Promotion: exchange receiver from Tricolor. Features and conditions of participation

Since March 2017, the Tricolor company, which provides satellite television services, has been conducting an action to attract new customers. This action managed to become very popular and allowed the company to attract many new subscribers. We will talk about what this action related to the exchange of the Tricolor receiver is. What is its benefit and is it necessary to connect to this provider only because of the promotion?

tricolor receiver exchange

Promotion from "Tricolor": receiver exchange

It is worth noting that the action is really worth attention. Its essence is as follows: the user brings the old receiver, the company picks it up and issues a new one. It will support Full HD channels, which will provide a more detailed picture. However, not all so simple. You can’t just take the old trash and replace it with a new one. When exchanging an old receiver for a new user, you will have to pay 4000 rubles. This is a fair price for a new device for watching digital FullHD television. These are, in this case, the conditions for the exchange of receivers from Tricolor.

tricolor receiver exchange conditions

There are other options. For example, an old receiver can be exchanged for a cool HD kit for 2 TVs. In this case, you will have to pay 6500 rubles.

Is it profitable?

In fact, the exchange of the Tricolor receiver is beneficial to the user, because the real cost of an HD receiver, which can be obtained for 4 thousand rubles, is as much as 9000 rubles. This is the company itself indicates such a price. And how much it actually costs is hard to say.

But if the real price of the receiver is so high, then the conditions of the action are very acceptable. This is partly why many users have already taken advantage of this offer.

exchange of the old receiver for two new tricolor

What does the user get?

Depending on whether the user chooses an exchange for one or two receivers, he will receive different equipment. So, with an extra charge of 4000 rubles, you can exchange the old receiver for a new two-tuner satellite receiver. You can also select the access module for the TV. As a gift, the user is given a smart card with a subscription to a television package, which will be available for 7 days. This package includes over 200 digital channels and about 50 HD channels. The cost of this package is 1,500 rubles per year, but the first week you can use it for free.

It is also possible to exchange the old receiver for two new ones. "Tricolor" offers a special system for watching TV simultaneously on two televisions. In this case, you will have to pay not 4000, but 6500 rubles. A card with a weekly subscription to a television package is also a gift.

So the company is trying to attract customers and does it, admittedly, very professionally.

Exchange Terms

On the official website of the company there is information about the equipment that is accepted for exchange. That is, if you have a completely “ancient” receiver, then you are unlikely to be able to exchange it for a new receiver. The following models are accepted: CAM DRE; Dongle; DRE 7300; CAM-NC1; DRE 4000 and DRE 5000.

Also, all these receivers can be accepted along with smart cards and only from owners who are registered as subscribers of the company. You cannot bring equipment with an ID whose owners have not previously been registered. Needless to say, the receivers must be working.

Is tricolor receiver exchange required?

Also, subscribers who are already participating in other promotions such as “Tricolor Credit”, “Receiver in the house by installments”, etc. cannot take part in the action. It should be borne in mind that the dealer’s delivery services, as well as the services of a wizard to configure and install equipment, are paid separately. All this is not included in the price of the promotional offer.

So, to participate in the action, you need to have with you: a civil passport, a receiver (which you will exchange), four or six and a half thousand rubles.

Also keep in mind that there are Tricolor partners who are trading organizations. Therefore, sometimes it is not necessary to go to the office of the company. If there is a trading partner near your home, then you can exchange the Tricolor receiver directly from that partner. The terms of the promotion remain the same.

Is an exchange of Tricolor receivers mandatory?

Of course, an exchange is not required. This is just a promotion, thanks to which old customers get the opportunity to buy new equipment profitably. It also attracts new customers who first need to become subscribers of the company.

But even if you do not want to change the old receiver to a new one and pay extra money, you can leave your old model. She will work as before. Just ignore the promotional offer.


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