How to install ceilings from plastic panels with your own hands?

Do-it-yourself ceiling made of plastic panels is possible and not at all difficult even for a beginner in this business. Consider all the characteristic nuances of this process.

Plastic panels with special additives have the properties of plasticity and heat resistance. This feature allows you to use them in a variety of solutions during the construction and repair of premises, and also allows you to fix any lighting on them.

In the modern interior, do-it-yourself plastic panel ceilings are a fairly popular solution. They can be seen in any institutions. But besides this, they fit perfectly into the interior of any apartment.

In order to mount the ceilings from plastic panels with your own hands, you need a puncher, screwdriver, scissors for cutting metal, a hacksaw, knife and miter box (a device for cutting material at a certain angle). You will also need special glue for fixing the baseboard, screws, suspensions, profile and plastic corners.

To finish the specified coating, it is necessary to mount a structure that would be similar to a honeycomb.

How to sheathe the ceiling with plastic panels? The answer to this question is as follows:

1. First, the distance from the frame to the ceiling is calculated. It must be installed taking into account future lighting or built-in ventilation. If there is spot lighting, then the distance from the old ceiling to the new should be 15 cm. In this space there will be electrical wiring, which will need to be fixed to the ceiling so that there is no fire. If there is ventilation under the plastic panels, the calculation is done differently.

2. Next, make the frame. We will attach plastic panels to it. On the ceiling, you need to make markings in order to properly fix the frame. Then we cut the guide profiles to the desired length. We make holes in them with the help of a puncher and attach them with dowels-nails.

3. Now we cut off the required length from the rack profile and attach it to the main structure with self-tapping screws, which have increased strength. They will ensure reliable fastening of the entire structure. In order to fix this design to the ceiling, direct suspensions are required.

4. Sheathing the ceiling with plastic panels always starts from the corner. The first panel is pressed tightly to the corner. After which it is attached with screws to the profile. The second panel is inserted into the grooves of the first and fixed to the frame with the same indicated fasteners. In this way we mount all other plastic panels. And the transitions are covered with moldings.

5. After fixing the required number of panels, plastic corners are mounted on all sides of the ceiling. Next, you need to fix the baseboard. To do this, apply the mount in the form of a special glue on it. Press the baseboard to the ceiling and hold it a bit. When excess glue appears, remove them.

6. To give a better appearance and for durability, we apply a special tool on the ceiling (or lamination can be done). This is the final step.

As you can see, it is not at all difficult to mount ceilings made of plastic panels with your own hands . But what a result - beauty and durability! They are resistant to moisture and heat. This allows you to use them in rooms for various purposes.


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