Green jacket on nails: interesting ideas, options and recommendations

French as a way to apply nail polish is better known as French manicure. However, for a long time already, girls began to experiment with this kind of option, using ever new shades and colors. The use of green varnish to create a jacket is considered the most daring decision. After all, this color is quite bright and saturated, but it is thanks to it that the manicure is very interesting.

Tips and tricks for creating a beautiful manicure

Before you intend to make a green french manicure, you should take a little care about the appearance of the nails. First of all, you can make a hand bath, which should include hot water, oak bark and lemon juice.

green french
After this, it is necessary to align the length of the nails, giving each of them the desired shape. So, for girls with long fingers, semicircular is most suitable. When the fingers are a bit overweight and short, do not draw straight lines on the nails.

It is also worth considering the shade of green that will be used. For owners of short nails, the best option would be dark shades that are able to visually increase the size of the nails. On long nails, you can apply any shades of green. Since they will all look very impressive.
Consider ways to create an interesting manicure.

French with a simple pattern

Before any version of manicure, a base varnish should be applied, which will not only strengthen the nail plates, but also make them more even. When it dries, you can begin to create a French manicure, for this you will need:

- green varnish (it is better to use a light shade);
- black varnish;
- a thin brush for manicure;
- dots.

Initially, you need to apply a diagonal strip, which will cover half the tip of the nail. Then exactly the same strip should be drawn on the other side. When the varnish dries, you can proceed to create a pattern. Taking a thin brush and dipping it in black polish, you need to draw a line, tapering to the end of the nail. You need to draw a pattern along the border of the first diagonal strip of green. Another strip is drawn a little higher, which also becomes narrower, going up. Next, taking the dots (you can replace it with a regular toothpick), you should draw three points, each of which should go along the first line of the pattern. At the very end, when the varnish is completely dry, it is recommended to cover the nails with a transparent varnish to protect and fix the manicure.

Double black-green jacket

The bright green hue goes well with black. Therefore, such a manicure looks very attractive. To create it you will need:

- green varnish;
- black varnish;
- rhinestones of small size.

First, black polish is applied to the bottom edge of the smile line . It is best to make two layers to make the color more vivid. The main thing is not to rush and wait for everyone to dry completely. Next, the tips of the nails are covered with bright green varnish, and the plates of the ring fingers are decorated with rhinestones.

Dragonfly Manicure

Making a green jacket, you need to cook:

- clear nail polish;
- light green, but not bright varnish;
- black varnish;
- stencils for french manicure;
- Dots and brush for nail art.

green jacket on nails
First, the nails should be covered with a transparent varnish base. When the layer dries, you can glue the stencils needed to make the manicure more accurate. The tips of the nails are covered with green varnish, and when the layer dries, the stencils are removed. Next, you can proceed to drawing a pattern. As a rule, drawings are applied only to the nails of the ring fingers. So, a green jacket with a picture looks much more interesting, especially since drawing two dragonflies is much easier than ten. So, from bottom to top with dots, you need to put 7-8 points (depending on the length of the nails), while the first should be very small, and the subsequent time after time - increase.

green jacket with nails with a pattern
Ultimately, the points should form a semicircular arc. After that, four thin wings are attached to the dragonflies (two on one and two on the other). You need to do this with a thin brush to make the lines more accurate and even. So you got a green jacket on the nails with a picture.
If the girl has a little more dexterity, then instead of dragonflies, you can try to depict butterflies that also look aesthetically pleasing and attractive.

Green jacket with flowers

To create a jacket with a pattern in the form of flowers, it is recommended to use dark green varnish. On it, the picture will be visible much more clearly.

First, the nails should be covered with a colorless base varnish, and when it dries, cover the tips with a green layer. After waiting for the layer to completely dry, you can proceed to applying the pattern in the form of flowers. To do this, it is better to use a pure white varnish. Flowers can be completely different, depending on the skills and experience of the girl herself.

green jacket with flowers
The easiest way to draw cute flowers on your nails is to put a dot on the dot, which will be the center of the flower, and then draw five petals with a thin brush. It’s not necessary to paint over them. So, it looks very original when there are two flowers of different sizes on each nail. Their location can be completely arbitrary.

French with peas

To create a β€œpea” green jacket on your nails will not be difficult. Even for a novice in manicure, such nail art will not be a problem. All that is needed is to make a French manicure, highlighting the tips of the nails in green.

manicure green french
When the varnish dries, you can put peas. Moreover, their color and size can be completely different. A combination of light green and black, white and dark green looks good. To create a bolder manicure, red varnish is suitable.
Unusually looks green jacket, decorated on the top line of a smile with an arc of small peas. The same elements can decorate the bottom line of a smile.

Little conclusion

In general, there are many options for creating a unique manicure. After all, a green jacket is just a background on which absolutely any pattern can be depicted, whether it be of plant, geometric or branch theme. We wish you good luck in creating a beautiful and stylish French manicure.


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