topic, tell us what you know best. So, you can tell about your hobby. But do not just tell what it is. Initially, you need to delve into the story. Next, give a few words to historical or simply famous personalities. Then just tell all the fun.

interesting topics for public speaking

If you need a report on a free topic, you can talk:

  1. On the main problems of the city (or educational institution).
  2. On the upbringing of youth: news, differences from the classical model.
  3. About what is lacking in modern youth.
  4. About the eternal problems of different generations.
  5. About how to change, change yourself, your character.

Intimate issues

And the last block, which is equally necessary and important, is the issue of sex. These are very interesting topics for speaking to the audience, which, unfortunately, everyone in our society is trying not to touch upon. But in vain, because today young people are lacking in adequate sexual education. Here is a list of sample topics:

  • About the first experience of sexual relations.
  • Sex: what is it and when does a person need it?
  • What are the means of protection, what are they?
  • When and how can a girl become pregnant?
  • What does it mean to be parents?
  • When to start a sex life?

There are actually a lot of questions. And you need to raise them. Indeed, modern society, unfortunately, does not have sufficient knowledge in this area.


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