Motor ship Kabargin will take you on a cruise

The motor ship Kabargin is one of the first river cruise ships built by order of the USSR in 1957 at the shipyards of East Germany. In 2004, it was modernized, and during the winter off-season of 2011 a complete renovation of the cabins was carried out.

Motor ship Kabargin


Having a simpler infrastructure, the ship "Kabargin" is slightly smaller than the rest of its three-deck counterparts. That is why the prices for cruises on it are significantly cheaper.

The motor ship "Kabargin", a photo of which can be seen in this article, takes up to two hundred and fifty passengers to their main places. He has three decks. The motor ship Kabargin, belonging to the class of the River Register, is 96 meters long and 14 meters wide. Its displacement is 1550 tons, power - 1200 hp. Under normal conditions, the motor ship Kabargin can reach speeds of up to 25 km / h. Its navigation area is defined with waves up to two meters, which means that this beautiful white liner can go on a river cruise in any weather.

Number of rooms

The motor ship "Kabargin" is equipped with luxury cabins, single, double, triple and quadruple rooms. On board there is also a music and reading room, a video and cinema hall, as well as a bar and restaurant.

Luxury cabins are large double rooms with separate beds, a sofa, a TV, a refrigerator, a bathroom. The walls are decorated with bamboo.

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On the boat deck are single cabins with an additional folding seat. There are plastic panels on the walls, there is a video, a TV and a refrigerator. The bathroom has a shower, and the toilet has a washbasin.

The motor ship Kabargin offers to go on a cruise in double cabins, which have a wardrobe, a refrigerator, a shelf and a TV with satellite broadcasting. Combined bathrooms , a shower cabin is provided.

On the middle deck there are standard cabins with one window, while on the main deck there are rooms with additional amenities: bedside tables and folding tables. The lighting in these cabins is ceiling, the lamps are arranged in the form of portholes.

Motor ship Kabargin photo
The motor ship "Kabargin" offers special conditions for VIP passengers. These are two exclusive cabins: Nemo and Aquarium with an original design. In addition to everything you need (TV and DVD-player), there is also a shelf, cabinet and cabinet furniture made of stained wood.

Kabargin: traditions of tourism

"Kabargin" - a motor ship, reviews of which are mostly positive. Many passengers like the anthem of this tourist liner, performed at departure and upon arrival at each port. This tradition is very interesting. Not a single ship has it anymore, so passengers, having heard a song on board the ship, already know that there is some kind of berth nearby.

A lot of positive emotions are caused by the food offered on board. Even connoisseurs of good cuisine are pleasantly surprised that it is possible to cook such a variety of dishes in the galley. The menu always has tender fish, beef tenderloin with various sauces and more.

The motor ship Kabargin offers a very interesting animation for children. Toddlers can play and draw, dance and participate in contests, earning their own “musk deer”. On them, children can buy gifts on the last day, right up to board games.


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