Features varnish "Christina Fitzgerald." How to make a persistent manicure?

Any woman wants to have beautiful well-groomed hands, because this is an indicator of her status and self-sufficiency. To do this, there are many products for the care of hands and nails. A large number of salons and professionals help women realize their desire for the beauty of hands.

Christina Fitzgerald

Star Manicure

Christina Fitzgerald is one of the lawmakers of her own special hand care line. She innovated in this direction and developed a culture of color. After all, the color of the varnish can reflect our mood or character trait. A correctly selected combination of varnish colors can emphasize an individual style and complement the image.

Christina Fitzgerald created a whole philosophy of decorating nails, applying the principle of harmony. Everything in our world has its place and influence, so the choice of finger jewelry is also not accidental and is aimed at positive and favorable energy.

The secret of popularity

Now the services of Christina Fitzgerald use the stars of show business. She walked for her success for 30 years. The success is based on the desire to help women look beautiful, take into account all their wishes and preferences. As a result, she created her professional cosmetics, specialized tools, a collection of varnishes, and an authoring technique aimed at helping women look amazing. She also conducts trainings, shares her experience and knowledge. By its methodology, beauty salon professionals are trained. She has become a trendsetter in nail art, and over time she will again and again please with non-standard innovations in manicure and pedicure and will make a breakthrough in our minds.

Lacquer Christina Fitzgerald

Features varnish "Christina Fitzgerald"

The Christina Fitzgerald care complex is widely used all over the world in beauty salons. It consists of a set of creams, varnishes, serums (cosmetics) for the skin of hands and nails, as well as branded care tools.

Lacquer "Christina Fitzgerald" very high quality. It dries quickly, is easily applied to the surface, has a gentle effect on the structure of the nail, lasts a long time and has a wide range of colors of the most sophisticated colors.

These are professional varnishes with a luxurious shade that emphasize the shape of the nail and hand, and each color is named after the woman. You can buy them in a specialized store, in beauty salons and through the Internet.

Manicure Christina Fitzgerald

Features of manicure and what is it like?

Manicure "Christina Fitzgerald" is not an ordinary boring action, but a whole ritual, a sequence of professional manipulations aimed at achieving perfection.

1. The manicure is done in black gloves, dry, the cuticles are not cut off. A special liquid is applied, then the cuticle is removed. This method does not injure the nail and skin around, contributes to their healthy state.
2. Files "Christina Fitzgerald" polish nails to a shine carefully and gently, and are used once. Nail files made of high quality material for pedicure and nail polishing. Stimulate nail growth, improve blood circulation.
3. You get a professional hand massage using cosmetics from the Christina Fitzgerald line.
4. The highlight of manicure is the technology of applying varnish and the use of several shades at once, perfectly harmonizing with each other. This innovation is exclusive at present. Two fingers on the hand are covered in one color, and the rest are completely different. You can also decorate the ring finger on each hand with rhinestones and expand the possibilities of French manicure using a non-standard palette of colors.

Nails Christina Fitzgerald

How to make a persistent manicure?

To create the perfect manicure, Christina Fitzgerald offers to process nails using the author's complex.

The accompanying tools are used for a perfect persistent manicure:

• A degreasing fluid, which is always supplied with the purchased varnish.
• Basis: it is necessary for flawless application of varnish, smooths out roughness, strengthens the nail, and contributes to color fastness.
• The varnish of the Christina Fitzgerald collection is applied in two layers.
• The next product is a coating on top of varnish.
• Oil for quick drying of varnish.

As a result of all procedures aimed at improving Christina Fitzgerald achieved maximum effect. The nails look not only beautiful, but also do not break, do not exfoliate and produce an absolutely amazing effect, and the varnish is kept in perfect condition for up to 7 days.

Christina Fitzgerald's color tips for creating a colorful and optimistic look:

• The color of the varnish on the arms and legs does not have to be the same.
• The color of the varnish on the hands does not match the clothes or shoes, preferably under the bag.

The unusual combination of shades of professional varnish "Christina Fitzgerald" will not leave indifferent the fair sex. No other varnish will last so long and look so luxurious.

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