How to get a Veteran of Labor in the Russian Federation: all the nuances you need to know

Many people who have worked hard all their lives have the right to receive the title of Veteran of Labor. However, quite often they encounter some difficulties, overcoming of which we will discuss in this article. Sometimes in order to prove that a person can call himself “Veteran of Labor of the Russian Federation”, he even has to turn to the court for help. But this is quite rare. If a person deserves to receive the appropriate medal, it will be awarded to him in any case.

From the history…

Even in the USSR, the first labor veterans appeared. They could be workers in any industry. To name a person "Veteran of Labor", the experience had to be taken into account in the first place. The duration of work for men should be at least 25 years, and for women - 20. It did not matter who received what kind of salary.

The first medal appeared back in 1974. Then the recipient of such an award automatically acquired the appropriate title. That is, he was assigned the rank of a labor veteran of the entire USSR.

After 20 years, in 1995, the federal law "On Veterans" was adopted. He played an important role in history. Since then, receiving the Veteran of Labor has become an event of Russian scale. Such a title could be awarded to people who had previously been awarded orders or medals. Also, workers with sufficient experience could receive this honorable award.

How to get a veteran of labor

On the basis of what can a rank be awarded?

The Ministry of Labor compiled a long list of grounds on which the assignment of a “Veteran of Labor” could take place. These are various signs, letters, diplomas and much more. This also included privileges granted to each beneficiary. How to get the “Veteran of Labor”, excites everyone, because this award gives many advantages.

Veteran of labor experience

Why do you need the title "Veteran of Labor"?

The fact is that thanks to him, a person has a lot of benefits. Each region separately establishes certain privileges for labor veterans in accordance with their capabilities.

For example, in Moscow there are the following benefits for such people:

  • free travel on any type of public transport;
  • 50% discount on all utilities;
  • the manufacture of dentures for teeth is free (except for gold);
  • monetary compensation for the payment of telephone communications;
  • providing free trips to various sanatoriums located in any part of the Russian Federation;
  • obtaining the appropriate rank.

Veteran of Labor of the Russian Federation

Federal or regional?

Until 2005, the award was presented on behalf of the federal government. However, after the law of August 22, 2004, this changed. The people called the new position "the abolition of benefits."

Now the registration of the “Veteran of Labor” is taking place at the regional level, as a result of which such people have become regional beneficiaries, and not all-Russian ones.

Therefore, after 2005, the procedure and conditions under which this title is assigned are determined by the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. In addition, they establish measures to support veterans from a social point of view.

However, among the all-Russian beneficiaries there were people who went through the war: people with disabilities, heroes of the Union, Russia, and blockades. Payments for them are made from the federal budget.

Regional beneficiaries, in addition to labor veterans, include victims of political repression, home front workers and others. Their situation is worse than federal ones. They are currently under the auspices of regional entities. Here, the sizes of compensations are determined. The amount of payment depends on the material condition of the region.

It would be fair if regional beneficiaries were again called federal. They would be given a 50% discount on all utilities, which is very important these days. The treatment of such people should be completely free. They also do not have to pay for public transport. However, after the entry into force of the 2005 law, all these privileges were reduced. At present, there are approximately 15 million regional beneficiaries in the Russian Federation. That is why this issue is not being resolved, because this can lead to the fact that the state will lose a lot of money. However, many regions have difficulty financing their beneficiaries, as a result of which compensation for them is meager.

Each area should take care of veterans. This independence has received different responses in different regions. In some places, every second labor veteran “suffered”. The award is given only to those who received this title before the advent of the new law. However, in several areas, everything remained the same as before.

How To Get A Veteran Of Labor Award

What problems do you have?

In various regions of Russia, various departmental marks of distinction in labor are evaluated in various ways. This raises a lot of disputes that are very difficult to resolve. Some subjects have significantly reduced the list of awards for which a medal can be obtained. At the same time, in other places, the category of persons called rationalizers and inventors is also taken into account.

Getting a Veteran of Labor

Receiving rewards

How to get a "Veteran of Labor" is of interest to many. However, this is not so simple. The fact is that it is not always easy to find out for what awards or marks this title is awarded. Therefore, many write letters to their regional managers.

For example, some people who received the title of Honorary Donor seek help because they don’t know if it is enough to become an honorary medal holder. In this case, you can contact the health centers where blood donation took place.

If you are patient, you can try to repeat the so-called “feat” of people who in 1987 became holders of a letter from the Central Committee of the CPSU due to the achievement of the best results in the competition dedicated to the seventieth anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. How to get the “Veteran of Labor” award, they know firsthand. The medal was awarded to them only a few years later. At first, residents of rural and urban areas turned for help to the department of social protection of the population. Here they wrote a statement asking them to be included in the list of persons to whom the rank will be awarded. However, not everyone accepted the documents. Then they did not take into account that their diploma is a distinction throughout the USSR. In addition, they were awarded on behalf of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, despite the fact that the medal was awarded by regional authorities. Therefore, district prosecutors sent statements to the courts stating that the activities of the social welfare departments were considered illegal. Thus, after several years, people still received the coveted award. As you can see, in some cases you need to go a long way before becoming a medal holder.

Assignment of a Veteran of Labor

Who is eligible for the award?

How to get a Veteran of Labor, the following categories of workers may be interested in and count on a positive result:

  1. Persons who have been awarded orders or medals have certain titles of the USSR or the Russian Federation, sufficient work experience or insignia.
  2. Persons who began to work before the age of 18 during the war. Their work experience should be at least 45 years for men, and 40 for women. Although there are, of course, very few such people left.

Veteran Labor Award

How to get a Veteran of Labor: tips

If you think that you have every chance to get a medal, then you can do this at a fairly young age. That is, to become the owner of the Veteran of Labor award, seniority matters, but if you have the opportunity to get it without it, you do not need to wait until retirement age. The applicant for the medal must submit an application to the social security authority. It takes shape in the area where a person lives.

People with honorary medals, orders and titles of the USSR will be awarded. People with distinctions for good, conscientious work must submit a certificate of work experience. No one will be able to receive rewards without a passport and work record.

If your application has been approved in your area, then it will go to the executive authority of the Russian Federation. Here they will make a decision about whether you will be awarded. If they refuse you, you will know about it. A notification will be sent to your local social security authority, after which you will also be informed of the result. As a rule, the executive authorities indicate the reasons why receiving the award is not possible.

How to get a Veteran of Labor without additional rewards

In some regions, this title may be held by persons who do not have any additional awards. In this case, it is necessary to possess only the relevant work experience (for men - 45 years, and for women - 40). In addition, you need to live in a certain subject of the Russian Federation a sufficient amount of time (more than 15 years).

What a pity…

A few years ago, companies and small enterprises gave priority to labor veterans for work. Unfortunately, today everything has changed for such people.

Labor veterans are becoming less demanded in our country due to a number of factors. The main reason is that they have certain privileges and privileges, therefore, accordingly, their salary should be slightly higher than for persons without this title. In addition, many believe that people who have worked for more than 30 years in a certain field will not be able to start their activities in another field. According to the widespread opinion of employers, they will be less “devoted to work”.

Large corporations do not have this problem. However, not everyone can get a job in such a company, since people are recruited here according to very high requirements.

It is still not clear how the title relates to the employment of a person. But alas, such a problem exists. The challenge for people is to show employers that common skills and disciplines acquired through long-term business can be an invaluable asset to a company.


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