Joinery: features of the choice of material, tools and production technology

Joinery has always been and will be popular among consumers. The fact is that wood is used in almost all construction and finishing works. In addition, furniture and other household items are made from it.

Advantages and scope of products


So, carpentry is used almost everywhere: for the construction of residential buildings and industrial enterprises, for decorating rooms, making jewelry. Wood furniture is also popular.

Among the advantages of the products presented, one can distinguish the following:

- ecological purity and naturalness;

- high strength;

- the tree can be quickly restored and repaired; in addition, any pattern can be cut from this material;

- durability;

- the ability to use products in any room, regardless of the style of interior design.

Product Classification

types of carpentry

Before starting work, it is necessary to understand what types of joinery are. There are several classifications of such items. For example, according to the number of elements used, single-bar and multi-bar products can be distinguished. The first group includes those items that are cut from a single piece of wood (skirting boards, platbands, window sills). Multi-bar items consist of several elements: these are furniture, oars, boxes for doors and windows.

By the processing method, one can distinguish the following types of products:

- calibrated;

- milled;

- sawn.

Features of the choice of material for work

carpentry manufacturing

Joinery can be made from various materials. Most commonly used are fir, spruce and pine. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that they have a low level of humidity (only 12%). This property will allow you to build very strong and durable products.

The most expensive wood species for carpentry are beech, oak, and exotic wood. They are characterized by increased hardness, strength and resistance to external negative factors.

When choosing a material, you need to pay attention to its specific qualities:

- smoothness and evenness;

- lack of rotten places, flaws, large knots.

In principle, any unnecessary or damaged places can be cut out.

What tools are needed to work?

Before making any carpentry, it is necessary to collect all the necessary machines and other items that serve to process the material. So, for work you will need such tools:

- Knives, cutters and chisels. They are used for decorative carvings (if you will decorate the product).

- Planer (for leveling the surface of the material, as well as eliminating burrs).

- Emery paper (with its help wood is polished).

- Engraver and drill, which are used for applying various drawings.

In addition, you will definitely need electric machines. For example, carpentry is produced using a workbench on which the appropriate equipment is installed: a manual milling cutter, a circular saw (with circles of different diameters), a grinder (disk or drum).

To assemble the elements will have to use an electric drill, jigsaw, screwdriver.

Features of manufacturing items

do-it-yourself carpentry
In order to make carpentry with your own hands, you need to know the sequence of actions performed. So, all the work consists of the following stages:

- Search or manufacture of a drawing. This is necessary in order not to make a mistake in preparing all the necessary elements. In addition, the drawing will allow you to see how the final result should be obtained. Thanks to the drawing, you will not make mistakes in the size of the future item.

- Preparation of raw materials. Before starting work, the selected material must be prepared. To do this, eliminate minor defects.

- Preparation of product elements. At this stage, you must cut, saw or carve the necessary components, which will subsequently be assembled into a single structure. Naturally, large parts are made first. Lastly, small details are cut out.

- Grinding finished parts. This procedure is performed so that all edges or areas that will not be available in the complete structure are processed in advance.

- Assembly of the product. Now with glue, screws or other fasteners you can connect all the elements.

- Final polishing and decoration of the finished product. Now you can begin to finish the construction. To do this, sand all surfaces again. Next, the wood should be coated with an antiseptic, which will protect it from various negative influences. Lastly, the product is painted or varnished.

Naturally, you can decorate your design with carvings or paintings. In principle, the manufacture of carpentry requires only time and patience. At the same time, you can independently decorate your home and make it cozy.


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