Do-it-yourself smokehouse from the fridge: specialist recommendations

If you have a suburban area and you want to diversify your familyโ€™s menu with healthy and tasty products, you can do this by making a smokehouse from improvised materials. It is best to take a Soviet- style refrigerator model, which has long been out of order, since internal elements are still not needed. The emphasis on old models in this case should be done for the reason that modern versions have plastic parts that will be damaged when exposed to temperature. But if you donโ€™t have an old refrigerator, then you can buy it by hand, for example, Dnipro is perfect.

Seat selection

do-it-yourself smokehouse from the fridge

Before you make a smokehouse from the refrigerator with your own hands, you need to choose a place for it, while you should be guided by the rule that states: the relief of the site should have a certain bias. As soon as the refrigerator case can be prepared, it should be located at the highest point in the territory, having previously made a hole in the bottom, the diameter of which will be a decimeter.

Preparation of materials

do-it-yourself smokehouse from the old refrigerator

If you will make a smokehouse from the refrigerator with your own hands, then you should prepare not only the housing of the household equipment, but also a pipe whose length will be 4 m or more. You will need hardened red bricks, as well as an iron cover. Bricks are needed for the furnace, but the lid will be needed in order to close the furnace. The latter can be made from the body of an old washing machine or iron tank. This home appliance should never be rushed to throw away.

Specialist recommendations

do-it-yourself smokehouse from the fridge photo

When a smokehouse is made from the refrigerator with your own hands, an important role will be played by an iron container of the required volume, which should be dug into the ground, placed below the smoking chamber. With a similar arrangement of the furnace, the chimney from the chamber is laid in the ground, which will allow it to cool. The pipe should be buried in the ground from the place of smoking to the furnace. Thus, you will not spoil the appearance of the site, and the element will not interfere with movement on it. The temperature of the smoke will decrease as it passes through a pipe laid in moist ground. This is very important when cold smoked.


do-it-yourself smokehouse from the refrigerator

When you do the smokehouse from the refrigerator with your own hands, you can prepare the drawings yourself, after that the freezer is removed from the refrigerator, as well as other unnecessary elements like a compressor, but it is better to leave metal grates. Experts recommend leaving only the metal base of the household appliance, it is recommended to remove all elements of the interior decoration.

When a smokehouse is made from the refrigerator with your own hands, holes are drilled on the side walls, which are necessary for fixing the grids and baking sheets. The hole for the pipe should be made from above, it is necessary for the initial formation of smoke, as well as to stimulate traction. The pipe must be closed during the smoking process.

Alternative smokehouse

If you only have a metal box in your household appliance, you can still make a smokehouse. An electric stove is installed in the lower part of the body. A steel pallet should be made of steel, the thickness of which will be 5 mm. It is installed on an electric stove. When a smokehouse is done from the refrigerator with your own hands, it is recommended to consider the photo in advance. They will make it clear that instead of a pallet, you can use steel pans. The refrigerator door must close tightly so that less air enters.

The nuances of making a smokehouse with a pipe

A hole is made in the lower part of the refrigerator where the pipe is inserted, its length should exceed 2 m and its diameter should be more than 10 cm. In relation to the refrigerator, the pipe should be tilted, which will guarantee traction. At the next stage, you need to dig a trench into which a pipe is buried, the lower end of which should approach the pit where the fire will be kindled. The visible part of the smokehouse will ultimately be just a refrigerator.

do-it-yourself smokehouse from the fridge

Recommendations for use

A smokehouse from an old refrigerator with your own hands can very well be done. As soon as you make a fire, it is necessary to wait for the appearance of coals, a pallet with sawdust is installed on them. After persistent smoke appears, the pit is covered, for this you can use a metal sheet or pan cover. In the fridge, the products for smoking should be spread out and hung, after the door is closed tightly, and from this moment the smoking process begins.


Following the recipe for cooking, smoldering should be maintained in the pit for some time to ensure the process of cold smoking. Additional openings or hoods are not required for such work. Products obtained at the end will not only be delicious, but will also retain freshness for a long time, but they need to be cooked for a long time.


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