Going on vacation: where is it warm in November?

It’s not always possible to take a vacation at work in the summer months. This year will you rest in late autumn? This is not a reason to be upset and watch the falling snow from the window of your own apartment. There are many places in the world where it is warm in November, and if you wish, it’s not difficult to relax in one of them at the highest level.

Beach Vacation

Where in November it’s warm
Many residents of Russia prefer to spend their holidays on the coast. And this is a really good idea for an autumn vacation. The house is already quite cold, and the sun is getting less, warm sand and gentle waves can really significantly improve the mood. Such trips are not recommended for those who do not tolerate the change in climatic conditions, for all others it is quite possible to go to the sea. Are there any countries where the November is warm and the swimming season continues? Of course there is. The most popular among our compatriots is Egypt. Developed infrastructure, hotels for every taste and budget, conditions for outdoor activities and excellent weather in the middle and end of autumn - what else is needed for happiness? November is considered the month of the velvet season in this country, you can go to the sea even with the kids, without fear that they will suffer from the sweltering heat. Alternative options: Israel, UAE and Tunisia. Not bad in November and in Thailand, you can also swim enough when you visit Cuba or go to the Canary Islands, where the water is warm all year round.

Sightseeing in countries where it is warm in November

Countries where it is warm in November
The end of autumn is a great time for sightseeing trips. It is not too cold at this time also in our country, and if your travel budget is limited, you can go on a trip along the Golden Ring or choose a major city to visit. If the soul requires exotic, go to Europe. Italy, Czech Republic, Greece or Spain will please you with a few tourists and very low prices. But Scandinavian Norway or Denmark does not belong to places where it is warm in November, however, it is not much colder there than in Russia, and you can well go off to explore the sights with a supply of warm things. Another interesting idea for the autumn travel is the USA, and here you can combine excursions and relaxation on the beach.

Other vacation options in November

Where it is warm in early November
The end of autumn is a great time to relax in the ski resorts. You can ride both in our country and abroad. Very popular are the tracks of France and Austria. It is also good in Italy and Switzerland, but a trip to Spain with the aim of skiing is better to postpone until the beginning of winter.

Many tourists are interested in visiting major foreign festivals. Where is the heat in early November and where should I go? This month, there is a major carnival in Germany, and in many provinces of France - the holidays of young wine. At the very beginning of November, the night of Guy Fawkes is celebrated in Great Britain. Do not forget that in many countries where it is warm in November, preparations for the Christmas holidays are already beginning. And this is a great time for walking along the historic streets and pre-holiday shopping.

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