Fortune telling on the runes. Rune Odin

Mankind has endowed fortunetelling with the ability to reveal the future, to see important moments at the present time. This aspiration among the ancient Greeks and Romans was systematized and elevated to the state level. Many philosophers supported the positive effects of divination. So, Pythagoras was fond of practicing the mantle. Heraclitus assigned her the role of prophetic inspiration. Socrates considered fortune-telling an instrument of success and happiness.


After Greece, belief in fortune telling passed to Rome. Books about the mantle "Ephemeris", "Petoziris" became desktop and were read in almost every house. The first emperors tried with prohibitions to deal with the invasion of fortune tellers, but this did not help. Defenders of the mantle were found - Publius Nigidiy Figul, Plutarch, Maxim of Tyrsky and many others. In Holy Scripture, evidence was found of the ability to fortune telling and a ban on it. Messages on the eradication of the mantle were also found in the ancient Russian writings of Archbishop Gennady in Stoglav. Fortune-telling is considered the remnant of pagan beliefs, which did not prevent to predict the harvest, weather, time of marriage, and so on.

Fortune telling

Predicting the future and telling about the past can be done using different tricks. We conditionally divide them into the following groups:

  1. Fortune telling according to heavenly signs (lightning, wind, rainbow and others). Guidance on prediction based on meteorological phenomena resulted in the collection "The Thunder", which was collected by King Heraclius. In addition to this book, Svyatoslavov Izbornik 1073 was found, which included instructions for people on different days and according to different goals. At the moment, this kind of fortune-telling exists in the form of many signs.
  2. Predictions on inanimate objects. The most common fortunetelling of this type is associated with fire and water. Also used are the predictions "according to the written word", with the help of lots, raspodomantii. The latter combines written prophecies and a dice game. This method of fortune-telling was very popular. In Russia, the "Fortuneteller Book of the Prophet and Tsar David" was even written, in which it was described in detail how to carry out a sub-command.
    Odin's rune
  3. For living items. The method was based on observing the animals and their cry, action, flight and landing, as well as the involuntary actions of people. For example, the old Russian “Awe” included prophecies based on the trembling of various limbs. Fortunetelling was also done according to the structure of the hand (palmistry), body (physiognomy).
  4. By numbers. The numbers 3, 7, 9 were considered in a special position. He brought it from Egypt. From there, another kind of digital predictions appeared - geomancy. It is closely related to astrology and consists in finding points that are randomly located on the earth and form groups and figures with special meanings.
  5. With the help of dreams. The method consists in observing the images that arise in a dream, and their interpretation. Here, attention was paid to the sleeping position, the conditions of rest.
  6. Fortune telling with the ability to communicate with the souls of the dead (necromancy). This type implies knowledge in magic and the rules of rituals. These days, this method of prediction is called spiritualism.
  7. Hresmology. Fortune-telling is performed in a state of ecstasy, in the form of a revealed revelation of the gods. These include shamanism, oracles, and others.

Runic fortune telling. History

fortune telling on one rune of Odin
The exact date of the appearance of this method of prediction is difficult to name. But it is believed that the signs on the runes are symbols of painting on the rocks of the Bronze Age. The Celtic Druids began to use them first, then the Germanic and Scandinavian tribes. Only soothsayers with magical powers could read runic signs. Old Norse tradition says that the rune of Odin is a gift from the god of the same name. He nailed himself to the Tree Yggdrasil for knowledge of secrets. On the ninth day, God Odin saw runes.

There were 24 runes in total, but over time, another Odin rune appeared, which symbolizes Destiny. Each rune had an individual name and was associated with a deity, object or phenomenon. The magic set was used to decorate dishes, weapons, to write spells, and so on. The meaning of the runic prediction is hidden in receiving an answer from God.

Fortune telling on the runes. Rune Odin

fortune telling runes Odin

With the help of runic predictions, you can get an answer to any question. At the beginning of fortune telling, you need to relax and focus on the topic of interest. Then a rune is taken from the bag and interpretation begins. It is important to pay attention to its position, which can be direct and inverted. If the answer is not enough, then you can use folding divination. One rune is believed to be a clearer prediction. In this method of fortune telling, there is one mystery. This is the so-called blank card. She is the youngest and is called the "rune of Odin." In the scenario, she personifies rock and hints at force majeure circumstances; it can mean death or birth. When it appears in the scenario, it means that Destiny intervenes in the life of the fortuneteller.

Prediction with a single card also makes it possible to find out what is happening at the moment with the person of interest. But there is a peculiarity: it is not welcome to guess on a person who does not know about the fortuneteller’s love feelings, also on relatives and friends. This can be done only if the information about the object affects the fortuneteller to a greater extent. Fortune-telling on one rune of Odin is able to give exhaustive knowledge only to those who can read the layouts, since they do not answer how to resolve the situation and what is its reason.

Methods of runic fortune telling. Three out of three

fortune telling on one rune of Odin
First, the question is formulated mentally. Then three runes are pulled one by one and stacked in a row from right to left. Each runic card has its own meaning:

  1. The first talks about the essence of the situation.
  2. The second will describe the direction in which you need to move.
  3. The third characterizes the future situation.

This arrangement is used to obtain general information about the situation. There is another way - using three runes. It serves to resolve issues related to the individual. At its core is the fortuneteller himself. Three runic cards are also drawn and laid out from right to left, alternately. The interpretation of the runes is as follows: the first personifies the fortuneteller, the second - the call of fate, the third will tell you how to resolve the situation.

Fateful alignment

Odin's rune meaning

To find out your future using the “Fate” layout, you need to take out six runes one at a time, lay them face down. It is necessary to open them in the same order. The fortuneteller personifies the second falling rune. The first runic map will tell about the past, and the third about the future. The fourth rune will tell the true cause of the condition or situation that has arisen, and the fifth will point to the necessary actions to resolve them. The sixth rune is the result. If Odin’s rune falls, then this can be interpreted as the need to stop and wait for clues from Destiny.

Magical exploration of the ancient Germans

In the old days, the people used the "Zodiacal" alignment for complete prediction. In accordance with 12 zodiac signs and 12 astrological houses, 24 runes are laid out in pairs 24 in a circle face down. You need to open them with the sign under which the fortuneteller was born. The first astrological house is located in the right position. This is the clearest fortune telling on the runes. Odin's rune can be excluded or embedded in the middle to emphasize the outcome of the entire prediction. Each position has its own interpretation. For example, the first will tell about self-awareness, the second will open the financial situation, the third will open the door to the secrets of everyday life and so on.

Rune of Odin. Value. The interpretation of the runes

Odin's rune meaning the interpretation of the rune
One of the most controversial runes when falling out of alignment terrifies newcomers. But in fact, the rune of Odin concluded her meaning in the portent of the beginning and the end. She does not predict death, but only says that the answer to the question is now in the hands of Fate, and the fortuneteller can only wait. But she can also hint at a fact that is not noticed or is a ban on knowledge in the field of which the fortuneteller is interested. Fortune telling on one rune of Odin requires deep knowledge from a fortuneteller.

Storage and activation

Runes are usually stored in a special bag, the fabric of which can be made of linen, velvet, suede, leather. In order for fortune-telling on one rune of Odin or with the help of the alignment to be true, it is necessary to conduct a ritual of activating the characters. This is done as follows:

fortune telling one rune

  1. A rune is placed on the left hand with the image facing up.
  2. The right hand folds into a tube and is applied to the rune.
  3. At the free end of the tube blow three times. Between exhalations, pause and concentrate on the name of the rune.

Symbols must be kept close to the owner and not given into the wrong hands. Use of the character set for entertainment is not recommended. You need to get the runes immediately before divination.


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