How to wash a silicone baking dish: types of contaminants, manufacturer's recommendations, improvised products, the use of gentle household chemicals and the advice of good housewives

Various kitchen appliances are available for owners to make cooking easier. The baking process is facilitated by using silicone molds. They are convenient to use, take up little space. But how to wash the silicone baking dish? This is described in the article.

How to use?

Silicone forms are convenient for housewives: they are compact and do not deform. Products are easy to clean. Food is extracted from them without difficulty, you just need to turn the "dishes" inside out. Baking cooks in such containers faster. You just need to use the form correctly.

how to wash the silicone mold after baking

After each use, inside and out, the product is treated with paper towels and rinsed with water. Do not use hard brushes for cleaning, as this violates the structure of the wall coating. Silicone must not be exposed to open flames. You can not store it near piercing-cutting objects.

Washing tips

To learn how to wash the silicone mold after baking, you need to understand what kind of dishes and what care she needs. After each use, the containers must be carefully treated for food residues. If the dirt is on the product for a long time, then it deeply eats into the structure. Silicone surface is a delicate material that requires care when leaving and the right choice of detergents.

silicone baking dish in a gas oven

According to manufacturers, such products can not be cleaned with chemical and abrasive products, hard washcloths and sponges, as this can damage the molds. If the surface is porous and rough, then the food will eat into the walls, because of which not only the cleaning of the container becomes more complicated, but also poisoning of the body is likely. You can wash the silicone baking dish with a soft sponge and a safe detergent - liquid soap, a fine natural abrasive, citric acid or vinegar.

The use of citric acid

How to wash silicone baking dish in case of severe contamination? Citric acid may be used for this. It easily frees the surface from burnt pastries, juice of berries. The procedure is as follows:

  1. A deep basin is required, in which 1 tablespoon of lemon powder is added.
  2. Hot water is poured into the container (3 liters).
  3. Dirty dishes are placed in the finished solution. It is important that it is completely immersed in the liquid. You need to wait 15-20 minutes.
  4. The product is washed with detergent and rinsed.

To prevent mold, the container is thoroughly dried. This method is one of the most effective and simple.

Quick cleaning

Using the accelerated method, you can wash the silicone baking dish with soda and vinegar. This method eliminates various contaminants, moreover, it is safe.

how to wash a silicone baking dish

Warm water (2 liters) is poured into a deep container. Vinegar and soda are added to it (1 spoon each). There will be a reaction between the components. After the appearance of bubbles, the mixture is poured into a baking dish. You have to wait a minute. Then the composition is poured and the dishes are treated with water and gel. This is how quick cleaning is done.

Stubborn spots

How to clean a silicone baking dish if it has burnt food for a long time? The procedure is as follows:

  1. It will take a big pot.
  2. Baking soda (2 tablespoons), dishwashing gel (3 tablespoons) are added to it. Then water is poured (2 liters).
  3. The composition must be mixed and molds can be added to it. The pot is placed on the stove.
  4. All bring to a boil.
  5. Boil for 5-7 minutes.
  6. The pan is removed from the stove and allowed to cool for 20-30 minutes. In this case, close the container.

It is necessary to get forms and rinse under cool water. After drying, they can be removed. A cleaned container will be a pleasure to use.

From carbon

How to wash a silicone baking dish if it has carbon deposits? When it is not eliminated with a gel and a sponge, then this method can be applied:

  1. The container is dipped in a bowl of hot water and wait 10 minutes.
  2. During this time, you need to make a cleaning paste. To do this, squeeze the juice from the lemon, mix it with soda (2 tablespoons).
  3. The finished mixture is applied to the pollution and wait 15-20 minutes.
  4. To eliminate the paste with residues of soot, wash the container with running water.
wash the silicone baking dish

This procedure has helped many housewives cleanse silicone molds. The capacity takes on a fresh look, it will be pleasant to use it in the future.

Greasy footprints

During cooking, vegetable oil is used so that the food does not burn, but after this fat remains. It is especially noticeable when the cooking process takes place in a gas oven. Silicone baking dishes in this case are washed with a warm solution of laundry soap and mustard powder. Natural ingredients act on fat molecules, destroying them from the inside. This product is considered safe for containers.

In the dishwasher

As you can see from the photo, silicone baking dishes are perfectly washed. In this case, you can use not only the manual method, but also the machine one. Almost all containers have an icon indicating that they can be washed in a dishwasher.

You only need to follow a few important rules:

  1. After cooking, the container should be immediately filled with water. This is necessary for the soaking of food particles and their easy passage from the surface.
  2. It is always necessary to clean the dishes beforehand, and only then place them in the machine.
silicone bakeware photo

During washing, you need to use powerful detergents that are harmless to silicone, but they disinfect the surface well. Then the cleaning will be of high quality.

Processing a new form

If the form is just acquired and has never been used, then it should be washed in a warm solution based on soap. Then it must be rinsed under running water. This is necessary to flush accumulated dust.

Then you need to wipe the surface dry and grease with oil. Perform this procedure only before the first use. Silicone attracts any dust, so the product requires regular maintenance.

Odor elimination

If dishes of fish or other products with a pungent odor are prepared in the form, unpleasant consequences may remain - a characteristic aroma. Moreover, it may not disappear even after washing. It is not difficult to eliminate it. Soak the container in cool water and add a little vinegar. After half an hour from the pungent smell there will be no trace.

how to clean silicone baking dish


Even if there are no spots on the form and it looks clean, it is still necessary to periodically process it, since dust settles on the walls. Each time, dirt penetrates more and more into surface structures - the form will be the breeding ground for harmful bacteria. And in the absence of prevention, mold may appear.

You can wash the mold using any liquid soap or dishwashing gel. The product is applied to a soft sponge, foams and the walls are treated on both sides. With persistent contamination, the products are soaked in warm water with soap, and then rinsed and dried.

Silicone molds are easy to operate. But in order to keep the product for a long time, it is necessary to follow the instructions indicated in the instructions. Then the container will always have a neat appearance.


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