Red and white nails: ideas for manicure, choice of length and shape, red-white palette and fashionable drawings

Red nails have long been considered classics. The combination of red nails with a white pattern immediately makes them smart. Simple designs are now relevant, many of which can be done at home.

There are many shades of red varnish. It is customary to attribute to it the entire red color of the spectrum. The stylists even have a joke: "Pink is the new red." And in fact, sometimes it’s very difficult to draw a line between these tones. The color is also affected by the density of the pigment: the coating can be translucent or well-covering. Light or almost black. Matte or glossy.

Shades of red

For design, the shade of varnish is of great importance. It can be warm or cold. If the color is closer to the orange part of the spectrum, it is considered to be warm. Cold tones are always closer to the purple row. Usually, for red nails with a white pattern, they try to comply with the rules for combining warm tones with warm tones and cold tones with cold ones. This, in particular, is due to the natural tone of the hands.

Cold combinations are white and blue with raspberry red, cranberry, cherry, burgundy, beetroot, purple, fuchsia. This range is suitable for those women who have a cold color type of skin. The darker it is, the brighter they pick up the varnish. Border tones of the red cold palette are popular for age manicure.

Warm combinations are soft white, sometimes cream, with scarlet or fiery red, tomato, coral. A manicure of such tones is suitable for tanned or dark skin.

Water manicure

For many fashionistas, a water manicure became a godsend. His technology is simple: water is poured into a large bowl, and then alternately nails of different colors are dripped into the center. A drop of varnish quickly spreads over the surface, forming concentric circles. When there are more than ten, you can begin to create a picture. An orange stick is drawn along the surface of the water, and the varnish film shifts to form a pattern.

Water red and white manicure

In order to make red nails with white, whimsically interlaced stripes, use only two varnishes. It is better to choose dense shades - because this design involves only one colorful layer. Translucent tones, moreover, can give fuzzy borders when mixed, which will affect the quality of the picture.

To protect the skin around the nails, there is a special tool - a defender, which forms a film. A finger is dipped in a bowl, a varnish film is glued to the nail. After drying, the defender is removed with tweezers and the fingers remain clean.

Seasonal designs of red with white nails.

There are certain colors that are not suitable for off-season designs. This is a bright rainbow, turquoise blue ombre, neon varnishes. Such paints remind of summer, beach, sea. In winter, dark monophonic varnishes are more preferred.

The combination of red and white, by contrast, is popular in both summer and winter. Sailor theme with red and white stripes - a great option for a vacation, snowflakes on a red background - for fun winter holidays.

Winter drawings on a red background

In the photo, red and white nails show a typical winter design. You can perform it both with the help of stamping, and by hand. The greater the length, the larger you can draw snowflakes. For short nails, do not place a large snowflake in the center of the nail - this will visually reduce its length. It’s better to draw a piece of snowflake peeking out from behind the side roller.

Invalid Combinations

Unfortunately, red-white nails can look repulsive. A red french smile on a white background evokes an association with blood. If this is not a specially designed design, it is better to abandon it. In everyday life, a bright red jacket will cause unhealthy interest from others.

Designs that use drops, splashes, or blots should not be red. Even if they do not cause any unpleasant sensations, quite a lot of people react painfully to the type of blood. If you want to wear such an art design with blots, it is better to make them white on a red background.

Ombre - a smooth transition from one color to another - seems to be becoming a classic. The rule described above dictates the rejection of red shades in the smile zone.

Nail Design Laws

The white-red jacket for the above reason takes the form of a white smile on a red background. A hue of red is better to choose saturated, dark and cold. Against such a background, a bright white smile will look great. It is not necessary that this be repeated on all fingers. It is better to focus on nameless nails, and the rest to perform in a classic style.

Red and white jacket

The smile shape can visually lengthen or shorten the nails. The width of the smile harmoniously increases with the growth of nails. The proportions adopted among stylists give the bed two-thirds, and one-third the total length of the nail for a smile. But since in this case the role of the haze is played by a red background, it is possible to lengthen the nail bed. So the shape of the nail will take a more elegant look. The antennae, smiles in this case will be raised high.

If the nails are short, then the smile turns into a thin strip. But the antennae must be raised so that the design looks balanced. Lunar manicure goes well with short nails. He will balance the line of a smile.

Choice of shape of nails

Short nails completely lose their appearance if you give them a round shape. This is due to the grinding of the length in the area of ​​the side rollers. Visually, the length is perceived precisely by them. The rest of the nail space looks like a free edge.

Nobody looks closely at the nails, so the shape should be chosen correctly. There is no need to get the effect of short nail plates just because of the round free edge.

Owners of a long nail bed can afford any form. Especially beautiful is the almond or stylet. But if the nails are wide, it is better to forget about such forms.

Scottish plaid

In the cold season, a bright checkered blanket warms and cheers up. Why not embody his motive on the nails? Red and white varnish will repeat the pattern of cells, and a special velor sprinkle will imitate its texture. But even if there is not at hand either acrylic powder or velvet dusting, this drawing can be done. Then it will resemble a Scottish kilt. The Scottish woman always looks cozy and homely.

Scottish plaid

Perhaps all ten nails made in this style will look heavy. Two or three on each hand is enough. The remaining nails can be coated with white. A shiny strip always goes well with the cage. As if a thread of lurex was woven into the fabric.

A real Scottish plaid has both wide and narrow stripes. Contrast color is often added to complement the cells. It can be maroon or even black. It will turn out well if the same principle is observed on the nails. For example, two vertical lines consisting of black strokes are drawn along the red background. Repeat them horizontally. It remains only to lay a white thin strip on the side of each line.

When to use stamping

To determine the need for stamping, you can mentally compare the desired design with a motley fabric. If such a pattern can be printed on it, then stamping is chosen. But if the design is more likely to be associated with the picture, then it is better to do it by hand.

White stamping on a red background

A white pattern on red nails looks better than vice versa. These are winter motifs - deer, snowflakes, Christmas trees. It is better to print them, as the identity of the images on all nails is expected. The same applies to the grill, mesh, geometric designs.

There are many options in which hand-painting is done. These are peas, lines, painting of leaves and petals. But in this case, it is better to immediately choose the asymmetry in the design. Performing the same two drawings on different nails is almost impossible. Despite the fact that the drawings themselves will turn out one another better.

For short nails

There is a great candy design. It combines strips that are often twisted into a spiral and polka dots. Red and white manicure for short nails is best done in bright, rich colors. It can be scarlet, raspberry, transparent berry varnishes and a creamy white companion to them. White color in this case may go a little into the range of creme brulee. It should give the impression of a delicious, seductive candy.

Red and white caramel

White and red stripes are a very popular design in a combination group. One or two nails in it are red, one or two are white. One fingernail bears a candy accent. Do not underestimate peas, it is very effective. Only on a red background do white peas resemble an amanita. Therefore, they make red or gold peas on a white background.

Sweets and cakes are sprinkled with colored crumbs. You can simulate it on one or two nails. It is important to comply with the measure. For example, sprinkle only in the cuticle area.

For medium length

The combined design, in which all the nails are different, but made in the same style, always looks good. Often, two nails - usually on the ring and middle fingers - are painted white. On them you can stretch red stripes, draw flowers or print stamping. The remaining nails are covered in red. Well, if it is deep, with glitter.

Many wear gel polish. This implies a choice of design for a long time - sometimes up to three weeks. So that he does not get tired, grows beautifully and does not irritate with excessive motley, it is better to choose strips and peas.

You can design the nails with gel polishes of red, white and gold colors. Gold is a good substitute for rhinestones. So the everyday option becomes smart. It is enough to accentuate one nail, and the rest should be done in a calm monophonic manner, alternating red and white coatings.

The combination of two red shades

From the red range, you can choose two colors that will complement each other. This, for example, is the same color, but with glitter. Or the same, but different saturation: pink and thick raspberry, salmon and brick, strawberry and dark cherry. Saturated red - watermelon, the color of a red apple or other fruit - will go well with maroon.

The combination of red and white

You can choose a pastel shade of any red tone. If it is not possible to find the desired varnish, it is easy to make it yourself by simply adding a little white color. But with a white tone, such experiments will not work. A warm cream color against a background of colder and denser snow will seem dirty.

A manicure is done in two basic colors, choosing white and one of red. The second red, which is a companion, is administered neatly and little by little. If you increase its share in the design, the color balance is violated and the picture comes out motley.


There are a lot of design options for red and white. There is a fashion for texture, patterns, length and shape of nails. In addition, the colors of red and white are rich enough. Red nails with a white jacket look stylish and modern. Intricate water manicure will give a unique design. Stamping can now be chosen for every taste.

Choose for yourself one of the options proposed above, or compose something of your own. Be beautiful!


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