How to fall asleep or sleep culture

The daily routine of a modern person requires early awakening and a certain amount of sleep time (8-9 hours). And if you don’t lie down on time (at 10-11 pm), then the whole working day will go awry. And with our stresses, everyday problems, falling asleep can be quite difficult.

Lack of sleep at the right time, insomnia over time leads to lack of sleep and chronic fatigue, and therefore to a decrease in performance, overall well-being. If you continue in this rhythm, you can earn serious diseases.

How to overcome yourself and give a healthy sleep to the body? Consider ways to fall asleep that really help to maintain the required routine of the day.

  1. Cooking. It is a pity that such good habits as daily hygiene, additional care for skin, hair, nails, concern for appearance, image, cleanliness and neatness do not apply to the same scrupulous attitude to going to bed. If we could properly prepare the body for rest, how much easier it was to switch to another state of consciousness when the brain is resting, the body relaxes, and the soul “digests” everything experienced during the day.

So, what about such preparations? Gradual relaxation! It can be achieved in many ways: a warm bath, a mild scent of a candle (lavender, chamomile, ylang-ylang, tea tree), weak green tea or a decoction of herbs, slow music, reading your favorite magazine, book. Already an hour before bedtime, you need to tune in to rest and gradually reduce your activity: stop running around the apartment, desperately remembering what else you did not have time to do today. It is advisable to ventilate the room, provide a comfortable bed, a pleasant freshness of bed linen, soft and comfortable night pajamas. No food at bedtime (in 1.5-2 hours, otherwise instead of sleep you will get a rapid digestion process).

  1. Lying in bed. Do not torment yourself with the question of how to sleep. Do not tune yourself that you again will not be able to get enough sleep, do not think about it. Your thoughts are better to take a useful analysis of the day. But if such an analysis causes negative emotions, it’s better to try to imagine a place where you would like to be, where you are cozy, pleasant, comfortable, joyful. Dream. We are so lacking in positive emotions in adulthood, so it’s not a sin to return to childhood and surrender to imagination.
  2. Additional measures. If insomnia is firmly embedded in your life, more serious measures may be needed. For example, self-hypnosis techniques. One of which just solves the problem of how to sleep. It all starts with the adoption of a comfortable posture, then calm the heart. Putting a hand on the heart, we slow down the rhythm with this self-hypnosis formula: “my heart beats smoothly and calmly” (repeat 5 times). You can fix the installation as follows: “my hand is warm”, “the heat of my hand penetrates into the chest”, “the heat spreads through the body and relaxes”. The heart rate really slows down, and the body relaxes. You won’t even notice how to fall asleep.

Perhaps such gymnastics at first glance seems incredibly stupid. But it really works! Stop worrying about how to sleep. It's time to try all the ways, some work.

Many complain: "I wake up at night and cannot sleep." Such a sudden awakening is caused by anxiety. What to do in this case? Make an exciting problem less significant for yourself, put aside. Of course, it's easier to say what to do. But worth a try. Have pity on your nerves! It is better to concentrate thoughts on the pleasant.

The correct attitude to the problem, how to fall asleep, will help get rid of insomnia, awakenings in the middle of the night, lack of sleep at the right time. Observe the daily routine and the ritual of preparing for bedtime, take care of your nerves, and a healthy sleep is guaranteed to you as well as cheerfulness during the day.


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