Why is the Internet turned off and what should I do

Quite often, people ask themselves or go to service centers with the question: "Why is the Internet turned off?" The reasons for this may be quite a lot. In addition, there are many ways to deal with such problems. Let's figure out what could be the matter and how to deal with it.

why is internet disconnected


If your Internet slows down and disappears, and this is already normal, then most likely the whole matter is with your Internet provider. The fact is that each company that provides access services to the World Wide Web uses its own technologies and its equipment. Of course, the quality of the Internet also depends on this.

A huge role here is played by transmission lines, along with towers. If there are quite a few of them, then the signal, of course, will be very weak, which will not allow the user to fully enjoy the services provided.

If you are faced with the fact that your provider provides a poor-quality, in your opinion, Internet connection, it is best to change it. So you get rid of the eternal questions about why the Internet is disconnected.

why does the internet disappear


Another common problem that users face is bad weather conditions. Because of them, as a rule, the Internet is constantly turned off. This is, of course, caused to some extent by the quality of the provider’s services, however, no one is safe from bad weather.

Hurricane, blizzard, blizzard, heat - all this somehow affects the equipment and the Internet itself. For example, at high temperatures, the server overheats and crashes. This is a common reason why the Internet disappears. In addition, cables and transmission lines damaged during hurricanes are also one of the main problems that cause problems with your connection. The only thing you can do in this case is to wait. After all, the weather is an amazing thing, you can’t hide from it. So if the cause of your "glitches" with the connection was the weather, then just be patient and wait until everything comes back to normal.

Viruses and system

But why is the Internet turned off even when you have a great Internet service provider and good weather conditions? Maybe the whole problem lies in your computer?

Internet is constantly turning off

Quite often, one of the reasons for glitches with an Internet connection is viruses and system crashes. Among the infected infections, both very dangerous and not very harmful trojans and worms can be found. Some simply load the system, processes, and download / upload Internet traffic, while others completely begin to corrode the computer with all the available files.

Sometimes it is quite difficult to answer the question of why the Internet is disconnected. The fact is that many viruses are very difficult to catch. Some of them are "sewn" into important system files. Thus, the antivirus program will not detect the virus, say, among its own libraries, which it needs so for proper operation. So, if the suspicion fell precisely on the pests, get ready for the fact that over time your personal data may be lost. It’s better to write them down somewhere so that they don’t get lost or worn out.

Check your computer for viruses. It is better to use several antivirus programs, as each is good in its own way. You need to do this one at a time, since each antivirus "swears" at its competitor, mistaking it for malware. After that, you need to treat all infected files, and what could not be cured is delete. Next, restart your computer. Now, if the system starts, then the connection should return to normal. So the reason why the Internet disappears, you have just some kind of infection.

Internet slows down and disappears

If you have crashes in the operating system, it is best to check your OS. After the computer checks itself for errors and corrects them, all processes should return to normal.

Hardware issues

Another reason that the Internet is constantly turned off may be nothing more than a problem with your equipment. This is a router / modem.

The fact is that a good modem can last without failures for about 5 years. After that, it is best to change it so that there are no problems with the connection. However, if you turn off the equipment at least 10 minutes once a week, you can extend its service life to 8 years.

Unfortunately, not all routers are capable of working well. Quite often they fail, which is one of the reasons why the Internet is turned off. Detecting such a problem is the hardest. Therefore, you will first have to reconfigure the equipment and reboot it. If the problem is a broken router, it is best to buy and install a new one. Now you know why the Internet is disconnected and how to make it work again.

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