How to make tracks from corks from plastic bottles

Where else can your imagination unfold, if not at the cottage? Here, in all its glory, the abilities of a housewife are manifested. In addition, often this does not require large investments. How much is around the material, which is practically thrown out onto the street. Empty bottles and corks firmly stand in the first positions here. Jewelry for a summer residence is obtained not only beautiful, but also very cheap.

cork tracks from plastic bottles

And how much joy they can bring to children and adults. A plastic bottle goes into business at 100%. From the covers you get beautiful panels on the wall of the house. You can make original tracks from corks from plastic bottles in the garden or lay out a beautiful area near the house. You can organize a sports corner for the child, where he will not only play, but also receive a charge of vivacity. Covers can be used to equip obstacle courses. It is better to lay them with the smooth side down, leaving the ribs on top. In this option, a good massage is obtained for children's legs. Tracks from corks from plastic bottles turn out to be very beautiful, if you make a pattern, choosing harmonious color combinations.

country paths photo

True, there is one condition. There should be a lot of prepared material, and it is difficult to deal with this problem alone. You need to connect friends and acquaintances to collect the right amount. It may take several years to collect the material. But how nice it will be to warm the soul with the do-it-yourself country paths. A photo taken in the warm season will allow us to recall a pleasant trifle even in winter. It takes a long time to assemble the plugs, because their dimensions are small, so you can think of another option. For example, make tracks from plastic bottles. There are several technologies that you can use. If you want to use the whole bottle, then it is better to make a border out of them, thus determining the shape of the path. For this purpose, we dig a shallow narrow groove on the sides of the path. We place bottles tightly down into it along the entire route. Then we return the land to the place and rammed everything around. If the land in your country house is good, then you can stop at this stage.

plastic bottle tracks
If clay prevails, it is best to make the inside of the track from corks from plastic bottles. Or combine all the parts of the bottles. The tropics created from plastic bottoms look very beautiful on the site. To do this, cut off the bottom of the bottle 1/5 of its height. Leave the top for blanks that can be used to create a plastic palm. So that the tracks from corks or from the bottoms of the bottle hold their shape well, it is advisable to prepare the base. If you follow all the recommendations, then first you need to pour crushed stone, carefully tamp and pour sand of coarse fraction on top. Having created a dense pillow, you can lay out the picture of the track from corks from plastic bottles. This, of course, is a very laborious process, but what a beautiful plot it turns out. If you want to make a more durable coating, then corks are best laid on a prepared concrete base. But this must be done quickly, until the cement has set. You can use metal plugs. They also fit well and can serve as decoration.


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