Chanel nail polish: color palette, reviews

Nail polishes have always been very popular, because with their help you can quickly change and diversify the image. In addition, neatly painted nails always make the handles more well-groomed and attractive. Almost every well-known brand of cosmetics has several lines of varnishes, each of which is unique and different from the other. Such diversity is sometimes confusing. Lac which company to choose this time? How about Chanel nail polish. It’s about them that we’ll talk today, we will analyze in detail all the lines, read reviews, look at the most stylish and unusual colors.

Chanel nail polishes are an option for those girls who prefer luxury and sophistication. The products of this brand are able to fall in love with themselves in a matter of seconds. In addition, their cosmetics in stylish and concise packaging is a real work of art.

The history of the Chanel brand

To get started, let's plunge a little into the history of the brand. Now the company "Chanel" - one of the most influential companies in the global market of care and decorative cosmetics. It is ideal for many beginner brands. How did it all begin?

So, the brand's founder is Coco (Gabriel) Chanel. She was born at the end of the XIX century. For many years, the girl was brought up in a shelter in which her father gave her after the death of her mother. Shortly after leaving the shelter, Coco Chanel meets the famous aristocrat Etienne Balzan. It is he who helps her start her business. It all started in 1909, when Coco Chanel opened a small shop in the house of this man. This was the beginning of the Chanel brand. The place was perfect, all the elite of France gathered here. In this store, Coco Chanel sold her own tailoring; neat, small hats became the most popular. Soon, the girl began a relationship with the Englishman Arthur Capel. He helped her buy a place for the future atelier. In 1913, several Chanel stores opened in France, where the girl presented a collection of sportswear.

In 1915, Coco became famous throughout France. She began to print in many magazines, and many ladies dreamed of buying in her stores. In 1921, the girl released her first legendary perfume.

In the mid-1980s, Karl Lagerfeld became the head of the brand. Under his leadership, the company conquered even greater heights. Now it is a world famous brand; its stores are available in almost all developed countries of the world.

LE VERNIS: permanent nail polish

So, let's move on to the analysis of the Chanel nail polish collections. The first line includes 38 shades. LE VERNIS is Chanel’s ultra-persistent nail polishes that give a perfect, bright, glossy manicure. They look good even when applied with a thin layer, in addition, a convenient brush allows you to accurately apply the product. The semi-liquid consistency prevents the varnish from spreading.

Let's talk a little about the shades.

  1. 562 - CORALIUM.
Nail polish No. 562

Chanel Nail Polish No. 562 is a rich peach-pink color that is well suited for any season. In addition, he perfectly dilutes the dark monophonic manicure. It must be applied in 2 layers.

  1. 572 - EMBLÉMATIQUE. A beautiful maroon shade is ideal for the fall season.
  2. 592 - VERDE PASTELLO. Chanel Nail Polish No. 592 - a delicate blue color with light gray. It looks really very beautiful and stylish.
  3. 535 - MAY.
Nail polish No. 535

Chanel Nail Polish No. 535 - a classic pale pink shade. It is ideal for any manicure.

  1. 167 - BALLERINA. Chanel Nail Polish Ballerina is the right soft beige color. It blends perfectly with any color.

Chanel nail polish reviews say that all the shades in this line really deserve attention. The colors are bright, saturated, the application is light and fast, and the wear and gloss are incredible.

LE VERNIS: matte nail polish

Matt Finishes

So, the Chanel company has several collections of varnishes. Let’s talk now about those who have a matte finish. This limited line was specially released for the fall-winter season, it has only 2 shades. The manufacturer promises a beautiful result with an unusual velvet finish.

  1. 636 - ULTIME. A beautiful muted red hue is ideal for the fall season. By the way, this color is perfect for New Year's manicure, if you combine it with gold or silver sequins.
  2. 638 - PROFONDEUR. A noble dark plum color that looks incredibly beautiful and stylish. It is perfect for both autumn and winter manicure. In addition, it will go well with white, pink, beige or black.

The reviews about Chanel nail polishes say that this is really a worthy limited collection with incredibly beautiful and attractive shades.

LE VERNIS: nail polish

Nail polish No. 605

This brilliant varnish will make any manicure bright and interesting. It is great for thin and naturally brittle nails, it cares for them and strengthens them. A convenient thin brush allows you to apply color as beautifully and evenly as possible, and the correct consistency will prevent the product from leaking out of the nail. In the Chanel nail polish palette with sparkles there is only one shade.

605 - TAPAGE. A beautiful, rich raspberry shade with small sparkles. It is well suited for the spring-summer period.

The reviews say that this nail polish looks incredibly beautiful and stylish. In addition, he is able to complement any manicure. It is easy to apply, it dries quickly and lasts long enough. By the way, varnish really protects fragile and brittle nails.

LE VERNIS NEON NAIL COLOR: Neon Effect Nail Polish

Neon Effect Nail Polish

Nail polish from the neon collection is a real sensation on your fingers. An incredibly bright, saturated shade will make your manicure irresistible and noticeable to everyone. In addition, it lasts a long time, and thanks to a convenient, small brush it is perfectly applied.

The palette has only one shade (596 - ROSE NÉON). This is a classic hot pink color with a neon effect. It is perfect for summer, with it your manicure will definitely overshadow all the others.

True, the fact that the collection has only one shade is a huge minus. After all, varnishes with such an effect are very popular in the summer.

LE GEL COAT: long-lasting glossy nail polish with gel polish effect

High gloss finish

Well, all the lines of colored nail polishes are over. Now you need to talk about what can extend and make a manicure even more beautiful. The first remedy is a glossy coating with the effect of gel polish. This resistant varnish should extend the life of ordinary varnishes from the LE VERNIS collections. Its main task is to emphasize the brightness of the shade and give shine. In addition, due to the additional coating layer, the nails become stronger.

In reviews of the glossy coating with the effect of gel polish, it is said that the product really increases the wear of a regular varnish, gives a beautiful glossy shine. It is worth noting that the tool is simply applied, there is no need for a special lamp, as with classic gel varnishes.

LA BASE: protective and leveling base for nails

Protective and leveling base

So, many people know that the key to a beautiful and durable coating is to apply the base. This nail product from the Chanel brand was created with the aim of protecting and aligning the nail plate. In addition, the product facilitates the application of varnish and emphasizes the natural beauty of nails.

The leveling and protective base for nails has caring components in the composition. Argan oil and vitamins strengthen and take care of brittle, damaged nails. These components protect against aggressive environmental influences, correct yellow spots. The base for varnish has a camouflage property, so it can be worn as a standalone product.

The reviews say that this leveling and protecting base is 100% coping with its tasks. With this tool, varnishes really wear much longer.

LE TOP COAT: Nail polish that gives shine

In the end, a little about the protective coating, which is required to give the nails a shine. How to use it? It's simple: this protective top is applied in a thin layer on dried colored nail polish. As soon as the product dries, a glossy gloss appears and the color becomes brighter.

Without such a top, your manicure will seem incomplete. In addition, unprotected varnish will quickly lose its original luster and brightness.

In reviews of the protective coating for nails, it is said that the product gives a beautiful glossy shine and improves durability.


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