Pantovigar for men from baldness: reviews of trichologists

Hair loss in men is considered a common occurrence, to combat which it is often prescribed to take the drug "Pantovigar". But not everyone knows that its use is not always an effective method for restoring the former quality of men's hair. In this article, we will examine why this happens.

Pantovigar for men is a complex vitamin preparation, which was first developed by German experts in the field of pharmacology.

pantovigar for men

About the drug

In order for the drug to have the most effective effect in the fight against male pattern baldness, it must be taken in conjunction with other specialized medicines that can cope with the problem from the inside. Such a simple course of treatment has two positive effects at once. Firstly, a specialized drug stimulates the growth of new hair, and secondly, the action of the product can fix the result, make young locks thicker and stronger.

The price of Pantovigar will be presented below.

Do not be upset if the desired effect was not lucky to be achieved after one or two months from the start of treatment for alopecia. It `s naturally. In general, a barely visible result, as a rule, appears no earlier than three months of continuous therapy. During this period, the drug gives the hair follicles the entire proper dose of healthy vitamins.

The prevalence of "Pantovigar" according to men is due to the fact that it helps stimulate the growth of new hair, as well as an impressive hardening of existing curls. Healthy and strong nails will be a very nice reward for those who always look after their appearance.

Features and properties of the drug

"Pantovigar" for men contains many trace elements, the deficiency of which makes the hair dry, brittle and split. That is why this drug is recommended for use with severe hair loss associated with a deficiency of vitamins in the body. Improper lifestyle, excessive emotionality or just seasonal exacerbations of various diseases deprive hair follicles of the necessary amount of nutrients. In such cases, a long course of treatment with the drug will return the hair to its former beauty and give rise to activation of the hair follicles exhausted with vitamin deficiency.

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Nevertheless, he does not always save from male pattern baldness. To clarify, we will consider the composition of the drug "Pantovigar" for men.

The composition of the drug

The ability of the drug to have an active effect in hair loss is due to the following substances that make up its composition:

  1. Vitamin B 1 (thiamine) - is an important trace element for the normalization of energy processes. Helps to restore the conductivity of the nervous system, accelerates the renewal of skin and hair cells, reduces the body's susceptibility to stress and oxygen deficiency.
  2. Vitamin B 5 (calcium d-pantothenate) - triggers the production of large collagen (the main "building material" so necessary for hair and nails), relieves follicle cells from the need for oxygen, and also reduces inflammation and allergy symptoms.
  3. Keratin is a protein, 80% of the hair consists of it. He is able to create the so-called frame, moisturize, give shine and elasticity to curls. This is confirmed by the reviews of trichologists for Pantovigar for men.
  4. Amino acid L-cysteine ​​- is part of most body proteins, including elastin and collagen. It activates cell growth, has an antioxidant effect, helps the gastrointestinal tract better absorb iron and zinc. And these substances play a biologically significant role in the process of metabolism and oxygen.
  5. Medical yeast - considered to be related to bakeries and breweries, but, unlike the latter, does not in any way give rise to weight transformation. They relate to the natural sources of B vitamins, trace elements in the intestines and amino acids. In addition, medical yeast is able to normalize the body's own microflora.
  6. Vitamin B 10 (para-aminobenzoic acid) - is a powerful antioxidant, takes part in the processes of digestion and breakdown of proteins. If it is used together with vitamins B 5 , then it is able to protect hair from graying.

pantovigar reviews men

An extensive list of useful micronutrients of the Pantovigar drug for men from alopecia perfectly copes with this pathology caused by a lack of vitamins in the body. But the drug in question is powerless against alopecia, which was the result of a genetic predisposition in men and hormonal failure in women.

Features of male pattern baldness

Male androgenetic alopecia has a completely different cause, unlike the female half of humanity. The increased sensitivity of hair follicles to the hormone dihydrotestosterone, which is produced in our body from testosterone, is to blame. Dihydrotestosterone when interacting with a sensitive hair follicle, causes its death. The process does not happen overnight, but slowly. First, the hair from this follicle begins to become thin, and then completely falls out. His place is occupied by connective tissue.

It should be noted that this phenomenon does not occur with all hair on the head. Darkness and frontal part are subject to greater baldness.

Does Pantovigar help men? This is a common question.

pantovigar for men from baldness

Causes of Alopecia

Basically, they focus on three causes of this disease in men:

  1. Susceptibility of hair follicles to dihydrotestosterone, inherited.
  2. Increased production of dihydrotestosterone in the body of a man.
  3. Excessive activity of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, leading to overly abundant production of dihydrotestosterone.

The Pantovigar drug for men is not able to regain the old hair, lost due to hormonal imbalance or the genetic properties of the body, because this drug does not work at the hormonal or even hereditary level.

But in other cases, the drug is an effective remedy for hair loss.

Is Pantovigar suitable for men? The answer is yes. Fits and very good.

does pantovigar help men

Indications for use

We list the following indications for the use of this drug:

  • insufficient intake of vitamins with nutrition;
  • rehabilitation period after an infectious disease, intoxication, surgical intervention;
  • increased body need for trace elements and vitamins (physical activity, stress);
  • as part of a comprehensive treatment of baldness in men;
  • early gray hair.

It is preferable that the Pantovigar preparation be prescribed by a qualified doctor (for example, a trichologist), since baldness can be caused by many reasons. Sometimes hair loss is one of the first signs of serious diseases (for example, iron deficiency anemia, hypothyroidism, etc.). In such situations, in the absence of therapy for the underlying disease, the use of vitamins will not have an effective effect.


Like the vast majority of drugs, the use of "Pantovigar" for men has a number of contraindications.

whether pantovigar is suitable for men

The medication should not be used for:

  • hypersensitivity to the components that make up the drug;
  • during the first and second trimester of pregnancy, as well as nursing mothers (use in the third trimester is possible only under the strict supervision of the attending physician);
  • children under 14 years old.

Before using this medication, it is necessary to carefully read the annotation and recommendations of a qualified doctor.

Side effects

The drug, like other vitamin supplements, can lead to some adverse reactions:

  • heart rhythm disturbance;
  • an allergic reaction of the body;
  • excessive sweating;
  • excruciating feeling of nausea.

"Pantovigar" - reviews of men

The drug causes a lot of positive reviews. It is considered a truly effective tool that helps men with baldness. Adverse reactions are extremely rare. The only negative is the high cost.

pantovigar for men reviews of trichologists

Reviews Trichologists

Many trichologists quite often prescribe this drug to combat baldness. If you strictly follow the recommendations, the drug will give the promised result. Doctors consider it a highly effective medicine, but ask not to forget that this is still not a panacea and there are also negative aspects:

  • the presence of side effects;
  • the effectiveness of the drug depends on the causes of the disease and the condition of the patient;
  • the high cost of the drug (the price of Pantovigar is about 1600 rubles per package, which is enough for only two weeks);
  • with repeated use, the effectiveness of the drug is absent.

Like many other vitamin complexes and preparations with natural ingredients, Pantovigar is able to help the body overcome the disease on its own, providing all the necessary tools for this. In general, the effectiveness of this drug is confirmed by a large number of people who took part in scientific research both abroad and in our country. This medicine can be used as part of the complex therapy of many types of baldness.


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