How to strengthen nails at home?

Exquisite manicure is the most important feature of the image of a modern successful woman. It is not surprising that many would like to learn how to strengthen nails at home, because beauty salons are expensive in terms of money, and their visit takes a lot of time. For this purpose, there are many proven folk recipes that will quickly bring the long-awaited effect.

Salt baths

In order to learn how to strengthen nails at home, use the following treatment course. Get ocean or sea salt without adding in the form of aromatic and coloring substances. Dissolve it in warm water. Place your hands in the nourishing bath and hold for 20 minutes. After that, thoroughly wipe them, grease with a good cream. Such a course should be designed for 10 days. After its end, wait a month and continue to make useful baths again.

Own ointment

You will need a yolk from a hard-boiled egg. Mash it well and add 4 g of pre-melted beeswax. In order to achieve the desired consistency (approximately like pharmacy ointments), you need to add a little peach oil. Rub the composition every day, and you will no longer need to worry about how to strengthen your nails at home.

Wax thimbles

This procedure is performed before bedtime. Using a water bath, bring the beeswax to a liquid consistency. Dip your nails into the resulting composition. The resulting "thimbles" must be left all night.

Oil baths

If you are interested in how to strengthen nails with folk remedies, try the following recipe. You will need sunflower or olive oil. Warm it, drip a little lemon juice and dip your nails in the bath. Wait 15 minutes. After, do a light massage of the nail plate. Wash off the remaining oil with water.

Some more helpful suggestions

Use a proven tool - a light massage of nails with lemon juice. This procedure will also help to whiten them slightly.

A rather rare, but very effective way of strengthening is rubbing high-quality hygienic lipstick into the nail plate. So you get rid of excessive fragility. In addition, hygienic lipstick perfectly polishes the nail plate, making it very beautiful and healthy. It is enough to perform the procedure 3 times a day.

If you want to strengthen your nails at home, the easiest way is regular manicure. Women who do not forget about it immediately notice a visible result. High-quality varnish protects nails from excessive brittleness and delamination.

Use a good moisturizing hand cream regularly. It will prevent excessive dryness of the nail plate, because this problem is a common cause of brittleness.

Use household chemicals only with gloves on. At first this is very inconvenient, but you will almost instantly notice that the nails stop breaking even with a sufficiently long length.

Get the so-called soap without soap. Such a tool does not dry the skin or the nail plate. Also be sure to buy a nail polish remover that does not contain harmful acetone.

Start treating brittle nails from the inside. Get a special complex of vitamins, since now you can get it at any pharmacy. Watch your diet, which should contain all the necessary trace elements.

If you have reliably decided to learn how to strengthen your nails at home, do not forget that excessive fragility and stratification indicates problems in the body that cannot be treated with simple folk remedies. All the recommendations given in this article are aimed at restoring the nail plate after external influences. If you have internal malfunctions in the body, the most right step would be to see a doctor.


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