Manicure in bright colors: features, design, interesting ideas

If nails of dark or very bright colors are not for everyone, then manicure in bright colors is completely universal. Not very bright varnish is suitable for any age and image, at any time of the year and for every occasion. In addition, it is a mistake to think that bright varnishes are boring and monotonous. With their help, you can create any manicure.

Features of bright varnishes

All nail polishes can be divided into several types. These are varnishes with and without a shimmer, as well as varnishes with large sparkles or mother of pearl. You can also separately distinguish varnishes with a dense coating and translucent. If light translucent shades are extremely easy to apply, then you will have to tinker with dense ones.

Manicure in bright colors.

The denser the varnish falls and the brighter the shade, the more difficult it is to apply. Most likely, it will lay down in stripes and bald spots, and it will be quite difficult to cover them even with several layers of varnish. So, the most difficult to perform is a white matte manicure. Light tones of nude shades with a small shimmer lie much more evenly. Therefore, if you are a beginner, choose a varnish that is less dense, with a small shimmer, gel texture (these are easier to apply on the nail and tend to self-level). Also pay attention to the brush - it is easiest to work with a wide flat brush.


Perhaps, nude manicure is one of the most popular options for light manicure. Perfectly matched nude varnish will make your hands well-groomed and elegant, it combines perfectly with any image. However, the nudes must be selected correctly. The hue should go well with your skin tone, it should not be too pink or have a pronounced yellow tint. But the varnish, which completely matches the color with the skin of the fingers, is also not the best option - from afar it will give the impression that there are no nails.

manicure in bright colors

Nude allows you to create a neat manicure in bright colors for short nails, but also looks very interesting on long stilettos.

manicure in bright colors

If just a natural noble color seems boring to you, add a little shine, decorating the nail of the middle finger with a scattering of sequins or a large rhinestone.

Pastel shades

This is another option that allows you to create a manicure in bright colors - delicate, whitened shades of pink, lilac, green, blue or yellow. Such varnishes are perfect for spring and summer, they make your fingers longer and thinner and look amazing on tanned skin. But if your skin is pale, with a bluish tint, it is better to avoid such varnishes, since they often have a cold range. If you still want pastels, choose warm peach shades.

Manicure in bright colors.

Pastel varnishes combine well with each other, so they can be used not solo, but in combination. For example, make a pattern of several shades or even paint each nail with its own color.

Manicure in bright colors.

Classic French

This is one of the most popular manicure options for many years. French implies a nail plate of a natural pink-beige color and a free edge painted with white varnish. This is an ideal everyday manicure in bright colors, and with the addition of jewelry and paintings, it becomes the most popular wedding manicure.

Manicure in light colors on short nails

Rhinestones, sparkles and different shades will also help to diversify it. The classic jacket can be modernized by making the free edge not white, but, for example, pastel yellow or bright pink.

Manicure in bright colors.

Moon manicure

This version of the manicure resembles a jacket, but in this case, the entire surface of the nail, with the exception of the hole at its base, is coated with colored varnish.

Manicure in light colors on short nails

This hole can be a natural pink-beige color, and can be contrasting to the main tone of the nails. Lunar manicure in bright colors allows a combination of pink and white, yellow and blue, beige and pink.

Manicure in bright colors.

Negative space

This version of nail art has become popular recently. In the Russian version you can often find the name β€œnaked design”, and this means that on the nail plate colored varnish and unpainted areas in which the β€œbare” nail is visible are combined. This looks especially impressive in combination with geometric patterns.

Manicure in bright colors.

It is not difficult to create such a design, you only need special stencils or adhesive tape for nail design. Glue it on the prepared nail and cover it with a light varnish on top. Peel off the stencil until the varnish dries completely, so as not to damage the edges of the picture, dry the nail. Then cover it with a transparent top, and your Negative space-style manicure is ready.


We already mentioned the geometric pattern in the description of a bare manicure, however, not only straight lines and stripes can be used with it. Also, with the help of a stencil, two different varnishes can be applied to the nail, for example pink and blue or white and silver.

Manicure in light colors on short nails

Stripes can also be drawn on top of the main varnish with a thin brush. You can also find on sale special foil adhesive tapes of different colors. A segment of such a tape is glued to a painted, but not dried up nail and is fixed on top with a layer of top. It is important to paint the sides of the nail plate well so that the tape does not protrude at the edges.

Patterned manicure in light colors.

To apply a more complex ornament, it is better to use stamping (this is a technique in which you can transfer any pattern to a nail with a special tool), stickers or decals.


Another version of a light manicure that looks very unusual and attracts attention. Ombre or gradient is a smooth transition from one color to another.

Manicure in bright colors.

Different shades of pastel varnishes mix well, and a manicure in light pink in combination with white looks good.

It is not difficult to create such a manicure - two varnishes are applied to the sponge in the desired sequence and are immediately imprinted on the nail. Due to the porous structure, the sponge blurs the boundary between the varnishes and creates the desired smooth transition.

Patterned manicure in light colors.

A variety of drawings have always been an integral part of nail art. And they will complement the light manicure as well as possible, since such a varnish is an excellent substrate for any picture.

Light pink manicure.

Drawings can be drawn by hand or use ready-made stickers. So, for a romantic image, you can use stickers with the image of flowers or with floral ornaments.

A popular design for a winter look is knitted manicure.

Matte manicure light colors

The drawing is done using acrylic powder, which creates the volume and imitation of a knitted surface.


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