Shellac with sparkles. Manicure Options

As the saying goes: "Everything new is well forgotten old." Therefore, glitter on the nails began to return to fashion not so long ago. These small sparkling particles are so versatile that they are ideally suited to any event, as well as the shape of hands and nails. Since for several years shellac coating has been at the peak of popularity , inventive manicurists decided to combine a durable coating with iridescent particles. As a result, shellac with sparkles has become one of the most chosen manicure options not only for modern girls, but also for older women.

shellac with sparkles

Sequins: fashionable, versatile, cheap

The simplest manicure that can be done in just a few minutes is shellac with sparkles. Large, small, multi-colored or plain, in the form of hearts, stars and circles - all of them attract with their beauty. Beauty shops now have a huge assortment of all kinds of sparkles, so they will appeal to even the most demanding fashionista. They are suitable for any holiday or celebration: wedding, birthday, going to a restaurant or meeting with friends. Working with sparkles is very simple, so they fit perfectly on shellac. The price is usually quite small (about 200 rubles), therefore, not only the nail master, but also the ordinary consumer will be able to purchase this product.

Scope for creativity

Sequins are a universal tool thanks to which you can decorate your nails beyond recognition. Apply to the free edge or fill the entire plate, sprinkle randomly or sequentially spread out, play with the density - all this and much more can be done with particles to decorate the nails. Shellac with sparkles is not only a beautiful shiny coating, but also the opportunity to show your taste, character, mood to others. They say that a lot can be learned from the eyes. This is so, but we can add that the nails are no less. Indeed, bright red sparkles, like fire, speak of a very energetic, bold nature, while transparent or white, like snow, speak of the modesty and mystery of the fair sex. Thus, we can say that shellac with sparkles provides an opportunity for others to learn and solve the girl even more, and she - to make herself known to the world.

Manicure Options

If there is no skill in painting or if there is no creative impulse, it does not matter, sparkles will turn any manicure into a masterpiece. The right combination of background and sparkles - and any, even the most ordinary-looking colors will turn into an interesting design.

shellac Price

In order to fully understand how glitter can be applied, what coating options are with them to look one hundred percent, you should consider the main design options. To do this is quite simple, just need a little patience and creativity. Next will be described the most interesting and at the same time simple variations of shellac using sparkles.

Glitter on all nails

Perfectly combined with plain clothes. The best option is a black dress. This shellac with sparkles looks great at parties, discos, where you want to stand out and make yourself known. Gold and silver, the colors of expensive metals, remain popular shades. The ideal solution would be a tandem of gold or silver manicure with the same jewelry in the form of earrings, necklaces or bracelets. If you choose not very bright and large sparkles, then the coating will not look too sparkling and vulgar. The main thing is to know the measure.

Iridescent jacket

If you want to make an unusual French manicure, shellac with sparkles is just the way. Instead of the traditional white free edge, which all masters of inertia paint in light color, an interesting solution would be sparkles, for example, of the same white color. Such a manicure shows the style and originality of the bride’s thinking, leaving a classic solemnity on her nails.

shellac nails with sparkles

In everyday life, a French manicure with sparkles is a great option to look good and be always in trend. Neatly made shellac, the price of which will be slightly higher, because more materials and time are spent, will last a long time and will please its mistress for a long time.

Isolation of one or two nails

Recently, it has become popular to do feng shui manicures. For several years now, the unusual highlighting of the ring or ring and middle fingers in a different color has not left the catwalks of world couturiers. This novelty also touched shiny coatings, when glossy or matte coatings of various shades are taken as the main background, and one or two fingers are highlighted with sparkles and they are not always in the same color scheme. Most often, these are different contrasting shades that are in good harmony with each other. Such a manicure is not a shame to show friends at a meeting, classmates at the university or colleagues at work. Stylish, beautiful, a little festive.

manicure shellac with sparkles

Glitter Design

Using sequins on nails for painting will decorate any design. Shelak, which can be taken not only as a background, but also in drawings, will look great in any painting. Sequins can be used to decorate both small elements (the core of the flower) and large ones (lay out with sparkles a star, heart, monogram). You always get interesting patterns in which sparkles are present. They do not interfere, but rather complement and complete the planned design.

shellac design

Soon an important event is scheduled, but the nails are out of order? Or maybe you just want to have an unusual manicure? How to make shellac with sparkles? It is easy and simple. For work you will need:

  • nail dehydrator;
  • Ultraviolet lamp;
  • base coat of shellac;
  • fixer;
  • color coating;
  • sparkles of various colors.

The first step is to prepare your nails for applying gel polish - remove the greasy film with a nail degreaser for better adhesion. Then, in one layer, apply the base coat with a thin layer, dry in a UV lamp for two minutes. Next, apply a color coating to all ten nails in one or two layers (it all depends on the color density), dry each layer. On two nails, for example, the ring and thumb, gently spread the sparkles with a brush in an even layer, slightly press them into the color coating. Apply a fixative on top to protect the coating and give gloss and gloss to the nails. At the end of the procedure, remove the sticky layer from all nails with a degreaser and apply cuticle oil or hand cream. The manicure is ready!

how to make shellac with sparkles

For a woman who does not have much free time, but has a great desire to be stylish, fashionable, modern, wants to take care of herself, there is a simple shellac with sparkles that quickly and simply turns her hands into a work of art. This coating will last up to two to three weeks thanks to shellac, and sparkles will cheer you up and give a feeling of celebration.


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