products containing selenium

For many years, selenium was considered simply poison. And indeed it is! In large doses, it is dangerous for the human body. But, if the body does not receive selenium, then this also has an extremely negative effect on its performance. So, due to the lack of selenium in the soil in Turkey and New Zealand, a large number of sudden deaths among babies were recorded at one time. From the high content of selenium, people quickly lose their nails and hair, animals have hair loss, gastrointestinal upsets, damage to limbs, and inflammation on the gums. Therefore, it is very important to know the products containing selenium, also the daily norms of this element recommended by experts.

An adult man needs to receive 70 micrograms of selenium per day, an adult woman - 55 micrograms. Burdened women require 65 mcg, nursing mothers need 75 mcg. What foods contain selenium? Selenium is found in by-products (pork, veal and beef kidneys), in rock and especially sea salt, in the heart and liver, in chicken eggs.

Selenium is also found in seafood in foods such as squid, fish, crabs, lobsters and lobsters. But here you should know that in the processed products, the selenium content decreases sharply. So it completely disappears from canned fish, and in refined and boiled products it is half as much as in raw form. Products containing selenium are also present in elements of plant origin. One of the most affordable and delicious foods in the summer that contains selenium is corn. In addition to corn, selenium is rich in tomatoes, wheat bran, mushrooms, sprouted wheat grains, brown bread, whole wheat flour products , brewer's yeast. It has been proven that selenium contained in yeast prevents and stops the process of liver necrosis. For ingestion, the yeast is poured with boiling water and eaten without sugar, since selenium is destroyed in a sweet environment. According to doctors, two grams per day of such yeast is enough for one adult and healthy person. Very rich in selenium and garlic, well known for its unpleasant pungent odor. But it is precisely this smell that is useful; it kills all bacteria in the oral cavity.

Another product in which a large amount of selenium is breast milk. In human milk, there are 6 times more vitamins and twice as much selenium than in cow's milk. From inferior amounts of selenium, male babies die much more often than women. Hematologists and oncologists explain this by the fact that boys need much more selenium than girls, especially if, instead of mothers, they drink cow's milk. Thus, it is clear that products containing selenium are extremely necessary in the menu of any person, because this chemical element is known for its strong beneficial effect on the immune system of the human body. It is necessary for normal blood circulation in the vessels and for normal heart rhythm. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on the normal division and restoration of cells, especially for cancer patients. It was found that in such patients in the blood contains a very low content of selenium. Products containing selenium are very good at mildew. Often in the markets and shops they sell rotten potatoes or semi-finished products with mold. Many do not even know what they eat. Selenium is a strong oxidizing agent, therefore, inhibits the growth of mold fungi. When eating selenium-containing foods, remember that the main enemy of selenium is carbohydrates. Soda, cakes, pastries, sweet pastries and more, when used together with products that contain the trace element selenium, completely or partially destroy this important chemical element.


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