How to learn to pronounce the letter "P" for an adult at any age?

How to learn to pronounce the letter "P" to an adult? And is it difficult? What is necessary? First you need to understand what kind of a given problem. Is it a matter of physiology or the fact that once upon a time you were not reduced to a speech therapist? Didn’t pay attention to your speech problems?

How to learn to pronounce the letter P to an adult

If the reason is the first, then the problem, in principle, is solved simply. Indeed, often it turns out only in a shortened bridle of the tongue. Such a defect can be easily corrected using a simple surgical procedure. If the reason is different, then you will probably have to go to a speech therapist who will help you learn to pronounce the words with the letter “P”, or you will begin to practice it yourself.

For the first, you just need to overcome the often existing psychological barrier, though, as, in fact, for the second. After all, how to learn to pronounce the letter "P" to an adult who is simply not ready for this? And it’s much more comfortable for a person to engage in such exercises alone with himself than with someone else, albeit a professional in his field.

How to learn to pronounce the letter "P" for an adult, if you do not start with simple exercises with tongue twisters? This allows you to return the correct position of the speech apparatus rather quickly. In addition, there are all sorts of diverse and affordable methods for children, which, however, can be used in solving this problem by adults. One of such ways to regain the ability to correctly pronounce words in the letter “P” is the “Cup” exercise, which must be performed daily.

How to say letter P

Its execution scheme is simple:

  • first step: give the tongue a “cup” shape;
  • second step: pressing the tip of the tongue against the palate;
  • third step: push them off the palate and effortfully pronounce another letter - “D”;
  • during this, it is necessary to ensure that the teeth are tightly clenched, and the jaw does not move;
  • the tongue should remain only at the top, and the exercise itself should be performed in front of the mirror;
  • fourth step: with a clean finger from left to right quickly sweep, twitching the hyoid frenum;
  • you need to perform the “Cup” every day and several times for 10-15 minutes;
  • after repeated repetitions, the tip of the tongue should vibrate every day.

Words for letter P

Now you know how to say the letter "P". This is just one of many ways. Another excellent method: frequent pronunciation at an accelerating and then decelerating pace of the combination of the letters “D”, “T” and “L”, as well as “D”, “T” and “D”. The latter must be pronounced by placing the tongue between the teeth, similar to the way the English and Americans do it, pronouncing “Th”. Only in this way will you understand how to say the letter “P”.

Another easy, convenient and simply good technique is to repeat the words that are repeatedly difficult for you. In particular, with the letter that you do not pronounce, that is, with "P". There are a lot of such words: “Roerich”, “ore”, “conquered”, “expanded”, “rudimentary”, “advertised”, “parade” and so on.

How to learn to pronounce the letter "P" to an adult? This requires great patience and willingness to overcome the internal barrier that stands in the way of the correct formulation of the vocal apparatus. And as soon as all this becomes possible, the results will be immediate.


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