Homemade products for the garden and garden: interesting ideas

For many, the private sector is associated with hard, permanent work. Plant a garden, monitor the growth of plants, harvest. All this, of course, needs to be done. But if you organize the whole process correctly, then the work will be a joy. And there will be a lot of free time for rest. And homemade DIY products for the garden and summer cottages will help in this. Someone will object that everything can be bought ready-made in the store. This is true. But, firstly, to buy all the money is not enough. And secondly, the very process of making something useful from improvised materials can bring a lot of positive emotions.

Russian people have always been resourceful and resourceful. And a huge number of do-it-yourself home-made products for the garden and the garden, photos of which can be found in our article, are proof of this. We offer for consideration only a few options that are useful in any area.

Flower bed

Many gardeners have recently preferred flowerbeds located in boxes. They are elevated above the ground and fenced on all sides. Thanks to this, the process of care is facilitated, and the garden looks more attractive and interesting. It is possible (or even recommended) to use such designs on nutrient-poor soils.

homemade products for the garden

Homemade products for the garden involve the use of improvised materials. Therefore, for the construction of the box, you can use the boards remaining, for example, from the construction of the house. If there are none, you will have to purchase them at the store. A box of arbitrary sizes is built from them. Dimensions will depend on the size of the site, its styling and the plant that is planned to be planted there. The height of the side is made approximately to the knee, so that the layer of fertile soil is thicker.

A metal mesh with a medium-sized cell is fixed to the manufactured box at the bottom. It will become a protection against the penetration of rodents and moles. If there are none on the site, then you can do without a grid. From the garden box, you can easily make a small greenhouse. Its height is selected taking into account the plants planted there.

Drip irrigation

Homemade products for the garden will simplify such a difficult process as watering plants. You can make a drip irrigation system. To do this, you need a large barrel (metal or plastic), a hose, capillaries (you can make holes in the hose at a certain interval) and various connections (tees, clamps, and so on).

do-it-yourself home-made products for the garden and the garden

The barrel is raised approximately 1.5-2 m from the ground. For this, a special stand can be welded from metal corners. Due to this, the system will have a stable pressure. From the barrel goes the main hose. A filter must be installed on it so that debris does not clog the system. Capillaries are fed from the main hose.

DIY sprinkler

Homemade products for the garden and the garden will allow you to create something you need and useful from the improvised means and materials on the site. For example, from old plastic bottles that are always thrown away, you can make an irrigator for the garden. It will allow to process and water plants of various heights. The spray gun is attached to the watering hose. To a long stick (the longer, the better), the same atomizer is screwed with the nozzle up. The lever is fixed with the thread in the pressed state.

In a bottle with a nominal value of 1.5 liters, a hole is made in the neck with a hot nail. A bolt is inserted into the hole and secured with a nut from the outside. The bolt must be drilled through with a drill. A hose is put on it and secured with a clamp. After applying pressure to the system, the nozzle spins up and water is sprayed.

Compost Tire Pit

Old tires from cars are one of the most popular and affordable materials for making homemade products for the garden. You can even make a compost pit out of them. Only 4 of them will be required.

homemade products for the garden and the garden

One of the tires, which will serve as the base, is cut. One sidewall is cut off from it. Two sides are cut off from the rest to make rings. Next, you just need to install the tires on top of each other in the designated place.


After all the work in the garden, you can relax. And in this regard, you can also pick up a suitable option for do-it-yourself home-made products for the garden and the garden. With a small set of tools and materials, you can make an attractive streamlined bench. It will become a place where you can relax and rest.

DIY homework for the garden and do-it-yourself garden photo

From the materials you will need:

  • A sheet of plywood (preferably made of pine) measuring 90 x 90 cm and a thickness of 1.6 cm.
  • Reiki from the same tree in the amount of 7 pieces (2 cm thick, 9.4 cm wide and 140 cm long).
  • Boards 2 x 6.9 cm and a length of 100 cm in the amount of 3 pcs.
  • Boards 2 x 6.9 cm and a length of 140 cm in the amount of 9 pcs.

The parts will be fastened with self-tapping screws 0.5 x 5 cm. In addition, glue for joining wooden elements, varnish on wood, turpentine will be useful.

A plywood sheet is cut into three parts. A template is drawn on them for cutting the sidewalls and the central crossbar. The form is cut with a jigsaw. At the rear, 3 recesses are made for the slats that will hold the structure.

DIY homework for the garden and do-it-yourself garden photo

Next, screw all the other boards to get a bench. The resulting product is polished, treated with turpentine and varnish.

Homemade products for the garden will help make your country life more pleasant and easier.

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