How to build a warehouse? How much does it cost to build a warehouse?

In the domestic representation, warehouse objects are associated with standard rooms, which contain goods and materials of various kinds. This can be a construction warehouse for brick with cement, a grocery store to serve the needs of the adjacent store, or a transshipment point in the logistics chain of a large freight carrier that works with a wide range of goods. But in each case, for optimal conditions for the content of materials, an appropriate infrastructure is also provided, due to which standard storage conditions are provided. In order to build a warehouse that will meet the requirements of operation, it is necessary at the design stage to determine the technological and structural nuances of its execution.

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Warehouse Requirements

Much depends on the nature of the operation of the facility. Some requirements apply to storage facilities where food will be stored, while others - to building storage facilities. For example, for the supply source of a restaurant where food is stored, there are high requirements in terms of environmental safety of materials. Suitable finishes should also be selected so that their properties comply with sanitary safety standards.

If it is necessary to build a warehouse for the maintenance of building materials or industrial raw materials, then increased fire safety requirements must be observed. So, if the warehouse will contain varnishes, paints or dry flammable mixtures, then the lining and roofing should be made of fire-resistant materials. There are general requirements for the operational properties of warehouses, including the strength of the frame base, the durability of materials, the ergonomics and functionality of the premises, the energy efficiency of communication support, and, if possible, architectural expressiveness and aesthetics.

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Design work begins with the definition of the goals that the warehouse will fulfill. Next, the area of ​​the premises and functional areas, technological units in the form of transitions, as well as opportunities for the construction of engineering infrastructure are calculated. Based on the primary requirements, a technical and architectural plan is drawn up that will allow you to build a warehouse that is suitable for the needs of the future user. At the next stage, engineers form a list of optimal building materials that will allow the construction to be implemented in such a way that it meets technical and economic requirements. In particular, the material for the foundation, floor base, walls, roof structure , roofing , internal and external cladding is determined. At the final stage, a diagram is drawn up according to which communication circuits for ventilation, electrical devices, heating systems, water supply, etc. will be laid.

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Classical construction of a capital building

This is the most expensive option for building a warehouse, which, in principle, is carried out like ordinary houses, but with a different and simplified design. The foundation can be tape or columnar - the supporting function will be provided in both cases. Next, the base is formed. The main material for laying walls can be brick or block material. To ensure greater reliability, it is more profitable to use the first option, but if there are no special requirements for durability, then choose a foam block or aerated concrete. These are inexpensive, but functional and, importantly, easy-to-lay materials. If you need to build a warehouse with minimal cost and in a short time, then this option is quite suitable. The roof is made of corrugated board, as it is a practical and also not very costly solution. Then it remains only to ensure the construction of communication equipment.

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Installation of prefabricated construction

Yet record-breaking indicators for the speed of construction demonstrate prefabricated frame structures. Using this technology, you can build a warehouse of sandwich panels in just a few days. First, you should order a special package of assembly sheets from the manufacturer, from which a warehouse will be built in the future. These are kits, which also include mounting materials, angles, brackets, clips and some elements of engineering systems.

Such structures are not only quickly mounted, but also are inexpensive. Of course, these and other advantages result in some flaws. For example, in order to build a warm warehouse from the same metal sandwich panels, it is necessary to prepare additional insulation material. In addition, many people doubt the strength of precast objects. However, to carry out additional strengthening is impractical both in technical and financial parameters. For this reason, it is advisable to initially purchase kits with thick panels having high stiffeners.

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Construction of special storage facilities

Storage of chemically hazardous substances, agricultural products, perishable products, and electronic devices may require special conditions, which should be provided at the construction stage. So, if you need to build a warehouse for grain or feed mixtures, then the object must have a ventilation system with the ability to completely block the air. The fact is that agricultural raw materials, depending on the type, during storage require complete sealing of the room with the cessation of oxygen access. In the case of toxic chemistry or radio equipment, high fire safety requirements are also imposed - accordingly, designers must provide automated modular fire extinguishing systems.

Construction cost

The cost of the warehouse is formed from building materials, object parameters, utility networks used and other aspects. For example, a small warehouse from a kit for a prefabricated structure will cost 150-200 thousand rubles. If you need to build a turnkey warehouse with an area of ​​300-400 m 2 using the capital construction technique, you should prepare about 600-800 thousand rubles. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account communication equipment, which, depending on the area, will also add 50-200 thousand rubles.

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According to experts in the field of commercial real estate, in recent years there has been a tendency to reduce demand for finished warehouse space. This means that today it is more profitable to implement the project of such a room from scratch than to use the existing facility under a lease. True, to build a warehouse, it requires not only money for materials and the direct implementation of installation operations. Organizational costs are also inevitable. Unlike ordinary houses, storage facilities are less demanding in terms of ensuring climatic conditions and the reliability of structures. But in terms of infrastructure equipment, they can surpass residential real estate, which also requires additional costs.


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